Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Thing #77

I really love this picture of URP and PAM.

This picture relates to New Thing #77, which is actually something I can't blog about because, well, I just can't. It's too personal. Urp knows why I can't blog about it, but when we got together for Mother's Day, she was like, "I know you can't blog about it, but I'm still annoyed that you haven't at least said something." And she's right. Something should be said because something new was done--actually, something new was achieved.

Urp called me with the news on Friday, while I was on my lunch break at the kindergarten class. While I was swirling around, trying to figure out what to do with Daisy and Michael and the other 18 kids for the rest of the afternoon. While I was losing my freaking mind because we had already done everything on the lesson plan twice.

Urp called me and gave me the news and it's really freaking exciting and we really should go out and celebrate.

It's the kind of news that makes you want to go out and celebrate by drinking 10 apple martinis and then eating several chicken tamales from the chicken tamale man and then drinking 10 more apple martinis and then drunk dialing all of your friends to tell them how happy you are and then throwing up in your friend's sink (because someone else is already throwing up in the toilet) and then getting hash browns at Denny's and laughing about how hung over you are. That kind of happy.

It's just really good news, you know?

So I would like to commemorate this New unbloggable Thing that was achieved by marking it with this incredibly ambiguous post. And I would like to mark it with the picture above, this picture that I really love, of two people who I love even more.


Bonnie said...


And I gave a couple of hours to others to get in here. ;)

Bonnie said...

Okay, and now I've read it.

Such a great post.

Congratulations and way to go and kick ass and all those loving things. GORGEOUS photo. Really!

And hugs to all!

drc said...

Oh my god! You're pregnant!!

Congratulations!! (I think)

joe chandler said...


guess what! Something really fantastic happened to me! I'm really excited about it, it's pretty much the best thing that could ever happen to me and i'm super stoked about it. it's really, really, really awesome.

Ok, talk later.


jenny said...

Well, congratulations on whatever amazing accomplishment you have just achieved! And by the way, your mom is GORGEOUS! Lovely photo of the both of them!

christy said...

That *is* a GORGEOUS photo of two gorgeous ladies.

And this post makes me really glad I didn't bother going to Tuesdays late last night because I would have just been going at that point to see you (you said you'd be there, I think) but you obviously WEREN'T THERE!

Rebecca said...

Oh congratulations! The first orgasm is always so memora--

What do you mean that's not it?


Well, congrats anyway, whatever it was! ;-)

Erik said...

Bonnie, that was very nice of you to give people time to get first (things obviously ebb and flow and i'm afraid that the "vying for first game on erik's blog" is ebbing right now, but hopefully it will start to flow again soon. i've been too busy to quickly respond to comment like i like to, and i'm sure that has something to do with it.

oh, and EIGHTH!

thanks for the hug. it really is a gorgeous photo, isn't it? I took it with my cell phone and on the phone i thought it didn't look very good but then when i emailed it to myself, i was like: wow.

Erik said...

drc, thanks!

Erik said...

Joe Chandler, I'm really excited that something really exciting happened to you too! (I know you're annoyed that I posted such a completely ambiguous post--but i SAID it was completely ambiguous--so i WARNED YOU, and, well, i just wanted to mark the occasion, okay?) (Urp told me that you called Marie to see if she knew what I was talking about, and she does, but she's not allowed to tell you.) (though I didn't mean for this to turn into a big guessing game because it really is something i can't talk about it) (but i wanted to taunt you for a second) (because you're joe chandler) (and how fun is it to taunt joe chandler?) (really fun)

Erik said...

jenny, thank you!

Erik said...

OMG, Christy, you're right, i SO was not there. My bad. I told you I would be there, and then, looky loo, nope, not there.

I'm stretched thin this week. Finishing a script, housesitting, and substitute teaching three days (which I will blog about, but might not be for another few days).

blah, blah, blah, this comment is boring.

Erik said...

Rebecca, thank you! It's not that, but it was just as good! :)

TheDarkerUma said...

yay....you are back (it's boring in your condo when you are busy in the "real" world).

yay, you are taunting joe.

i'm not a fan of the regular camera but DANG thats a pretty nifty photo for a cell phone. i found myself posing because i simply didn't consider it real.

oh and yes, MAP/PAM is hot!


p.s. your fans/blog readers are pretty damn incredible for congratulating you for the unknown.

Erik said...

Urp, I know the condo's boring when I'm gone but real life calls sometimes, you know?

Erik said...

Speaking of which, real life is calling right now...


Yo, JOE. The funny thing is, you totally know what it is, too.

joe chandler said...

uma(stra) and erik...

i totally know. marie told me EVERYTHING. She withheld no details.

I totally, totally know.

I'm keeping my thing a secret. In fact I'm starting my own year of new things...thing #1 I didn't tell Erik my secret until the day i died.

Erik said...

Whatever, Joe, I just called Steve and he told me what your secret is.

Erik said...

So I laugh at your blog where you say your "new thing #1 [is that you] didn't tell Erik [your] secret until the day [you fucking] died." Because I know yours too.

TheDarkerUma said...

oh dear joe....

you made one fatal mistake....

there are no details....

there isn't that much to tell....

if marie had told you, you would know that.

just call me angela lansbury.

marie said...

1. Joe doesn't have a secret.
1.5. And if he did, it wouldn't be good enough for all this hoopla.
2. I did not tell Joe the secret.
3. This is good payback for Feed-Joe's-Ego Day of last week.

joe chandler said...


TheDarkerUma said...

you clearly did not make use of the link tutorial.

tsk. tsk.

joe chandler said...

There are now pictures:

Here is a link Umstra

hope that works

Anonymous said...




christy said...

Erik, I *knew* you wouldn't be there, so I didn't go, and everything worked out! (it's my psychic energy.)

I refrained from posting on Joe's blog, Erik. I figured if you were the only one who ever posted comments he would eventually start to doubt himself.

I have to get ready to leave for Santa Monica in like, fifteen minutes!!


Erik said...

Joe Chandler, I'm really annoyed because I was going to leave many more comments on your blog than I actually left, but sometimes blogger gets all "what's going on? why is this person leaving so many comments???" and then they shut comment off for a period of time, and it appears that that's happened. ug.

Erik said...

christy, thank you for refraining from posting on joe's blog. i mean, i guess you could comment if you wanted to, but i kinda want to teach him who's boss and all.

Erik said...

marie, you'd better not be lying.

Erik said...

marie, when i say you'd better not be lying, i mean about the secret. you know.

marie said...


you mean, not lying about telling joe the secret, or not lying about joe not having a secret?

doesn't matter. in either case, i'm not lying. our fight of last week is so over, and i would never lie to you. or to your wife (i'm pretty sure).


joe chandler said...

I have to say that I had help on the picture of Steve. Aubree Cedillo did that one for me.

Also, I definitely don't know the secret.

joe chandler said...

HAHAHA...i just read all your comments. Here are my thoughts:

1. I sort of thought Eva Longoria was hot at first, then I saw her in person and she was the size of a keebler elf. So if you were straight you probably would have gone through the same thing. She's definitely suffering from overexposure and is way too "trendy" for me now and I'm such a snob that I can't really be into a trendy hot girl, I always go with the dark horse/undiscovered talent.

2. Yes, I have heard of a filibuster.

3. It took you 16 minutes to go from naked to not naked. I'm guessing you didn't iron anything.

4. When you said you had the 41st comment, I think that was actually the 42nd.

5. Time for you to post a new blog.

Erik said...

marie, did you know we're having breakfast together on sunday?!? i am looking forward to seeing you.

Erik said...

Joe Chandler,


Erik said...

Oh, and in response to your number 5,

I've been busy!!?!??!!


I will write a mondo huge Kiki Longpost post this weekend.

I have done at least 10 new things this week.


At least ten.