Monday, May 01, 2006

New Thing #71: I had a non-awkward conversation with my college freshman roommate

My freshman roommate was a guy named Tomo. By all accounts, he’s a really good guy. I wouldn’t know. I never met him.

Tomo and I talked on the phone about three weeks before school started. He called me. When I answered the phone and he told me who he was, I kinda freaked. Here’s this stranger who I’m about to spend the next nine months living with. I realized that it was a pivotal moment in my life. I realized that I might be talking to my Future Best Friend In The Entire World.

Tomo was very eager to talk about soccer. He loved soccer, I remember that very well. I wasn’t into soccer. I didn’t know anything about soccer. I couldn’t even fake a conversation about soccer if I tried. But I did try, I swear. I really wanted to have the Ultimate College Experience and the U.C.E. definitely required having an awesome relationship with your freshman roommate.

My freshman roommate was supposed to be someone who would eventually turn out to be the best man at my wedding. We were supposed to become two peas in a pod, Laverne and Shirley, peanut butter and jelly. Two people who fit really well together. We could be different, sure—he could be a soccer dude and I could be a drama dude—and our differences would compliment each other and help us take over the entire school together. We were going to become the bestest buds, dammit. It was destined to happen.

So I tried to talk to Tomo about soccer during that phone call. Because I wanted to bond with him. I swear I tried to talk about soccer. I might have even mentioned Pele (“soccer’s greatest genius,” according to google). I tried really hard. It was a really awkward conversation. It was the only one Tomo and I ever had.

I guess, after our phone conversation, Tomo decided that we had nothing in common, because he spent the next year ignoring me. I stopped trying to become his best friend and we settled into a non-talking, co-living groove. It was, to my mind at least, the most awkward, uncomfortable, weird living experience in the history of living experiences ever. (I was destined to have weirder living experiences, but back then I used to be really dramatic and every day that I lived with Tomo and we didn’t speak to each other felt so supremely mondo-weird.)

Years after graduating, I was talking to my friend Roman, who’s still friends with Tomo, and Roman mentioned that I came up in conversation once and that Tomo spoke fondly of the time when he and I lived together. That Tomo even went so far as to say that it was a really great living experience. One of the best.

Wait, what????? It was a great living experience???

Seriously? It was a great living experience?!@?!???!? Um, are we talking about the same living experience? Because, um…

Wait, WHAT???!!???!?? It was a great motherfucking living experience?@!@?#?? What the frig?!??

Roman explained: “Yeah, you left him alone and he loved that.”

(So weird.)

Anyway, the other night, at Marvin’s birthday party, I was sitting with my friend Adam (who’s probably the smartest person I’ve ever met) (he’s seriously been going to college for the last 57 years and he’s only 28-years-old) and I looked across the room and suddenly saw Tomo. (Oh my god.)

It turns out that Adam was Tomo’s sophomore roommate. (Okay, double weird.)

In fact, it turns out every single one of Tomo’s college roommates was at this party. (Triple weird.)

So we decided to stage some Tomo roommate reunion photos. And that’s when Tomo and I had the least awkward conversation we’ve ever had.

ME: Hey Tomo.

TOMO: (silence)

ME: It’s me, Erik.

TOMO: (silence)

ME: Your freshman roommate.

TOMO: Oh, hey.

ME: Hey!

TOMO: I didn’t recognize you with your hair.

ME: Oh, right! Of course. So, hey, how’s it going?

TOMO: (silence)

ME: Okay, so, um, all of your college roommates are here and I was hoping we could take some pictures.

TOMO: Okay.

That was it. That was the conversation. Which might seem awkward if you’re reading it right now, but I promise you it was the best conversation we’ve ever had.

Here’s a picture of me and Tomo, re-enacting our freshman living experience:

I want you to notice two things about this photo. First of all, please notice that I'm wearing my red fucking shirt. Second, even though Roman says that Tomo says that we had a great living experience together, he certainly doesn't seem to be very happy re-enacting that living experience. Third, I think this photo documents the first moment of physical contact Tomo and I have ever had.

Things changed when Tomo re-enacted his sophomore living experience with Adam:


Now, Tomo lived alone his junior year. Check it out:

Obviously, living alone is even better than living with Adam (which is so, so much better than living with me).

Tomo lived with several roommates his senior year:

Okay, so, living with three guys doesn't seem to be as good as living alone or just living with Adam, but it still looks like Tomo prefers it to living with me.

(I just published this post and then re-read it and was like, wow, that post sure ends abruptly and without much of an ending, but I totally just ran out of energy.) (I'm sorry.)

(PLEASE NOTE: All of the photos in this post were taken by photog-extraordinaire Lindsay Firth, who also happens to have the distinction of winning the battle for "First Comment" on this particular post.) (Lindsay, your "First Comment" t-shirt is in the mail.) (Wouldn't that be cool if I really had shirts that said "First Comment" on them and I really sent them out to people who commented first?) (That would be hecka cool.) (Hella cool, even.) (Maybe the coolest thing in the history of cool things.) (Definitely cooler than Marlon Brando.) (But maybe not quite as cool as Punky Brewster.)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I love how we can boil down years of our lives to a series of pictures and narration with abrupt endings. Sounds about right.
And who was the awesome kamikaze photographer? Tomo never even saw us coming.


Anonymous said...

Also, I saw the guy in the pic with Adam and Tomo touch every single piece of snack mix in the bowl just to pick out the bit of Chex cereal. And that is why I will think twice about eating bar snack food in the future.

Unless I am drunk.

But I wasn't, so I made sure to shame him good.

Erik said...

Lindsay, I just gave you photo credit at the end of the post!

Erik said...

Tomo SO never even saw us coming. You snapped these photos before he even realized we were there.

Erik said...

I would just like to clarify that when Lindsay said that she saw "guy in the pic with Adam and Tomo touch every single piece of snack mix in the bowl just to pick out the bit of Chex cereal," she was talking about the guy on the far left of the fourth pic, NOT the guy on the far right of the fourth pic. I'm not sure who the Snack Mix Toucher guy is (I mean, I recognize his face, so I know that we went to college together, but I don't know his name or anything).

The guy on the far right of the photo (who's snack mix eating habits are unknown, to me at least) is Kenny.

Kenny says he doesn't read blogs.
Kenny says he will never read blogs.
I don't know what it's going to take, but I've made it a personal mission to turn Kenny into a blog reader. Not necessarily (I have never known how to spell necessarily and I'm not sure if I'm spelling it right here) a read of ALL blogs--no, I'm not trying to go that far in my conversion of Kenny--I just want to turn him into a reader of my particular little blog.

I have two really bad pictures of Kenny from the other night. Maybe if I post them he'll read my blog? I dunno.

Erik said...

Lindsay, you were first, second, AND third!

Are you drunk right now?

Dave said...

The first thing I noticed is that Tomo pretty much scored on getting handsome roommates.

Bonnie said...

Dave is right. Tomo has some hot roommates in his past.

And he's got a little Rupert Gee thing going on.

But he definitely is happy to see you... but not so much to touch you. ;)

Great post, as always. Love the red shirt. (When do our red shirt photos go up?)

Bizarre that all of his roommates were there at once. Very Twilight Zone-ish.

Bonnie said...

Oh, and if you make "first comment" T-shirts, I'm so buying one!

Bonnie said...

It's like the Page Six T-shirt thingy.

communicatrix said...

Ha ha ha! Do you ever go to d-listed and do those "caption this" pic challenges? I'll bet you'd be really good at it.

communicatrix said...

Although I don't know why I bother commenting here. You get so many comments, by the time you get to my late-entry comment your eyeballs are, like, dry and bleeding. Kiki McLongComment...

Rebecca said...

Clink Me!


Ralph Colby said...

Seeing Tomo I am reminded of an incident you related to me. The awkward moment well into the “wee” hours of the night, when you were “asleep” and Tomo came home after consuming large quantities of liquid. And empting his large quantities of liquid next to his bed. Ah the fun times as a College freshman.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no. I am talking about the guy to the far right in the background of the 2nd pic (The one of JUST Adam and Tomo, not the one of Steven, Adam, Tomo and Kenny. But I would have stepped to Steven also if I had seen him fondling all the snack mix in the bowl.). Who was that tourist? The dude really lingered in there.

Thanks for the photo credit. I will camp out by my mail box until I get the shirt. And that's really not safe. So you will just have to live with yourself if something bad happens.


P.S. No, I was not drunk last night. Are you accusing all your late not commenters of drinking into the week hours and then posting? Or just me?

christy said...

Do you know I had 8 different roommates in college? They were *all* highly traumatic experiences, except for the last six months where I lived with three awesome girls and we were all best friends and then once I left New York my closest friend got pissed off I made out with her friend James all night before I graduated (mid-year) and she was so pissed off at me (even though she pretended to be all supportive beforehand) and I was so angst-ridden I totally slipped in conversation and told our other roommate that silent-treatment roommate hated her painting hanging in the kitchen, which I had sworn never to do.

Then in a weird twist, after her not returning my "happy birthday, this is what I've been up to" e-mail two years in a row, I googled her and found out she got into the UVA MFA program THE SAME YEAR I APPLIED and I got rejected, and somehow that made me really happy because we always had a rivalry and I could tell she was kind of bitter and now she knows she's a great writer, too (could I be any more smug?)

I was even like, "It's so great you got accepted and I got rejected, that should make you smile." In my e-mail to her. I should win an award for smugness. Because I totally mean it.

Anonymous said...

Wee hours. Damn it.

I love that story Christy. THe making-out-with-the-friend-of-a-friend thing is something I recently got burned on...Do you live alone now? I do. It's heavenly.


Anonymous said...

Don't think I've forgotten about you. TheBusBoy never forgets!

TheBarTender be damned!


Erik said...

I totally just posted this in the last comment thread and now I'm cutting and pasting:

I don't really have time to comment today--I'm swamped with work--I will reply to all comments later tonight!

(And I think the mystery of the Bus Boy should be solved today...I'm starting to think it's Christy...) (CHRISTY!??? Eh???)

Well, Christy??? Whatcha got to say for yourself???

I'll be back tonight...

christy said...

Erik, I *so* wish it was me because then I could admit to it and stop doing it (I'm really on PAM's side, here), but it's not. I really think it is a) Uma or b) Lindsay.

But I did notice that Lindsay's comment said something like, "I swear that wasn't me. with the busboy, or the lead pipe."

Well it was ELEANOR *with* the busboy and the lead pipe (in our hypothetical line of discussion). That doesn't mean LINDSAY IS NOT THE BUSBOY.

joe chandler said...

The bus boy and the Chex guy are one and the same.

Anonymous said...

Obviously this is my first blog comment, because no one but a blog virgin would weigh in this long after a posting.

Tomo and I lived for nine months in the same room, during which time we had the following three (and only three) conversations [by the way, Erik, I dedicate all brackets and parentheticals to your last blog {but I don't think you used any of these "{" things {what are these things called anyway?}}]:

Conversation 1:
Adam: Hey Tomo, we should get a carpet for this room.

Tomo: yes

Adam: Let's go after soccer practice, ok?

Tomo: [rubs the back of his head to indicate that (a) he had itchy dreadlocks at the time and (b) he agreed with me].

Conversation 2:
Adam: are you sad because your girlfriend isn't here?
Adam: are you doing ok?
Adam: is it time for soccer practice yet?

Tomo: [rubs his head to indicate that yes it was, but also that his enthusiasm for soccer had dwindled to something slightly less than his enthusiasm for tetris].

Conversation 3:
Adam: I just quit the soccer team

Tomo: good [rubbing his head to indicate that (a) soccer sucks and (b) it was time to go down the hall and play tetris with Stephen [who was my freshman year roommate {but NOT the guy molesting the chex mix} and who never played soccer].

Erik, your blog is my new favorite thing.


Anonymous said...

A splendid first showing, Adam. I think I had a longer conversation with Tomo at the party then all of yours together.

I think it's funny that the prankster probably had to get "bustheboy" as their handle because "thebusboy" was likely already taken. I bet they had a little moment of hesitation, but then went ahead with it anyway.

But I am NOT the bus boy. Nor bus the boy. Joe, I bet it is totally the dirty-fingered snack mix molester.

I can't beleive how quickly you turned on me, Christy, after I *complimented* your comment. If you were trying to pull one over on Erik's entire blog community, I would totally help you out by throwing them off track like I am RIGHT NOW.
Confused? I am.

Angela said...

I have an awkward freshman roommate story too!

My freshman year roommate and I got along just fine, but I was never around (I was always visiting my boyfriend in the OC) and she was apparently lonely. So when her new college BFF lost her roommate halfway through the year, she asked me if it would be okay if she roomed with her (the new BFF) instead.

The RA's were really mad at both of them for having a lame reason for a roommate switch, but I got a big single at the quiet end of the hall and I was perfectly happy (even though I should've felt ultra rejected!).

Then, like a couple of years later, my ex (roomie) told me that I had actually been a much better roommate than the BFF. (I guess she was more fun to hang out with than to live with...) Go figure.

Angela said...

Speaking of Kenny, I swear I saw his frickin' doppelganger eating lunch in the plaza next to my office building yesterday.

Why he gotta be such a blog snob?

christy said...

Lindsay, I so never turned on you. I hold TheBusBoy in incredibly high esteem.

And thank you for the compliment (did I say thank you? thank you.)

And if I *were* TheBusBoy, I certainly would appreciate you helping me out by throwing people off. But I'm not.

(because you are.)

christy said...

(I actually really think it's Uma.)

Anonymous said...

This Uma person is not TheBusBoy. I am TheBusBoy. There can only be one!

Erik, did you see the moon last night?


Anonymous said...

this. is. so. good.

TheDarkerUma said...

I suspect TheBusBoy knows who I am. Sounds a tad defensive that I might take his/her glory.

I have a totally outlandish guess.

Could it be Erik Ross Patterson, himself??????

He did pretend to be a spammer, did he not? Or was that someone else?

TheDarkerUma said...

p.s. isn't it interesting that when erik is off "working" we don't hear much from TheBusBoy.

p.p.s erik likes to take breaks when he writes. perhaps he took a break around 3:58pm today.


Erik said...

Okay, I'm still working and I'm still not commenting until later (and I still will reply to all comments later tonight), but I just had to say that as much as I think it would be funny to say that Uma is right and that it's me, it's not me.

(This is so like the movie Clue, though, isn't it???)

Erik said...

It's not me! I promise. (I swear.)

christy said...

Uma, I was really starting to suspect Erik himself.

Erik said...

It's SERIOUSLY not me.

Erik said...

I promise on PAM's life.

christy said...


Give us a clue!!

TheDarkerUma said...

guess who's on myspace?

TheDarkerUma said...


Erik said...

I just realized who has been suspiciously silent during the whole "Bus Boy" saga...


It's you! I know it!


TheDarkerUma said...


TheDarkerUma said...

erik. who told you that???

you CANNOT take credit on this!

TheDarkerUma said...

ahem...for this

Erik said...

Okay, sorry, you're right, Uma is the one who realized it totally has to be Jesse.

Erik said...

I just beat her to commenting about it.

Erik said...

"for this"/"on this"

you're a foreigner, you're forgiven for mangling language things like that.

Erik said...

Okay, this is really funny. I just called Jesse and left him a message telling him to call me back asap. And then he called me back and I answered the phone by saying: "Is it you?"

And then he said, "what?"

And I said, "Is it you?"

And he said, "Is what me?"

And then I said, "The Bus Boy."

And then my phone died!

For all I know, Jesse has not read my blog in the last few days and he has no idea what I'm talking about, or he IS the Bus Boy and he was trying to evade the question and then my phone died and I'm at a coffee shop right now and I won't be able to call him again until later.


christy said...

Okay how sad is it that I am sitting here thinking, "Should I go to Tuesdays at 9, or should I watch Erik's comment thread?"

Erik said...


Go to Tuesdays!

(I won't be there tonight, though. I'm still planning on getting some more writing done.)

Erik said...

Then, when you get back from Tuesdays, maybe there will be lots of excitement that will have happened that you can read through.

Erik said...

Okay, I'm ready to reply to today's comments. Here goes...

Erik said...

Dave, thanks for the "handsome" thing. Tomo certainly did luck out. Maybe that's why he never talked to any of his roommates? Because he was just so blown away by our handsomeness? (I feel funny calling myself handsome right now. Let's just focus on the handsomeness of Tomo's other roommates, who are all very handsome, yes, it's true.)

Erik said...

Bonnie, I love Rupert Gee!

And I am such a picture posting slacker. I cannot believe I haven't posted our pictures yet! Holy crap. They are coming.

The thing about all of the Former Roommates of Tomo being there...well, yes, it was kinda Twilight Zonish, but not completely unusual. I mean, we went to a small college and a lot of people at this party were friends from school. But still, I haven't seen Tomo since we graduated (hell, I haven't seen him since we stopped living together at the end of freshman year) and I never see Adam anymore because he's always off in other states getting more degrees, and the fact that we were all there in the same room, yes, it was very strange.

Erik said...

Colleen, I have never been to d-listed. (Or, at least, I don't think I have.) I will check it out when I'm done replying to comments. BUT, i take it as a huge compliment that you like my picture captioning. I actually have a blog post kinda dedicated to picture captioning that I am going to post soon--I haven't written it yet, but it has been brewing in my head.

Erik said...

Oh, and Colleen, PLEASE. Always comment. Most of the comments are me replying to other people. And you know I'm a comment whore. (I mean, I guess we all are.) But don't ever feel like you shouldn't comment because my eyes are going to bleed from reading so many dang comments. My eyes only bleed when you do not comment!

Erik said...

Okay, Rebecca,


How much do I love you for creating that "First" shirt logo?


Erik said...

Rebecca, seriously, you deserve way more than just one reply comment for putting that together.

Erik said...

Because, Rebecca, it made me smile so freaking wide.

Erik said...

And now I'm mad that I didn't reply to comments earlier because that is the best thing ever. I love it. Thank you.

(Maybe I will have to make shirts after all...I mean, now that I have a design and all!)


Erik said...

Dad, I almost told that story in the entry, but it didn't seem to fit. It's much more of a "comment" story.

Ahhh, college.

Erik said...

I wonder if these reply comments even make any sense, way after the fact and far away from the actual comments that they are replying to?

Erik said...

Lindsay, I totally misunderstood who you were saying had his hands all over the snack bowl! I totally blamed Steven! I didn't mean to blame someone who didn't do it. As far as I know, Steven doesn't read my blog, so I think it's okay, I don't think he's felt the sting of my snack-bowl false accusation. I was really just trying to clarify and make sure that people didn't think that Kenny was the guy who was getting his germs all over everyone else's business. But then I mucked it all up. I probably should have just left it open and then if people assumed that it was Kenny, then that would be fine because Kenny doesn't read my goddanged blog anyway, so what would be the harm in that.

Steven, if you ever read my blog, I am sorry for wagging my finger at you. I have been schooled. I was wrong.

Erik said...

Oh, and Lindsay, I was only accusing YOU of commenting in a drunk manner.

How do you like them apples?

Erik said...

"Week hours!" Ha.

Lindsay, I didn't even see your typo until you pointed it out, but I like the idea of you drinking not only into the wee hours, but also into the week hours.

That's a lot of drinking!

Did I already tell you how much fun it was to see you while you were in LA?

I will be posting our photo project in the next day or two.

Erik said...

Christy, I agree with Lindsay, that's a great roommate story. Very convoluted.

I have never lived alone in my life. Actually, that's technically a lie. I lived alone for one semester (second semester junior year) but it was in the basement of this weird house that had three rooms that were turned into their own little apartments and we each out our own door to the outside, but we had to share a bathroom and a kitchen, and if you have to share a bathroom and a kitchen then you aren't living alone.

Erik said...

THe Bus Boy never forgets...

oh, dear Bus Boy...

I've enjoyed this game very much, but I'm ready for answers. The jig is up. Who are you?

Erik said...

Joe Chandler, that made me laugh.

Erik said...

(The above comment is so vague, and so far from the comment it's in response to, that it could appear to be about anything.)

Erik said...


Erik said...

Oh my god, okay...ADAM!

So many things:

1. I am so happy that you posted a comment.

2. Have you read all of these comments? People think you're handsome!

3. You shouldn't feel like a blog virgin. I mean, yes, maybe that WAS your first comment, but you fucked it pretty good. (I don't even know what I'm saying, I was just trying to continue with the blog virgin metapho.) What I mean is, for a first comment, it was literally fraught with emotion. It had meat. It had pain. It had heft. It had arc.

4. Those were really funny Tomo anecdotes. You know him way better than I do.

5. I forgot that you used to play soccer.

6. I don't know what {these things} are called either, but I can tell you for a fact that {these things} had never been used on my blog before you used them. This comment is the second time they're being used.

7. I know that you're all "I'm a first time commenter," but your comment was a really good one, which is making me wonder if maybe YOU, adam, are in fact The Bus Boy. Could it be true? Were you trying to lead us astray by saying "I'm a blog virgin" and "I've never commented before."

8. Well????

9. Oh, and you should fucking make Kenny read my blog.

Erik said...

Lindsay, I also still think that maybe TheBusBoy is you...

Because if it is you, then you were very clever to discuss how funny you think it is that TheBusBoy had to get an email handle that read BusTheBoy because TheBusBoy was "likely" already taken...Are you sure about the "likely"? Or do you know, for a fact, that, yes, it WAS taken, because YOU are TheBusBoy and YOU TRIED TO TAKE IT.


Erik said...


Erik said...

Angela Kang, what was up with RA's being such sticklers for living arrangements? They weren't really sticklers in Stewie freshman year. I remember that Roman moved rooms and lived with that girl Summer because his roommate and her roommate had hooked up and were always spending the night in the same room, and our RA's were totally cool with a guy and a girl living together. But my experience with RA's in general was that they were mostly NOT that cool. (No offense to any blog readers who used to be RA's--I don't think you were ever my RA anyway, so I don't think I'm offending anyone.) It's cool that you got to have your room all to yourself after your roommate bailed on you.

Erik said...


If he read my blog, then maybe he could tell us, but he doesn't, so he can't.

Erik said...

I just posted TWENTY-SIX comments in a row. (TWENTY-SEVEN if you count this one!)

That has gotta be some sort of record or something.


Bonnie said...

Obessives say what?

Erik said...

Bonnie, tell me about it!

Bonnie said...

I so wish I had anything interesting to say.

Keith is leaving town in a few and my girl (to whom I was playing Nurse Bonnie during her Nth surgical procedure) is NOT having surgery after all, meaning I actally have way more free time than I ever have EVER...

so I trip to your blog and see that the mystery of the BusBoy still hasn't answered itself...


Has the waiter called you?

Erik said...

The waiter has not called yet. I have a feeling the call ain't coming.

Bonnie said...

His. Loss.

christy said...

Oh and Lindsay, I never answered you. I don't live alone now, but my roomie and I pretty much leave each other alone and I have my own room and's almost like living alone. We've never once bugged each other about anything.

But I *did* live alone for 2 years right after college...I could never envision a day when I would be willing to live with another human being AGAIN! But find the right one, it ain't so bad.

christy said...

And I am soooo glad, Erik, that I went to Tuesdays. Where's the drama???

Anonymous said...

The MySpace profile is not from me. It's a fake.

But I'm flattered.


(to prove this, try emailing from the original TheBusBoy email account)

Erik, do you ever listen to Love Songs on The Coast and just drive?

Special Agent Dale Cooper said...


TheBusBoy is correct. I'm the one who created the MySpace account and proceeded to send friend requests to each one of our suspects.

The order they accepted is as follows: You, Joe, Uma, Christy, Bo.

With one exception. One suspect denied his friend request and in doing so made his fatal error.

Who, I ask you, who would deny a friend request from "TheBusBoy" except for the *one person* who knew that the MySpace Account was a fraud? Who else besides the "real" BusBoy!!

Then within minutes of denying this request, TheBusBoy reappeared here on this very thread, publicly refuting the MySpace Account as a hoax.

Well the jig is up, TheBusBoy. Or should I say, JESSE JAMES SPERO???

Closing the case file,

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Erik said...

Okay, is this Sianie!?!????? (Because if it's Sianie, the Love Songs question gave you away!)

Jesse said...

I am so a friend a the bus boy, agent cooper is a douche, check The Space, yo.

Rebecca said...

Erik - you made me laugh out loud and almost spit my frappaccino onto my keyboard! Never waste a yummy frap like that! I've never been "first" but I think I deserve a shirt anyway!

Also - I don't even know you guys and I'm dying to know who TheBusBoy is! God, it's like my own personal reality show, played out in the comments of Erik's blog! I love it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to open up this thread this morning to see that all had been revealed.

Bus Boy, quit playing coy and just ask Erik out. You'll be the one with the red carnation, bussing tables at the coffee shop until Erik shows up with his laptop.

Erik will be the devastatingly handsome fellow with the glasses, laptop, flip-flops, hip-hop fool, busting out blog entries to the left, to the right - watch out.

WhatI am trying to say, Bus Boy, is CLOSE THE DEAL.


joe chandler said...


i'm responding to your myspace comment here.

No, it's not me. Although I have used a fake name here in the past(Jason Reade), this particular fake name is not me. I think it's Steve.

christy said...

Erik, I'm bored.

christy said...

I mean, I'm really, *really* bored.

Anonymous said...

TheBusBoy is revealed.


Aimie said...

inspired by your entry i just googled my odd first year roommate (i should say first semester because i requested a transfer after two months of smelly hell) and i found out that she is one of the active amazon reviewers. and, that she's still totally into the renaissance faire. i wonder if she is still into drinking only dr. pepper and eating only reese's peanut butter cups. or, if she still rearranges other people's furniture without asking them first. because that's about all i know of her.

christy said...

haha Aimie my 2nd freshman roomie (who played the most AWFUL pranks on me...she would sleep with her alarm clock ON HER BED right next to her head and she set it to go off at like, 4 AM and pretended to sleep right through it so I had to go over and turn it off)

(And then there was the time that she brought three drunk girls in our room at 4 AM so they could all take turns puking in the toilet which I badly needed because I was up all night with severe dorm-food-related problems - because the other girls just didn't want to puke in their own toilet! And then when they were all giggling about some guy who apparently OMG had a penis or something and I got out of bed and went over to them giggling and they looked at me like I was intruding and one of them said, "Christy, this is *private*."

Anyway THAT girl, that girl had an entire drawer full of Reese's Cups!

Anonymous said...

No has found me yet. Don't let me down BlogFans


Aimie said...

christy, you are a woman after my own heart: "And then when they were all giggling about some guy who apparently OMG had a penis or something" you made me laugh out loud! in that one statement i felt like we were two sisters from different families. at the very least, i know EXACTLY what you mean. except my roommate didn't have any friends, for obvious reasons. xoxo aimie

joe chandler said...

I knew a guy with a penis once. it was gigglerific!

Erik said...

Joe Chandler:

You too?

christy said...

I've known quite a few penises without guys.


Erik said...

Christy, I'm jealous that you got comment #100. We should have contests to see who can get comment #1, #69, AND #100. (Look at me, trying to create more comment frenzy.)

christy said...

Erik, I can only dream of your level of comment frenzy.

But for right now, my comments are dead. Scat has bailed. You and Scat were really all I had.

And I'm starting to get a little pissed that my hits have spiked but they're mostly strangers looking for kara keough/jeana keough/slade smiley/playboy pictures of jeana keough!

Bonnie said...

Scat didn't bail. Scat had the busiest few days ever. Promise!

Erik said...

Welcome back, Scat!

Bonnie said...

Thankee muchee. It is nice to be missed, but man I've got a LOT of catching up to do. Ack!

Anonymous said...

i just read this post for the first time now b/c it caught my eye in your end-of-the-year recap post and omg it's a really good post. one of your best. the pictures with tomo and his roommates are really fucking hilarious.
-ana (i read often, comment once in a while)

Erik said...

thank you ana! you know i'm a comment whore, and it made me really happy that you commented on an old post, because old posts rarely get the love they deserve. i wonder if you'll ever read this comment, now that this post is an old post again.