Monday, May 15, 2006

Word to your Mother

This is a day late, and I don't really have time to write much of a post right now (certainly not the kind of Kiki Longpost LAPs (Long-Ass Posts) I usually write on this blog, but I just wanted to send a shout out to all the awesome muhthuhs in the world (that's "mothers," obviously) (but I wanted to say it like "muh-thuhs" because I thought that went nicely with the phrase "shout out") (but then I explained myself because I was worried that you might think I have a sudden case of brain cancer or something and I was not typing gibberish) and I especially wanna send a big shout out to my mothers, 'cuz they fucking rawk.

So here are some pictures...which I will just let speak for themselves...(mostly) (I mean, okay, fine, I'm gonna comment) (geez)

Pictured above: That's Grandpa Angel, Grandma Angel, PAM, and me as a wee infant (with a fractured skull that made my head all wonky and disproportionately sized and which might look normal sticking out of that little blankie, but believe me it's, like, straight out of Alien or something)

(I was born about eight weeks early and I was in the hospital for thirty days while my lungs developed and I learned how to breathe) (I have no idea what day the above picture was taken, but it must have been a few weeks after I was born because they've gotten me off of the ventilator)

Pictured above: That's Grandma Angel, me (with fully developed lungs that allow me to breathe, but apparently my legs haven't yet fully developed at this stage in my adolescence and people were forced to carry me around by the arms) (or, more truthfully, I'm sure my legs did work, I was just a smart little tyke and knew how to convince people to carry me around as much as possible) (one of the saddest days of my childhood was the day that my mom told me I had gotten too big to be carried) (seriously) (I remember being like, "no fucking way") , and my Aunt Jill (who's also an awesome mom)

(oh, and by the way, don't you love photographs from the '70s?)

Pictured above: my step-mom Patty (who's been a second mom to me since I was born, years before she was an "officialy" second mom to me) with my brothers Josh, Mike, and Matt. This picture is probably about ten years old.

Pictured above: That's me (notice that I'm not wearing shoes) (I'm not lying when I say that I never wear shoes), my brother Mike, my late G-ma Gibbs, and G-pa Gibbs. Mike used to call G-ma Gibbs "Gramcracker Tasty," and it was a pretty apt name for her because she was an awesome woman, and we miss her.

Okay, so there are no mothers in the above picture, but I'm fairly certain PAM took this photo, so that's gotta count for something. I just found this photo and had to scan it into the computer because I think it's a really funny photo and because

1. I've always loved being bundled up by blankets and this picture is proof.
2. Look at my Gremlins sheets!!!
3. Check out the Michael J. Fox wall behind me. I assure you that if PAM had been standing farther back when she took this photo, you would have seen the the Michael J. Fox clippings took up most of the rest of the wall. I was such a 12-year-old girl for Michael J. Fox.

I just really like this photo of me and PAM.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the awesome muthuhs out there.


TheDarkerUma said...


Anonymous said...

second. damn it! Lindsay

Anonymous said...

that is a very sweet post. i remember it was a sad day when my parents wouldn't swing me up between them on walks. also, it was like yesterday.

Bonnie said...

Such a great post!

And a question: if you never wear shoes, does Mike always wear way oversized cowboy boots? Just wondering if he's as consistent.

Are you KIDDING me? You could SLEEP on Gremlins? I would be so creeped out!

These photos are amazing. You're a good muthah too.

christy said...

no fair! i was here, i swear. my browser didn't update the page!


oh and btw, i was so going to do a mom's day blog too about my mom (duh) but i didn't make it, even late! you are better than me.

drc said...

I love that last pic! It is such a "Mommy and Me" moment!!

christy said...

Awww, I just read this post now, finally, and was like:

1) Awwww, I need to convince my mom to spend her summer off scanning all my childhood pics and sending them to me (so. not. going. to. happen.)

2) Moms really are great.

3) Your dad is one lucky dada, for many reasons.

4) I was born amid the Polaroid craze, and my mom HATES that all my baby pics are Polaroids but I LOOOOOVE it because it puts everything so in context, and I think Polaroids are just cool.

5) I had Shirt Tales sheets. The Shirt Tales different brightly colored t-shirts and fought crime (if you don't know), and spawned what would be my lifetime loves of brightly colored t-shirts and crime-fighting. Also PAM, the Panda, was the only girl and was really my very first feminist role model, trying to make it all alone in a man's world.

6) I swear to god I had an entire wall of my room panelled with New Kids on the Block posters. (how gay is that?)

7) I really need to post a new blog, and I wish I had childhood pics because I want to write a blog about when I was six.

Anonymous said...

This makes it the best Muthuh's Day ever.

The last photo reminds me that you clung to your pacifier until you were about 6 years old (Okay, so I exaggerate.) I believed you should be allowed have it as long as you needed it. I think the fact that you kept it for so long is somehow connected to the fact that you don't wear shoes, but who knows.

I am so honored to share your Muthuhing with Patty. She rawks.

I have to believe you arrived in this world early cause there was so much reality TV to be watched and you couldn't wait to get started. Or maybe it was Michael J. Fox.

That blanket that is wrapped around you is in shreds today because you wore it out, but I still have it in a plastic bag if you need it.

Your PAM loves you very much.

Erik said...

Hey Urp, I'm ninth.

Erik said...

Lindsay, I totally believe you when you say that your parents stopped swinging you between them on walks, like, yesterday. Wasn't that the best? I wish that there were more giants in the world and that we could pay the giants to go on walks with us adults and swing us between them. Because adults need some liftoff every now and again too. Maybe I should just learn how to skateboard.

Erik said...

OMG, Bonnie, that made me laugh so hard, what you said about Mike and his oversized cowboy boots. I hadn't even noticed that in the picture and now that you pointed it out THOSE BOOTS ARE MONSTROUS. I am surprised they didn't eat Mike.

Erik said...

Christy, polaroid pictures totally rock the Casbah. I wish that I had a polaroid camera. I wish the polaroid film wasn't so expensive. You should totally track down all of those pictures (MAKE YOUR MOM GIVE THEM TO YOU) and post some polaroids on your blog.

Erik said...

Awwww, PAM.

christy said...

Erik, you don't understand how crazy and possessive my mom is of the Polaroids. I have to wait until she dies. I'm not even exaggerating.

Erik said...

Christy, I will work on her when you introduce her to me.

Rebecca said...

That was really sweet. :-)

And I don't wear shoes either. EVER. Well, outside when it snows cuz, y'know, Ohio and all.

And lately cuz it does nothing but rain and that makes it cold.

But inside for sure, no shoes!

Erik said...

Right on, Rebecca. Shoes suck. We should wage a war against shoes.

Ralph Colby said...

As a prelude to the other parent day in a month or so.... those are my boots on Mike. Still have them. Although Mike can't fit in them anymore. His feet are bigger than mine now.
Happy Mothers day to all Moms.

Bloggingly, DAD

Bonnie said...

Phew! Boot mystery is solved by another Patterson! Phew!

Re: That blanket that is wrapped around you is in shreds today because you wore it out, but I still have it in a plastic bag if you need it.

I swear, I'm dry heaving with tears. My mom kept my blankee too. *sniffle*

Moms just fucking rock.

TheDarkerUma said...

i applaud mothers. like PAM. who treated ME (not a mother) to a wonderful brunch on sunday. and to patty who has welcomed me into her home to watch six feet under on her cable.

i hate to sound cliche (or do I?) but sometimes it does take a village. and i applaud those women who show love to children who are not technically their own.

Angel said...

Ahhh, the swinging walks, only to be outdone by the superman flys on the bottom of feets!

This was a great post and that last pic is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Uma. Very sweet.