Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Thing #85, traffic court, and a list of things that make me happy

I had to go to traffic court this morning (for a speeding ticket I got a while back) and because I am neurotic I got it in my head that there was a possibility that I might be going to jail, which is completely ridiculous and there really wasn't a possibility of me going to jail, but still I worried, and so I'm just writing this blog entry to let you, my blog readers, know that I'm not in jail. (Not that you were worried.) (But I was.) (Part of me actually kind of wanted to go to jail because it would have been a good story and I was only speeding so they couldn't have put me in jail for too long.) (But if I had gone to jail, then I'd be able to be like, "that reminds me of the time I was in jail" in casual conversation, and that would have been kinda fun.)

However, the actual "being in jail" part probably wouldn't be "kinda fun," so not being in jail makes still me happy. So does listmaking. So I thought I would make a list of other things that make me happy.

(in no particular order)

1. DERRICK is back! On MTV! On a new Real World/Road Rules challenge called Fresh Meat! (I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.) (Bonnie alerted me to the fact that they were airing a casting special the other night and while I was watching it I had the biggest Cheshire cat smile, it was ridiculous.) (My cheeks hurt, my smile was that big.) (The Real World/Road Rules challenges are the best thing to happen to television since Family Ties.) (I'm only partially exaggerating.) (Oh, and by the way, if you google the phrase "Derrick us hot" [using the parentheses], my blog is the fifth website that pops up.)

2. The Cherry Orchard opens this weekend at the Evidence Room. It has an awesome cast (including Urpma) and it's the last Evidence Room show (at least of the Evidence Room as we currently know it) (if you don't know, the Evidence Room is an awesome theater and in the last six years since I first started seeing Evidence Room plays, not only have I had some of the most memorable theater-going experiences evah, but I've had some of the most amazing life-experiences there as well) (so I'm going to miss the Evidence Room) (as we currently know it) (and I encourage you to check out The Cherry Orchard), so check it out. (The above photo is of director Bart DeLorenzo in the Evidence Room lobby and it was taken by Stephen Osman for the LA Times.)

3. I was reading the Advocate and turned a page and suddenly saw an advert (don't you love how they call advertisements "adverts" in England?) (I think we should appropriate that word here in jolly ol' America) for a movie called The Conrad Boys which was written by, directed by, and stars Justin Lo, who I acted with in several plays when we were both kids and who I haven't seen in years (actually, the last time I saw him was when my play Red Light, Green Light was playing at the above mentioned Evidence Room--Justin came to the show--he was studying film at UCLA at the time) (so obviously something came of his studies) and his movie is opening at the Sunset 5 in Hollywood, which is my favorite artsy movie theater, and I don't know anything about the movie, but I'm very excited to see it and I'm so proud of Justin for writing, directing and starring in his own movie and for getting it out there. He's 23-years-old, or something ridiculous like that. Holly cow.

4. Snakes on a Plane makes me happy. I have nothing new to say about Snakes on a Plane, really, except that I want to do whatever I can to help spread the word that this piece of cinematic awesomeness is freaking coming your way in August.

5. Listography makes me happy. (Thank you, Lindsay, for the link!)

(New Thing #85: I went to traffic court.)


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Anonymous said...

I just clinked everything in number 5 and I am PUMPED! Didn't the NY Times say it opens on August 18th? Who's going to wait in line with me?

frank's wild lunch said...

I didn't know you were the guy who wrote RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT! That's one of those shows that everybody told me was good and I kept putting off seeing it and I missed it. Damn!

I've liked the few Evidence Room shows I've seen, but my favorite by far was SKIN OF OUR TEETH. I have the postcard from it up in my cubicle. So exciting.

I was iffy about seeing that CHERRY ORCHARD after just seeing it at the Taper, but I'm sure it'll be more interesting. I should just go, shouldn't I?

Erik said...

Lindsay, yes, it opens on the 18th, I guess that last link is confusing because my birthday is the 8th and I say I want to go on my birthday, but I think that Snakes on a Plane is so exciting that it's worth holding off on having a birthday party until the 18th. If you're down in LA, you're invited to my SoaP birthday party!

Erik said...

Kyle (fwl), yep, that's me! I love that people told you to see my play. That makes me happy. It's been way too long since I've had anything up, I'm feeling antsy.

You should totally see Cherry Orchard.

christy said...

i want to go see Uma in the Cherry Orchard!

it would be a cool story if you went to jail, but there was literally zero chance of it happening unless you pulled a gun on everyone in traffic court, which i think is a fellony, so that's a good thing you didn't do it just to go to jail and have a story.

i was in jail once, but it was a field trip to keep us off crack. we talked to these psycho inmates and i was really scared even though in retrospect they were obviously not that psycho or scary or they wouldn't have let them out to talk to kids.

or...would they???

Erik said...

Christy, I think they would.

christy said...

oh my god.

well it kept me off crack, at least (thank god for the field trip).

we had to get in a circle and do the serenity prayer with them, i had a male inmate on both sides of me i had to hug. awk-ward.

this really cool hippie chick named megan slipped in so i only had to hug one of them. she saved me. she told me later, 'yeah, you looked really uncomfortable. they're just people like you and me!'

at one point one of the women inmates made us all turn around and touch our toes and she said, 'i just raped every single one of you.'

and another guy, totally psycho, was recreating the moment that landed him in jail, he put his hands like a gun and yelled (totally 'in the moment', like an oscar moment) "shut the fuck up and give me all your money or your son is going to die!"

they made me sit in the front row.

and i got raped, apparently. and hugged a felon to say the serenity prayer. but just one.

(oh and i've been getting a *lot* of writing done tonight! it's so not structured, but helping majorly with character development. i might end up throwing it all out. but it's there!)