Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Thing #89: Live-blogging MTV's Fresh Meat

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is the best thing ever. (Notice how I didn’t say it was the best “TV show” ever—that’s because it’s simply the best thing ever, uncategorized.) (Like, I’ll go so far as to say that it’s even better than chocolate.)

Now, I Tivo’d the premiere episode last night and I didn’t watch it because I had to get up super early to go sub for a high school biology class (which wasn’t too bad) (I was bummed that we didn’t get to watch any videos on evolution, but it wasn’t too bad) (one of the kids told me I was the best substitute ever after I told her it was okay to work on homework she had from another class) (and being told I’m the “best substitute ever” was pretty much what I aspired for when I began subbing, so now I guess I don’t have any more mountains to climb) (it was really easy to become “the best substitute ever”) (much easier than I thought it would be) and so I waited until today to watch “The Challenge,” as MTV is now simply calling it, realizing that “The Real World/Road Rules” is a mouthful.

I’ve never live-blogged a television show before (and I realize it’s technically not “live-blogging” because the show was on last night and I’m watching it on Tivo, but it’s still “live” to me, and I’m gonna sit here and type while I’m watching, so that’s essentially “live-blogging,” right?) and I’m gonna give it a go right now.

--okay, I love the picture they use of Tanya in the opening credits. In all of the previous challenges, she’s pretty much hooked up with every non-gay male in every single competition, yet (I think) she’s always maintained that she’s “not a whore”—but look at her in the opening credits for the new season:



I can’t tell if this moment was staged (“Hey Tanya, we want you to pose for us in your red lingerie with a cigarette dangling out of your mouth!”) or if it’s just the brilliance of Tanya being Tanya caught by MTV’s brilliant camera crew (which seems more likely because all of the other shots in the opening credits are candid moments).

--okay, so TJ Lavin, the host, has just told us what this season’s hook is: “for the first time ever, twelve eager new faces are going to join the competition, young naïve hopefuls who think they have what it takes to battle it out with our gang of awesome, drunk, slutty, amazing old-timers. To the sharks in this game, these new faces are Fresh Meat.” (some of that was me paraphrasing)

--Now old-timer Theo’s all mad, asking “who are these people?” And then being all “it’s not like I come to their job and try to out-do them, it’s not like I go to Starbucks and try to out-latte them,” which is a brilliant quote because I love that Theo has admitted that competing on trashy MTV reality competitions shows IS HIS FULL-TIME JOB.

--oooo, twist! I assumed that it was going to be the twelve old-skoolers vs. the twelve new MTV wannabes, but TJ Lavin just told us that it’s going to be twelve teams of two! Each MTV old-skooler gets to pick a member of the opposite sex from the batch of “fresh meaters” to be their team partner! (How embarrassed should I be that this show gets me THIS excited?) (On a scale of 1 to 10?) (Should I be embarrassed at 8?) (9?) (10???) (Whatever, I am not embarrassed.) (There is a time and place for trash, and trash deserves some love too.) (NOTE—derrick, in case you ever read this—I am not calling any of the competitors “trash,” I’m simply calling the show “trash.”) (And, well, maybe Tanya.)

--Okay, does anyone else (as if all of you are watching this “live” right now, with me) find it weird that there’s a girl named “Ev” and a boy named “Evan” and that “Ev” and “Evan” are the first two Fresh Meaters picked? That just seems weird to me. It’s like when you meet a lesbian couple named Jan and Jan and you’re like, what are the odds of two women named Jan meeting each other and falling in love?

--Girl Ev is really cocky. I predict a major fall.

--whoa, the winning team (of two) gets $250,000! Usually the winning team gets, like $60,000 and they have to split it between, like, 6 people. Just like Tina just said, “that’s a lot of money, y’all!” (She actually said “y’all.”) (Which really sold the line, in my opinion.) (Because obviously it’s a lot of money, but by adding the “y’all,” it felt like it was even more money than it is because $250,000 would be a lot of money to any of us, but to someone who uses the word “y’all” it’s practically 250 trillion dollars, or something!)

--okay, Mohawks are super hot, but Wes’ Mohawk looks supremely dorky.

--I love that the old skoolers still get excited when they see where they’re going to be living, as if they didn’t know that this time the y were going to live in an amazing house.

--I cannot believe that Wes and Johanna from Austin are dating and that Melinda and Danny from Austin are still dating. Melinda just said that “the drama hasn’t hit the fan yet,” and maybe she hasn’t seen her season of The Real World: Austin, but, um, if she thinks that “the drama hasn’t hit the fan yet” after literally crying for three months because of all of the crap that she and Danny were going through, then I cannot wait for the drama to start hitting the fan. (Um, and I love that she says “the drama hasn’t hit the fan” instead of “the shit hasn’t hit the fan.”)

--wow, 18-year-old Ev just said that “these aren’t the smartest people in the world” and that she’s “pretty much calling the shots in this game.” She is SO in for a major fall, it’s not even funny!

--Wes just called his Fresh Meat partner “basically athletically worthless” (way to build up team moral, Wes! She hasn’t even competed in a single challenge yet and you’re calling her “basically athletically worthless”!) (I don’t know her name yet, but I feel really sad for her.) (The look on her face is like, “I didn’t know I was worthless…” (So sad.) (Ohhhhh…sad….and she just said that “there’s a part of me that feels like I’m in way over my head,” which means that she totally is and she’s in for a major fall.) (But who will fall first? Basically Athletically Worthless Girl or Ev?)

--Derrick is such a bad boy! (And I am such a twelve-year-old girl!) Look at him:


(Wait, stop using your imagination!) (Photos are working again!) Now look at Derrick:

This picture is, like, straight out of Star Wars or something.

--OKAY, the first challenge is to walk across a plank off this building that’s, like, 500 stories high, while being tied tied back-to-back to their partner, and whoever has the quickest time wins. If I was competing in this challenge, I would so fall off the plank and die, and Tanya would so laugh at my dead body. Back in reality, Tanya’s team is first. She is freaking out.

--I’m sad that the cute new Fresh Meater guy is teamed up with Melinda because people are going to team up against all of the Austin kids and he’s not long for this game, unless they can successfully keep their alliance. Which they so can’t.

--Derrick did the challenge without any problems. Rock on Derrick.

--I miss Mormon Julie. She’s always good TV.

--Ev’s team came in fifth place. It doesn’t look like she’s “calling the shots” yet.

--the Basically Athletically Worthless Girl is “trying so hard not to cry right now” because her team has been selected to go into “exile” tomorrow against another as-yet-undetermined team. The rules of this game are so complicated I’m not even going to attempt to explain them well, but basically at the end of every episode two teams have to compete against each other in a final challenge and the loser goes home. Basically Athletically Worthless Girl is so on the chopping block all of a sudden…

--Wes is trying to expand his Austen alliance to include Tanya. Smooth move Wes. She’s a crazy hoor, if you haven’t watched any of the previous Challenges. And she’s already feeling like you’re playing her. She is so not going to join yer alliance. “I don’t like to be manipulated and lied to,” as she just told Tina, who replied “this is a lying and cheeting game!” (Except she said “cheating,” not “cheeting,” I’m just leaving that typo because I like typos.)

--I called it. I knew that either Ev or Basically Worthless Girl was in for a major fall very soon! And one of them is going home! Because Ev and Basically Worthless Girl both just happen to be teamed with the two boys from Real World: Austen and the rest of the Challengers just voted Ev and her Austen boy (Danny) into the Exile Challenge against Wes and Basically Worthless Girl.

--ooooo, the Austen kids hate each other right now. I cannot believe I am “live-blogging” this. Yer IQ is so going down, like, exponentially as you read this.

--okay, they’re about to start the next challenge, where, if one of the Austen teams wins, then they won’t have to go to the Exile challenge, (I told you, the rules in this game are really complicated) so Ev and Basically Worthless Girl’s fates are totally hanging in the balance right now. If I was Melinda, I might say something about how “the drama is about to hit the fan.” But I’m not Melinda, so I’ll just say that shit is about to fucking go down, motherfuckers.

--Ev and her Austen boy Danny just got knocked out of this non-elimination challenge, which means they are definitely going into the Exile Challenge. Ev, I can smell your defeat from here. You so should not have said that thing about how you were calling the shots in this game!

--Wes and Basically Worthless Girl just got knocked out of the challenge, which means they’re going head to head with Ev. Poor girls. They’re totally victims of everyones hatred of the Austen crew.

--Whoa! Another twist! The rest of the challengers don’t get to watch the Exile Challenge! They have to say goodbye to Ev and Basically Worthless Girl right now because one of them is not coming back to the house!

--Well, MTV just showed a promo for next week’s episode and now I totally know who’s going to be losing the Exile challenge and let me just say right now…maybe Basically Worthless Girl ain’t so basically worthless afterall! Good-bye Ev!

--So the challenge is basically this: they have to run a race while carrying the luggage they brought with them to Australia (did I mention that this is taking place in Australia?). And now I can see why Basically Worthless Girl stays and why Ev is about to go home. Because even though Basically Worthless Girl’s luggage weighs ten pounds more than Ev’s luggage, Ev’s Boston boy Danny’s luggage weighs as much as Wes and Basically Worthless Girl’s luggage COMBINED! What the frig did Boston boy Danny pack??? Bricks?

--OMG, Ev just explained that Danny let his girlfriend Melinda pack a lot of her clothes in his bag, that’s why it’s so freaking heavy. Holly cow.

--The race is neck and neck…

--Back at the house, Melinda really wants Danny to come back…but here comes a car…it’s Wes and Basically Worthless Girl! Uh-oh, Melinda’s crying now, maybe the drama is about to hit the fan.

--They’re flashing back now and showing us the moment when Boston boy Danny and Ev finally reached the finish line, ions after Wes and Basically Worthless Girl got there. Ev’s really upset: “I just feel cheated about what happened. The fact is…we got screwed.” Um, yeah, that’s what happened.

--Man, now Ev’s crying and I feel bad for Ev. But she shouldn’t have said that she was running this game.

--Okay, Basically Worthless Girl just became my favorite person in the game. She and Wes decided that they wouldn’t tell the other Challengers what the Exile Challenge was like—they want to keep that advantage to themselves and trip everyone else up—so now they’re making up all of these stories about what the challenge was like to mess with people’s heads—and Basically Worthless Girl is like “…and there was, like, a box, and there was kangaroo sack and kangaroo tongue and kangaroo balls…and it tasted kinda like jerkey with, like, a nice, like, oozy ooz to it.” She ROCKS. She is so not basically worthless. She deserves a real name now. It’s Casey.

--Melinda feels like she’s “lost Danny forever.” Now I hate Melinda. You’re going to see him, in, like, two weeks.

--whoa. In the scenes they just showed from the next episode, they show Derrick’s Fresh Meater partner crying and saying that she wants to do “everything physical now because I might not ever be able to do anything physical ever again.” Scary. That sounds like real drama, not MTV drama.

--I cannot believe I just “live-blogged” the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. New Thing #89.


TheDarkerUma said...

dude, just finished it myself. first night off with no rehersal. and what do i devote my time to....mindless tv. =)

you must go to mtv overdrive(online) to get the full experience.

marie and i saw theo on the way back from boston a few months ago. so this must have been over by then. and i pointed him out to her without knowing his name. but he definitely looked annoyed...annoyed that there was fresh meat.

i heart coral. especially after watching overdrive. as danny put it...shes nice off camera but a bitch on tv. what's not to love?

Erik said...

okay, i watched the overdrive for the last season, but haven't gone to the mtv website for overdrive yet for this season, but now i'm excited to go there.

i love that you watched fresh meat on your first night off.

and i am so jealous that you saw theo in real life! i imagine that he'll be annoyed by the fresh meat for quite some time.

so far, Tina seems to be the biggest bitch on this current Challenge, but coral's got lots of time to get her bitch on.

Bonnie said...

Okay, so Theo is always always always always brilliant. I simply adore his commentary. Witty and clever and snarky and so right on. Greatness.

Many of your comments are right on with what mine were, as I watched live last night (of course, I chose not to live-blog, since I watch the east coast feed and that would just be too rude and spoilerific for the masses).

I notice you didn't mention what I thought was THE BEST LINE of the episode: "Fresh Meat, here's your tip: If you watched 'em on TV while you were in middle school, steer clear."

(Or something like that. It was brilliant.)

LOVED that a multi-million dollar production from a bazillion dollar company used a wire fucking BINGO spinner to choose which team would decide the order for the first challenge. Greatness.

And if you ask Keith, he'll tell you that I was totally on excitement level TEN about this show last night (and last week too). Apparently, it's brilliant and wonderful and blissful and twist-tastic.

I LOVE HOW COMPLICATED THEY MAKE THE RULES. It's like that's a hook. You HAVE to watch all the time just to learn the rules.

And by then you have a favorite team and you're soap-opera-sucked-in so far that you can't possibly stop watching. I'd challenge anyone to try and turn away.

PS--Hurry up and get your photo posting fixed. For real.

Erik said...

Okay, before I reply to any of your other comments, BonBon, MY PHOTOS STILL WILL NOT POST!!!


I have tried, like, ten times today. I'll try again right now and then comment some more, either way.

Erik said...

It is SO fucked up. The pictures will not post. I will try again tomorrow.

Snarky is a great word for Theo. He's even got a snarky smile.

That line about how they should middle school is sheer brilliance. I saved the episode on my Tivo, maybe I'll just keep live-blogging it over and over again, commenting on different moments each time?

('Cuz it's that good, it could withstand being combed over like that.)

Of course it's twist-tastic! Already, one episode in, there have been, like, 5 twists! And the (inevitable) battle between Danny and Wes happening in the first episode??? It was SHAKESPEAREAN. Or biblical even. Like, brother against brother.


And I cannot agree with you more that the oh-so-complicated rules are awesome. It's like, if you win this challenge then you get to send someone to this other challenge, but if they win a different challenge, they get to send anyone except for x, y, and z to the challenge in their place, but before that, everyone gets to vote on someone else to go in the challenge, but you can't vote because you're already in the challenge, and you can't vote because you got first place, and you must vote with your partner, but you can vote against a different player than your partner, but you can't vote for your partner because then you're voting for yourself, and before we get to the final challenge we're going to have a pre-final challenge, and only one team will win, but there will be four teams in the end, and let's roll the balls to see who gets to go first, and then that person can pick who goes next, and in what order everyone else goes, but if they win, they get to send someone else into the final challenge, and then...etc...etc...


(And if you don't watch the show, you should know that I'm not really exaggerating--that list of rules I just typed up is pretty much the rules of the game--until next week when they will throw more twists at us!) (Awesome!)

My favorite team is obviously Derrick and the chick he's partnered with who we haven't really heard speak yet and who apparently has a debilitating disease that will prevent her from partaking in physical activity soon, so they have my hotness vote (Derrick) and my sympathy vote (I want the girl to have some rocking last physical moments).

My favorite train wreck of a team is Tanya and her Fresh Meater who realized IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHALLENGE that Tanya is kuhrazy.

And the two new cuties are definitely that guy who I think is named Jesse (though he seems kind of stupid) and that other hot guy.

christy said...

Erik, I am so pissed off, my pictures have been screwed up all day, too. The whole reason I had to break my last post into 2 is because the other half is picture-oriented and it wasn't worth posting until I had pictures.

That being said...


We were talking about blogging and Kevin said he has to start reading our blogs.

But judging how he has had my script over a month now and hasn't read *that*...

the proof will be in the pudding.

(i *so* thought of a nonsensical cliche to add to our list the other day but totally forget it)

Erik said...

christy, i have been obsessing about this picture thing. i am so mad i can't post the brilliant pictures i took of my television screen.

Erik said...

i haven't been to Tuesdays in so long! i will come back soon.

Erik said...

but you should still make kevin read our blogs.

Erik said...

hey Uma, which team do you want to win? based on the first episode?


Bonnie said...

Your blog hates your love for Derrick. That's all. Plain and simple. It's jealous. Your silly, petty blog. Doesn't it realize you spend more time with it than with Derrick anyway? Psh.

I've saved the Fresh Meat special AND The Challenge on my TiVo (I tape the whole season for my friend Dawn each time), so UNLIKE The Amazing Race, for which I totally couldn't help you, if you ever need one of these, I will have the whole season saved up on TiVo 'til there's enough to put on a tape for Dawn.

(By the way, did you ever get to watch TAR and do you now know who won and how cool the last challenge was?)

Oh, and hell yes, you could live-blog every SECOND of The Challenge and it would never be anything other than brilliant and wonderful. It's that good.

The Danny/Wes "Austin-off" was lovely. OF COURSE punk Danny packed 60 lbs. of his girlfriend's shit. He's SO a girl. And you know he PROPOSED to Melinda, right? ON MTV! Holy Rob and Amber, Batman!

Absolutely, they are making the rules up as they go along. I worked on "Paradise Hotel" and they would do that every episode. It's like if they wanted X to NOT go home, they'd make it so, when the rest of the cast selected X to be "solo," instead of the solo guy being "off," the solo guy would suddenly have the right to send home someone ELSE, when the past three times the solo guy went home. Those producers were whipping up rules on the fly and it was GORGEOUS TELEVISION.

I really loved Casey's "Kangaroo Sack eating" descriptions. She's going to be fun. I can tell.

(Note to anyone who is certain that Erik is exaggerating for effect and that there's no way this show can be this crazy, please note: he's not and it is. Would I lie to you?)

So what is it that has killed off Derrick's partner's ability to do physical stuff? I'm a-skeert for her!

Does Coral get bitten by a spider again this season? I thought I saw her on a gurney too at some point in the previews.

God LORD how much did I love that Tayna's partner TOSSED HER OFF THE STUMP in frustration?!? It's like his brain went, "Oh, snap. She is cray cray! Get this bitch OFF me!" This should be fun. I love love LOVE that fresh meat and alumni are paired. Flippin' brilliant, MTV.

Just when I think you're all out of ideas, having done boys vs. girls, newbies vs. oldies, RW vs. RR, battle of the seasons, gauntlet, inferno, and every other possible combination of show, you find a way to cast new people I actually LOVE, spin 'em up with our favorite regulars in a blender, and top the yummy shake off with a cherry.

Delish! Thank you, MTV.

Erik said...

BonBon, everything you said is right on the money.

Oh, and THE AMAZING ERIC FISHER gave me a copy of the amazing race finale and I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY. I inadvertantly found out who the winners are (damn entertainment websites) but even so, I am so excited to watch the last leg of the race and I've been waiting for a night where I have absolutely nothing to do and I can just SAVOR every second of it. I'll be watching it later in the week.

And I didn't know Danny proposed to Melindaaaaaa!??!!! Holly crap!

TheDarkerUma said...

he did it on the reunion special for the last real world.

too frickin cheesy. think big and carrie in central park in a horse and buggy....minus the charm and romance.

i love coral so i want her to last. and i hate tanya but man do i love to watch her. so I hope she doesn't get booted off too fast either.

Erik said...

Okay, SOME of the photos published and then it wouldn't let me add any more! But I got in the most important ones.

I will try to add more later.

marie said...

ok, i'm way late to this conversation, but...Erik, your live-blog of the challenge was so good, that i didn't even mind it being a huge spoiler! in fact...i might go so far as to say that i'd RATHER read your live-blog than watch it! (but i'll still watch it.)

christy said...

i uploaded my photos last night and then saved the draft...so they're there for when i get around to posting the rest of the blog...hopefully this afternoon.

it is so messed up how much we're having to accomodate blogger's photo issues.

Erik said...


1. You are never late to the conversation at My Year of New Things. My Year of New Things likes it when the conversation just keeps going and going.

2. I am so happy to know you're a fan of The Challenge.

3. And I'm so glad you liked my live-blogging of The Challenge. Maybe I'll keep doing it. It was fun to do.

Erik said...

Oh, and Marie:

say hi to Fitzmorris for me!

Erik said...

Christy, it IS messed up. SO messed up.

christy said...

okay i just tried to add another picture AND IT STILL DIDN'T WORK.

but it's up anyway. i can't wait around for the age of technology to begin, here.

joe chandler said...

dude. theo is on last comic standing too. how did he do that?

Erik said...

Jesse JUST TOLD ME (off blog) that Theo was on Last Comic Standing!

Was he any good? I mean, he's funny on MTV, but I can't imagine him being funny as a stand-up.

joe chandler said...

was anyone funny on last comic standing?

answer...not really

Erik said...

I've never seen Last Comic Standing. Surprising, I know, seeing as I watch so much television.

christy said...

comics have told me it's all pretty hokey, that last time all the finalists except one or two were managed by the guys who are the talent scouts on the show.

don't know whether that's true or not, or just the rumors spread by bitter comics who didn't make the cut.

Erik said...

Back to the Challenge, I really like how the "TV-14" rating appears while Tanya is onscreen in her red lingerie. It's so appropriate and MTV so has a sense of humor.

Erik said...

Don't you agree, Marie?

Anonymous said...


If you live blog again, it won't be another new thing. right?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I mean - I'm just sayin'...it is your year of new things, right?

Anonymous said...

You're not going to push me over to Joe's better year - right?

christy said...

is joe still doing his better year, lindsay?

Anonymous said...

only, when he needs to. we shine the bat symbol into the night sky, and lo, he appears.

Erik said...


Erik said...

Lindsay, don't worry, even though I plan on live-blogging Fresh Meat again, this is the ONLY TIME it qualifies as a New Thing.

Erik said...

And yeah, christy, 'tis true what Lindsay says: Joe has threatened to go back to his "better" year (and i put better in quotes because it's a subjective term) whenever I slack off here at my year. But NO WORRIES! I will keep doing New Things if only to stave off Joe's blog.

Erik said...

Lindsay, you have to admit that the picture of Derrick (with the black hoodie) is really cool.

christy said...

oh my god i just saw the whole thing in its entirety, erik.

your commentary is *very close* to my own commentary so i'm glad i didn't read the spoilers.

particularly about ev/evan being very confusing and about ev in for a fall.

(and how much do i love that miss "in control of the game first round draft pick" LOST to miss "not-so-worthless" after all? this game has heart, man.)

i haven't seen any recent real world/road rules but i so hate melinda.

my pick to win in the first minute of the show was coral and "whoever is paired with coral" (and okay, evan in my opinion is the hottest guy on the show, sorry erik, but i guess he's just my type, which is good so we don't have to fight over derrick)

but i agree with uma. i so heart coral. i'm only worried that by starting out so strong they're majorly targeting themselves.

but not every reality champion has won by flying below the radar.

and you explained the rules pretty perfectly.

it was like watching a really convoluted mystery thriller where finally i was just like, "what the hell, i give up. i know it has to conclude somehow so i'm just going to take their word for it."

Erik said...

christy! i have to run! but i'm so glad you loved it. you can totally have Evan.

joe chandler said...

of course last comic standing is fixed/rigged. stand up is not like singing. it takes most people years to get any good at it, and they're all in LA/NY. Theo got to move on because he's famous, they'll weed him out shortly.

Gina said...

Ooooooh!!!! This is going to be a good season. The whole time I was watching it I was thinking of you.

How hot is Derrick? Oh so hot. So brooding and stout...our little bulldog:) Oh, and I have a crush on Theo because he's funny and Kuhrazy and witty and hot.

Melinda needs to get a damn grip. Geez! Why so dramatic? The Austin cast bugs me.

I love Coral even though she sucks at the challanges. She's only ever lasted a long time b/c peeps are scared of her. She needs to lose the nose ring though. It's just awful. And what's with her partner being Johnny Knoxville's stand in? Stapling dannys name to his ass? It's like he's trying too hard to be as tough as Coral. It aint gonna happen.

Tina is a biiiiatch on wheels and Tonya is a total skank. Did you ever her see her show on MTV where she swore she was done with the whole reality tv game? She was giving it up b/c she felt used and abused. Just like a junkie, she's back.

I love all the rules and twists and turns. Juicy stuff man. It's drama filled, over done, out of control, and I'm lapping it up:)

Erik said...

Gina, I am so happy we can dish on Fresh Meat every week together. You're the best ex-girlfriend ever.

Bonnie said...

Yes, how dare stupid free blogger stop you from posting photos to your blog? Stupid free technology with no banner ads or pop-ups. They suck!


PS--Just watched the E! True Hollywood Story for "Sex and the City" and it rocked hard. The Melinda and Danny proposal was beyond cheesy. Seriously bad. But, of course, their wedding will be a Bunim-Murray production. ;) *snark*

Bonnie said...

Pssh. So I come here looking for tonight's Live Blogging of MTV's Fresh Meat and there is NONE.

And you call yourself a FAN.

Erik said...

Don't hate! I came home from my writing group only to discover that my Tivo had not taped it!!!!

As upsetting as that is--and as sad as I am that I can't live-blog tonight's episode in, like, a timely fashion, the great thing about MTV is that they rerun everything every day.

So the liveblog will post tomorrow night after I see it.


Bonnie said...

Yay! I am eagerly awaiting your devotion to all things "Challenge."

And I'm sorry your TiVo doesn't love you.

(But I do.)

Erik said...

You will get it soon.

LYMI too.

Frack! Tivo!