Monday, May 08, 2006

Yes, I just said poll.

Is Joe Chandler a snob?
I'm Joe Chandler and I'm too much of a snob for this poll.
I'm Joe Cahndler and I am going to politely abstain from this poll.
You just said poll.
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adam said...

ooh ooh ooh: first!

Erik said...


Adam said...

This reminds me of a book by William Makepeace Thackeray called The Book of Snobs. I think he defines "snob" as someone who admires mean things (which is kind of a crap definition), but he also has tons of different kind of snobs. Respectable snobs, city snobs, dining out snobs, literary snobs, country snobs, club snobs: they're all in there. So the real question is: what kind of snob is Joe?

I would hyperlink the book, but I don't know how.

And I guess it's pretty snobby to quote someone named William Makepeace Thackeray, isn't it?

Yeah, I thought about it for a minute: it's definitely snobby. No need to poll it.

Erik said...

Adam, first of all, to creat a hyperlink, you type Without the Quotation marks) Type What You Want Us To See As The Hyperlink

Second, yes, you're right, anyone who knows so much about snobs is obviously the REAL snob here.

Erik said...

Okay, whoops, in trying to tell you how to create a hyperlink, I accidentally created a bum hyperlink.

Let me try this again.

type one of these types of brackets:


and then (without any space) type:

a href="insert your web address here"

and then (without any space) type one of these types of brackets:


and then type what you want to appear as your hyperlink

and then put this funal code:

< / a >

But without those spaces.

And voila, you're done. (If this makes any sense whatsoever.)

Adam, let's see you make a hyperlink in your next comment, because I want to know if I was able to teach you how to make one, or if I failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

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Bonnie said...

HOWL! Great link right above this post! Heeeeeeee!

christy said...

Scat I just saw Keith on TV!!!

TheDarkerUma said...

i'm sleepy. but i'm glad joe's snobbery (heehehh, i love brutalizing the english language) has come to the forefront.

cherio and nighty night.

TheDarkerUma said...

good lord.

snobbery is actually an english word documented in dictionaries.

that's a first for me. using a word that i assume is wrong but is actually right.

oh, and i vote for adam being a snob. because men who have that many degrees/majors/pieces of paper indicating they are smart... have got to be.

joe, however is the original snob.

wow, it's really fun to be this narcisstic (crossing my fingers that I spelt this wrong) before going to sleep.

nightie night for realz.

aimie said...

i am so fucking excited that you taught to hyperlink on your blog! i've always wanted to know that.

for a good time click

now, how do you post pictures?

i'm a little embarrassed to ask. be gentle with me.

Aimie said...

oooh, and do another poll please! i love them so!

joe chandler said...

1. I giggled all night after seeing this poll.

2. I was not the one who voted for "I'm Joe Chandler and I'm too much of a snob for this poll"

Adam said...

OK, here goes: Joe.

Angela said...

are you an indie music snob?

joe chandler said...

The "A" in Adam stand for Amazing.

Erik said...

Okay, first of all, you guys are all so fucking cool.

(2) ANONYMOUS: I love you. (And I really would like to make extra money now, so if you could tell me how that's really possibly through blogger, I'm all ears.)

(3) Bonnie, I KNOW. Great link, right?

(4) Christy, dammit! I missed Keith's episode!! Fuck.

(5) Uma, your English skillz are improving! I'm proud of my Urp.

(6) Aimie, very good job with posting your first hyperlink. I love that people are testing their hyperlink posting skillz. I also like using the letter "z" instead of the letter "s" whenever I can. Oh, and to answer your question, I don't know how one would post a picture in a comment (I don't think that's possible actually, other than the "profile" pictures you see in the top right corner of comments, and to do that you need to have an account with blogger, which is easy enough to set up) but when I'm posting pictures on my blog, I just hit the "post a picture" button. It's eazy cheezy.

(7) Dear Joe Chandler, I didn't vote for "I'm Joe...(etc.)" either! There must be ANOTHER joe chandler in the house! (No--there can be no other Joe Chandler. The second I typed that, I realized it could not be so.) I'm glad my poll made you giggle. (Hmmm, that sentence sounds so wrong.)

(8) Adam, I agree with Joe, you do stand for Amazing. That wikepedia page rules.

(9) Angela, nize skillz with the hyperlinkz too! (Joe--you should clink on Angela's link, because it'll tell you if you really are a music snob or not and we can know once and for all) (clink on Angela's link sounds almost as bad as that laughing at my poll sentence)

Steve said...

Just to clarify I voted 'Yes' in this poll. I'm not the 2nd Joe Chandler.

christy said...

I'm the 2nd Joe Chandler. That's just the answer that made me giggle the most.

Sorry for any confusion.

christy said...

And I'm not the only one.

Erik said...

This poll allows you to vote once every day, so who knows...maybe in a year from now, we'll come back to this poll and see that there are, like, 365 Joe Chandlers.

(It's good to dream big.)

TheDarkerUma said...

wow. adam. wow.

Erik said...

I agree with Uma.

christy said...



Angela said...

If anybody that reads this blog ever becomes obscenely famous, please please please name your child "Makepeace". Or "Thackeray".

TheDarkerUma said...

angela, i don't understand. please explain.

Erik said...

Urp, please refer to comment #3.

TheDarkerUma said...

i knew i was going to look like a fool for asking that question. so much for my brief rise in intellect.

oh and erp, i'm sad MAP finds us boring.

TheDarkerUma said...

fuckity fuck fuck.....


christy said...

that makes me sad, too.

Erik said...

MAP doesn't really find us boring. She's just been really busy with work and when I asked her if she'd read my blog lately, she was like, "there's too many comments, I can't read through all of them," and then I was like, "you are SUCH a fucking punk-ass." And then she was like, "whatever, I have work to do," and then I was like, "get over yourself! Comment!" And then she did, basically because I forced her to, but she only skimmed our comments, she didn't really read them, and her calling them "boring" was just her being a punk-ass in the extreme.

You know?

Erik said...

Urp, she's both PAM and MAP, it's all good!

PAM = Punk-Ass Mom


MAP = Mom-Ass Punk

Erik said...

Christy, don't be sad, read my comment explanation about PAM a couple of comments above.

Erik said...

I can't remember when or where it was, but BonBon coined PAM's second nickname as MAP a while back.

christy said...

i'm still sad.

Erik said...

She still loves us. She will read our comments and love them. I will make her. Just later. Does that make you happy?

christy said...

I don't know.

It's just that PAM calling us boring feels kind of like Simon Cowell saying we should be singing in a hotel lounge by the highway.

Erik said...

It's even worse when Simon Cowell's your mom! What I mean is, imagine how I feel...because she didn't just call the comment thread boring, but she called the actual post boring as well.

christy said...

Her comment just says, "I think this whole string of comments is really boring."

I just thought of a room full of supermodels all throwing temper tantrums and pulling their hair out and crying demonic-like while making contorted faces,

"tell me I'm PRETTY! tell me I'M PRETTY! TELL ME I'M PRETTY!"

that is *so* who we are right now.

we are great.

Erik said...

But SHE DIDN'T EVEN READ ANY OF THE COMMENTS, that's how much of a punk-ass she is. I had to tell her to scroll down and find the list of movies and to cut and paste that and fill it out.


She's just busy. We're not really boring.

We ARE great.

TheDarkerUma said...

Clink here to meet the other Joe Chandler

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I fucked up bigtime. Actually, what I really, honestly meant, was that Erik's blogpost about the movies bored me. But he's right, I just didn't have time to read and follow this whole train of thought because I was overwhelmed with work, so I impulsively dismissed the whole thing, not realizing that it would feel like I was dismissing the wonderful people who had written the comments.

Erik was sweet to defend me and it's true, I do have a name to live up to. But is it worth all the angst I caused? Is it worth one second of self-doubt from people who should never be plagued with self-doubt?


Please for give the PAM for her lack of sensitivity.

I hope those who were taken aback by my earlier comment find this comment deeply boring. And I hope they will say so.


Erik said...

Uma, that other Joe Chandler is in charge of a whole slew of Chandlers!

Erik said...

Hey PAM,

"for give" should be one word.

your son

Anonymous said...

Also, to for give is even better than to forgive.

It's especially better than to after give.


Anonymous said...

You beat me by 16 seconds. Rats!

Erik said...

That's funny, we're both editing your comment at the same time.

joe chandler said...

now that there is a new post i'd like to thank the blog for focusing on me for a 24 hour period. it stroked my ego to a ridiculous degree.

Erik said...

The blog says "you're welcome."

And the blog would like to point out that 26 votes were cast in the "Is Joe Chandler a snob or not" poll, and while the poll will remain alive as long as the internet (and this blog) exists, the current results are:

--13 people are essentially Beavis and Butthead and voted for "I just said poll"

--2 people named Joe Chandler are too snobby to bother to vote

--2 people named Joe Cahndler apparently don't want to rock any boats and are obstaining from the vote

--2 people think that Joe Chandler is NOT a snob

--and 7 people think that Joe Chandler is a snob

Therefore, Joe Chandler is a snob.

(results from the poll are not scientific and may be skewed by the fact that people could vote once every 24 hours) (however, the poll has only been active for about 26 hours, so I don't know how many people voted twice) (like I did)

christy said...


Only if "by people who should never be plagued with self-doubt" you mean me.

And I just have to say, I just got back from a very booze-oriented round of Tuesdays @ 9 and I have to say that however many people there might be who think Joe Chandler is a snob, there is at least always one more who wants to lay me when I'm drunk.

(and Erik, please do not let it go unnoticed, I am commenting on your blog, while drunk, and backspacing as many times as necessary while doing so to be correct, before bed, which is many (if any of that makes any sense)


christy said...

Oh and by the way PAM, you really just bored me to death. Put me to sleep. What have you.

Erik said...

Christy, I'm mad I wasn't at Tuesdays getting drunk with you. I wouldn't have wanted to lay you. Well, you DO kinda look like Michael J. Fox, so maybe I would have.

Drunk that the new drunk dialing?

christy said...

Maybe it is the new drunk dialing.

How am I still awake enough to be responding? This is taking much drunk backspacing effort.

I missed you!!! The writing was so fucking bad (shhh). And the hitting on (me), too. Bad. I just told every guy what their name meant according to my bad date name cult, and they were all like, it's true. We know. (Adam and David)

And I *do* fucking kind of look like Michael J. Fox. So maybe you would have.

You have to admit though, for a drunk I'm a pretty fucking conscientious editor.

Bonnie said...

You saw the little "Booze and Blogging Don't Mix" part of my blog last week, no?

Case. In. Point.

marie said...

erik, i am going to have to respectfully discontinue reading your blog if you insist on constantly feeding joe chandler's ego. his head is big enough as it is.

Erik said...

Christy, I will be there next week!

Erik said...

(Bonnie, I don't think I've ever written a blog entry drunk, but now I kinda want to try it, even though I think you're probably right, boozin' and bloggin' don't mix.)

Erik said...

Marie, I want to keep you as a reader, so I will try not to talk about Joe Chandler on my blog for at least the next couple of days.

And then we'll take it from there. Does that work?

christy said...

They really don't mix. I swear I was mistyping letters at about a 10 to 1 rate with getting the actual letter on the first try. It was hard work.

marie said...

deal. i can't stay mad at you, erik...

Erik said...

Marie, I'm glad that we got through that.

drc said...

Heh heh...You said poll...And it made everyone giggle!

Bonnie said...

True story: When we were writing the breakdown for "The Masquerade" (which went out today--woo!), the director said, "he's really a punkass. Can we put that in the breakdown?"

I could not STOP laughing.

And how could I EVER begin to explain?

Man, I'm lucky people find my weirdly self charming.