Sunday, March 05, 2006

I don't know how to dress myself

I think the #1 reason I would like a boyfriend right now is because then I would have someone who could stop me from leaving the house dressed like this.

(Excuse the picture. I took it myself. That's why my head is cut off. I was trying to highlight the ensemble.)

When I came home from my Grandpa and Granny J's Oscar party tonight (where I was totally pathetic in my predictions--I got 7 out of 24 right--wow--so bad--especially compared with last year when I guessed something like 20 out of 24 correctly), I looked at myself in the mirror and I had several questions, like:

What am I wearing?

Um, blue and yellow?


Am I single-handedly trying to bring grunge back into style?

I thought I had more questions, but those were really the only questions I had. I just wanted to acknowledge that I don't know how to dress myself. I mean, I can pick a pair of pants and a shirt, but it's a rare day when that pair of pants and that shirt are gonna match, and it's also a rare day when I'm even gonna notice that they don't match, and so I thought that today's outfit must have been significantly off for me to actually notice it. Actually, now that I'm looking at the picture again, I'm realizing that maybe it's not the blue/yellow thing, there's just something about the flannel shirt, when you see it in person, that defies logic.


Jesse James said...

I like the yellow t-shirt (you might think it's pink or purple)

and I got 16. Booooo.

Erik said...

Dude. I got seven. SEVEN. What the hell?

the shorter story... said...

wow...i didn't know you only got 7. how lame. no wonder you ran out of there so quickly.

so kidding...u know i love ya :) and i think i only got about 6 last year, so...whattaya gonna do.

Erik said...

Jessica (aqr), I have a reputation to maintain, and I repeat "Dude. I got seven. SEVEN. What the hell?" so I had to run out of there quickly with my tail between my legs, mortified.

Seven. SEVEN.

So. Sad.

Erik said...

I mean, seriously.

You know?