Monday, March 27, 2006

Pray for my pit bull.

Tonight is the season finale of Real World/Road Rules: Gauntlet 2.

Please take a moment right now to say a prayer for Derrick and the Veterans. I want my boy to take home the prize.

Okay, now back to work.

UPDATE: It's over. Derrick lost the final male Gauntlet and then the rookies took it all. I don't really care that the rookies won. The veterans were good losers. It was all kind of anti-climatic after Derrick got booted. Derrick should not have fucking gotten the boot.

It's a cruel, cruel world.


I just re-read this and even though I only used the word "boot" twice (once in the past tense, natch), it feels really repetitive the second time. I should have found another word. Blame my laziness on the fact that I was trying to pick my heart up from off of the ground and stick it back into my chest after watching Derrick getting kicked to the curb.

(As TJ would say, "no words, man. No words.")


I don't know what to do with my life now that the Gauntlet is over. You might think I'm speaking hyperbolically, and maybe I am just a little, but just a little, you know? I really do feel like there's not as much to look forward to on Monday nights. (I'm enjoying How I Met Your Mother, but it doesn't pack the same visceral "I'm alive!" punch that the Gauntlet did.)

Also, my Tivo didn't record the aftershow reunion (I don't watch anything live) and so I think a lot of people (Bonnie, that includes you) got closure at the end of their Gauntlet experience (Uma, did you get to see the aftershow too?), but I didn't get any closure.

I feel hollow.


TheDarkerUma said...

crap, I missed the last episode.

i'm on your side man....go veterans!!

Erik said...

The last episode was so fucking harrowing. I am CERTAIN that they will be rerunning it tonight before the finale. FIND IT! WATCH LAST WEEKS EP AND THEN WATCH THE FINALE!

Bonnie said...

BUT... did you watch the reunion show?

Very nice to see everyone all made up and fancy for a change.

Gina said...

i was heartbroken when Derrik got kicked off...I almost turned it off right then. It was lame after that. No excitement, just one challange and the veterens gave in. Boo.

The reunion was right after that and my Tivo taped it..I wonder why yours didn't? Beth was on there being all stupid and drama queenish..she seriously bugs. Kina obviously has some unresolved issues with Kara b/c she kept jumping down her throat every five minutes. Oh, and Robin had dark brown hair! It kinda looked like a wig. Derrick was there, looking hot and pitbull like....mmmpph...he's one sexy bitch!

Gina said...

oh, by the way, you can go to and click on gauntlet 2. They have a video of never before seen stuff. Woo Hoo.

Erik said...

Gina, thank you for the tip re: going to the MTV site for more footage. Awesome. I'm so going there right now.