Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh, goodness, dear Elijah.

Has anyone seen this picture of Elijah Wood?

Okay, yeah.

Anyway. It's an old picture, I think, but I just saw it, and, well, okay, I'm not even going to comment. It's basically self explanatory.

I have nothing new to report, i.e. no New Things. I just wanted to post something since it's been over 24 hours since my last post. (The horror!)

I'm annoyed that Survivor wasn't on last night. I'm rooting for Cirie to win.

I want the nerds to win on Amazing Race. Or the old couple. Or the hippies, they're my third choice. (They're just a teensy bit too quirky for my taste.)

I haven't watched any of America's Next Top Model yet--the episodes are piling up on my Tivo.

This season's Apprentice blows chunks. I miss Martha. (How about them apples, Donald?)

I am SO freaking out in anticipation for the next episode of the Gauntlet. How could they leave us hanging with a "To Be Continued" before telling us if Derrick beat Timmy in the Gauntlet or not??? Don't they know they're killing me?

I apologize. I freaking watch way frickin' too much fucking reality TV.


Bonnie said...

If you're not watching your ANTM, I can't even talk to you. It is so so so so great. But even greater are Rich's recaps here. Brilliant. Effin' rockstar.

I too want the nerds to win TAR. I like the hippies more than you do, I think. ;) I'd be fine with them winning too.

And DUDE... the Gauntlet... the producers made a GREAT choice pulling the cliffhanger move. I CANNOT WAIT to see the next episode.

(Don't you love how we are in the business of creating and populating fictional worlds for actors, but we love reality TV so much? My theory: it's the only real "time off" we get from our job, while still being engaged in TV-viewing.)


Erik said...

Bonnie, don't get mad at me for not watching ANTM--I'm behind on my TV watching because I've been so busy writing. (True story.) So ANTM has taken a backseat, but it's on my Tivo! It's waiting! It will be watched! (And then I will read Rich's recaps.)

Okay, here's my deal with the Hippies. I like them. I like them a lot. They make me laugh. I love how completely insane they are and how much fun they're having (like when they jumped out at all of the cars because everyone had to wait until 8:30 am for wherever they were to open) and I loved that moment when they took a moment to be reverent and check out the cathedral they were in with awe (was that a cathedral?). But sometimes I think they go a little overboard. Like, imagine if you were going on a trip around the world with Jack Black, most of the trip would be SO MUCH FUN, but some days you'd be like, DUDE SHUT UP.

I LOVE THE NERDS, tho. (However, it looks like girl nerd is going to freak out next week) (I can't remember either of their names right now).

The cliffhanger on the Gauntlet WAS a GREAT choice. It's just KILLING ME, that's all.

And I agree with your summation of why we like reality TV.

Jesse said...

I want Cirie to win also, she's the only one who's not full of herself.

Model is so one is real psyhco yet...and do you kinda feel like the show is sorta low buget and tacky all the time. the photo shoots are never that good. Did Runway eclipse Model???

As for Race...why do I heart the frat guys! I know it's an obvious heart'n, but they crack me up. For me, i want Frat Guys, Hippies or Geeks to win.

Erik said...

Jesse, they're nerds, not geeks.

Anonymous said...

So Char,
Does reality TV seem more real to you than real life? Just wondering. And just trying to live up to my name.
Punk Ass

Erik said...

Reality TV isn't realer than real life, it's just better.

Bonnie said...

You have now officially made it to my random email signature file generator.

Well done!

soleclaw said...

Jesse..."no one is real psycho yet". Are you kidding me??? Jade is a psycho hose beast. I can't stand her. And I don't think she's pretty at all. My two faves are Nnenna and Brooke. Surprisingly enough, I'm also pulling for Furonda. But yeah, Jade is all kinds of crazy!!!!
Erik, you gotta get on dat man! Watch your ANTM puhleez!! I'm dying to hear your opinions on these ladies.

Anonymous said...

"hose"? i think it's psycho *ho's* beast.