Sunday, March 19, 2006

When I get a robot, I want it to fan me and feed me grapes while I watch the Gauntlet on MTV

Um, is this a joke?

Because April Fools Day isn't for another few weeks.

If it's not a joke, then the future is here apparently. We are being replaced by robots. Unfortunately the robots aren't cool lookin' like they usually are in the movies. And as far as I know, they aren't sassy like that robot maid was on The Jetsons. And they probably won't have sex with you like they would in Blade Runner. (Yet.)


Anonymous said...

Erik, what color is this robot?

Erik said...


Bonnie said...

Duh. It's ROBOT colored. Pff!

Erik said...

Didn't Crayola used to have a crayon color called Robot?

Bonnie said...

Yes, but it was proclaimed "politically incorrect" in those fucking PC '90s and they changed it from "robot" to "pale seafoam green."


Anonymous said...

How am I going to manage in a crowd that knows that Crayola had a color called Robot and that it was changed to pale seafoam green for PC reasons?

I am deeply intimidated, but still can't wait.


Bonnie said...

PAM, Keith and I had a toast of champagne tonight. The toast was, "To you, Keith. You are my punkass husband."

He said, "That's why my son calls me PAH."

I said, "I cannot wait for you and momass punk to get together! And I hope you two will be able to TAKE the wildness that is me and KiK!"


We're going to have a BLAST. No doubt!

Oh, PS, KiKi, I got an email from your DAD too! Holy cow! Look at the whole fam getting in on the Bon-love! Love that!