Saturday, March 11, 2006

More things to clink, bizzotch.

First of all, this is a recent picture of Eddie Van Halen:

I found this photo via The Sheila Variations. I have no comment.

Now for some random thoughts and some links I want you to clink:

--My second (and last) ex-girlfriend, Gina, wrote an awesome post on her blog encouraging me to be more gangsta. Check it out. She posted a picture of me with Snoop that is one of my favorite pictures ever. (Thank you, Gina. You're my favorite ex-girlfriend ever.)

--After a bit of research, I've decided that everyone from Vermont is hot.

--Have you seen the Sky TV promo for the next season of The Simpsons? It's been linked to on, like, thousands of blogs already, but I'm linking to it as well because if you like the Simpsons and you haven't seen this, then your life isn't complete. (This is more proof that England is the place to be.)

--I have been really bad about returning emails lately. If you've sent me an email in the last six months or so (no kidding) and I haven't replied, please know that every single day I at least think about replying. (And I am talking to you specifically.)

--I'm sad that Mr. Furley is dead.

--There's a certain phrase that Colleen told me to put on my blog if I wanted to start getting an inordinate amount of hits from all over the world, and my new BFF Bonnie told me that if I put the phrase in one of my posts, then she would tell me a really good story, but, um, here's the thing: the phrase is already in a couple of my comment threads and that alone is getting me many random hits from all over the world and I am scared. Very scared. I do not know why so many people all over the world are googling this two-word phrase and maybe it's because I've never seen this two-word phrase in reality with my own two eyes, but still, I don't want to repeat it here on my blog anymore because I'm already reaping the google hit rewards, if that makes any sense. (Bonnie, do I get to hear the story now?)

--I need someone to give me an HTML lesson: How do you make it so that, when someone holds their curser over one of your links, a floating box appears with a fun little comment that you want to pop up when someone holds a curser over one of your links. You know what I'm talking about?

--I know the band Goldspot through my Tuesday night writing group and they're starting to get big and in the spirit of New Things you should check them out (and if you want to see their new video, clink.)

--After a bit of research, I've decided that there are very few hot people in Orange County. (I refuse to call it "The OC.") (And yes, of course, there are exceptions to this rule, especially if you read my blog and you're in Orange County; I'm just saying that you're few and far between.)

--I was supposed to have a slumber party with Urp tonight and I cancelled on her because I had a crazy amount of work that I needed to do and I just wanted to publicly acknowledge that I suck.

--Oh, and one last thing: Next time a friend or a loved one tries to talk to you through the bathroom door while you're doing your business, the best way to get rid of them is to politely ask them: "Do you think we could have this conversation when poop isn't literally coming out of my butt?"


jenny said...

Maybe you have no comment, but holy crap! Eddie used to be hot! Now he looks like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

Isn't it obvious that he's screaming, "It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again!"

Erik said...

I guess I had too many comments to comment at all because I was afraid if I started commenting then Eddie Van Halen would totally hijack the post.

He SO looks like Buffalo Bill.

Speaking of which, have you heard that song "Lotion" by the Greenskeepers? All of the lyrics are from Silence of the Lambs (one of the main repeated lyrics is the line you quoted above) and it's actually a really great song, but the video is so unbelievably creepy (and funny)--it uses clips from Silence of the Lambs so it looks like Buffalo Bill is singing. Way creepy. But Eddie Van Halen is way creepier.

Erik said...

Jenny, okay, clink here if you want to see the Lotion video. I just watched it again and it's so wrong. But the song is catchy!

Michael Hartney said...

Wow. The Simpsons video made me happier than I even thought possible.

Erik said...

Michael, isn't it awesome? It's so detailed. I love it. (Even though it gets a couple of things wrong, it's still so damn awesome that it's hard to quibble.)

Jesse James said...

I know you've prolly read this, but David Sedaris' sieter used to shit with him on the phone for years and would always tell him that she was opening a jar that was tight.

I dunno how this really fits in with your Parents hovering at the door mid dropping off the kids at the pool, but I wanted to share that thought.

Monets said...

OMG Eddie VanHalen looks TERRIBLE!! Is that really a real picture? Really? I haven't clinked anything yet, but OMG - EW!

And the pooping thing made me laugh! My 9 yr old talks to me thru the door no matter what I'm doing, the 13 mo old follows me into the bathroom and just "hangs out," but I had NO IDEA that grown ups did this! And here I thought my boys would outgrow it!

Gonna have to clink that Simpsons video when I get home from work...

~~ Rebecca

Monets said...

Oh wait - I HAVE seen the Simpsons thing! Wicked cool!

Note to self: clink before you comment! Or somethin'....

~~ Rebecca

Erik said...

Jesse, I hadn't read that and I love it. Amy Sedaris is the coolest.

Rebecca, that is ABSOLUTELY a REAL picture. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?? Eddie, poor Eddie.

the shorter story... said...

now i'm just really curious as to what this two-word phrase is...i think you're gonna have to tell me. and i wanna hear bonnie's story too :)

Erik said...

AQR, I will tell you OB. (Off Blog)

jenny said...

OMG! I clinked on the Lotion video - it's soooo freaky! I couldn't watch it all - I might have to go back, though...

Erik said...

Jenny, if you close your eyes and just listen to the song, it's actually a really good song, but the video is FREAKY.

Bonnie said...

Heeeeee. Is it just me or are you wearing that red fucking shirt that you own two of in the photo with Snoop?

Oh, and yes, you do get to learn the story of the enormous clitoris. You definitely stirred up enough curiousity about it. ;)

Just not right this second. I did just get home from San D, yo!