Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh, and New Thing #39: I lied on my blog…

…in a comment. In January.

Which was a New Thing that I never added to the list.

I only did it once. Well, actually, I did it nine times, but every time I did it--all nine comment lies--they were all in the same comment thread.

(Bonnie, don’t worry, the lies are not in our epic comment thread, they happened earlier than you and I.)


Zijin said...

365 new things ... hmm try posting the next message in another language .. (maybe, chinese or malay? i dont know) anyway i enjoyed ur blog :)

-blogging from the jungles of Malaysia

Erik said...

Okay, this is the coolest comment ever. I love that I just got a comment from the jungles of Malaysia. And that's a good idea--I will post my next blog entry in another language! Done deal. Thanks for the suggestion!

Bonnie said...

That IS a very good suggestion.


As for your lie... well... not a big fan of the lies, but I think the coming clean thing is way cool.

Good on ya, mate!

Monets said...

Now I'm all curious about which entry holds the lie!!

Erik said...

Monets, Bonnie already found the lie, but I'm still not gonna say where it is. Think of it like a scavenger hunt.

Oh, and if you think you found it, but you aren't sure for sure, then you definitely haven't found it because you will know when you have found it for sure.

Ralph Colby said...

First in French, then Spanish.

Erik, je ne sais pas quelle "chose" vous avez traîné dans un de votre plus tôt blogs, mais l'acte d'un mensonge, être une nouvelle "chose" dans votre année de faire de nouvelles choses ? Alors vous n'avez pas vraiment menti.

¿Erik, no sé sobre qué "cosa" usted mintió en uno de su antes blogs, pero el acto de una mentira, ser una nueva "cosa" en su año de hacer nuevas cosas? Entonces usted realmente no mintió.


Anonymous said...

erik's dad,
i have to disagree. he really did lie, even if he's trying to count it as a new thing. he's a big faker.
con respeto,

Erik said...

Dad, wow, my French has gotten SO BAD in the years since I was so good at French that I TESTED OUT OF THE COLLEGE LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT. I mean, if I once knew the language well enough to TEST OUT OF IT, you would think I would remember at least a little bit of it now. When zijin suggested I do a blog entry in another language, I thought that French would be my obvious first choice, but then I read your comment and I actually had to cut and paste it into an internet language translator to understand what you had said. How sad is my French abilities? Super sad.

But I agree with Lindsay, the lies in the comments truly were lies. They weren't bad lies harmful or nuthin, but they were certainly lies. Actually it's really fun to fess up about them and have people find them.

Anonymous said...

i find it impossible to believe erik could lie about anything. i'll deny it till the day i die. even though he sometimes pretends to know what you're talking about when he really didn't hear anything or isn't listening - he does things like this, but it's all charm. all charm.


p.s. check out my comments to your previous 2 entries.

Erik said...

Ms. Poppy, I never pretend to know what other people are talking about...okay, well, maybe you've nailed me a little bit there. But don't worry about me and this whole "I lied on my blog" thing. I haven't gone off and turned into a big liar or nuthin'. The lies on the blog are centralized and very specific and if and when you find them you will understand.

I don't know why, but I just flashed on an image of the two of us sitting at adjacent computers in the basement of the Oxy library sending emails to each other during freshman year, using our Oxy email accounts because that was actually the first email address I had before getting my aol address shortly thereafter, and then, suddenly, I craved one of those really good chocolate muffins from the O-Zone. That was, like, 500 years ago.

Oh, I just realized why I thought of that. Because you signed your comment pop*tart and that made me think of all of the funny names I used to call you in emails way back in the day. Like Tiny Poopy. Do you remember that?

Anonymous said...

"Tiny Poopy" comes as a compliment from a man rather focused on bowels.

oh *gawd* those muffins - you *loved* those things - didn't they have like 100 grams of fat (literally)? in a muffin?! isn't that like 3 cheeseburgers?!

i was actually thinking about the O-Zone yesterday (though i had to go back to your comment to remember what it was called - i thought it was the "tiger cooler" or something?), because i was thinking about that monday night class i had and we would take a break in the middle and i remember sezin and i drinking licorice spice tea standing outside the tiger cooler/o-zone building talking about how licorice has something in it that makes you happy.

also, i often (and fondly) remember a day when i was sitting in a booth by myself, and in struts erik, and he throws a song on the jukebox and starts singing: "crazy...i'm crazy for feelin... so lonely..."

Erik said...

Okay, I think it was called the O-Zone when it was in the side room, and then after they remodelled and it moved to that middle room, then they started calling it the Tiger Cooler. (If this is wrong, someone please correct me.)

And yes, Tiny Poopy ISS a compliment. (I put two sss in "is" because it's a big compliment.)

Yeah, those muffins should probably be blamed for the beginning of my belly, but they were so damned good. I think the one that I really loved was the capachino one (I know that is spelled supremely incorrectly, but I'm not a coffee drinker, so sue me) because it was the most chocolatey and it didn't really taste like capaccino or however you spell it. But I'm sure it had even MORE fat than three cheeseburgers.

I love that memory of yours about the jukebox incident. There aren't enough jukeboxes in the world anymore. Way back in the '50s there useta be jukeboxes on every streetcorner. Where have all the jukeboxes gone? Maybe they're sitting in all of the drive-in movie theater parking lots. I've only been to the drive-in once--it was when I was 8 or 9-years-old, I know this because I remember my brother Josh was a baby and he was born when I was 8, and we went to see Teen Wolf, which is one of the best movies ever, and if anyone wants to challenge me on that one, then, well, they can shove it.

Sorry, TP, this comment has really digressed.

But here are at least three movies that Teen Wolf is better than:

Shawshank Redemption
The Godfather
Look Who's Talking 2

There. I said it.

Erik said...

I'm not going to be on my computer for the rest of the day, so I won't be commenting again until later tonight, but if anyone reads this comment thread, feel free to add more movies to the list of MOVIES THAT TEEN WOLF IS BETTER THAN.

Anonymous said...

I think Teen Wolf is a whole lot better than Casablanca any day. I've been wanting to say that for a long time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Remaining Anonymous
(For very good reason)

TheDarkerUma said...

on this lazy saturday afternoon, look what I found:

And apparantly you are correct...I got Christina Yang.

And you?

Erik said...

My dear dear Urp,

You are so Cristina Yang. I can't wait for you to see every single episode of Grey's Anatomy so that you know what that means.


Erik said...

Okay, so I took the test and it said that I'm Izzie. Now, Urp, I know you don't know what that means, but I don't think I'm Izzie.

"Isobel Stevens is anything but a dumb blonde. In fact, she’s a very intelligent, determined woman. Her strongest point is probably being able to comfort her patients. However, her compassion can sometimes be her weakness. She also isn’t the most confident of the interns. But, she’s definitely the hottest. ;)"

Okay. Um. Maybe some of that is me, but I think I'm George.

Bonnie said...

I love your dad's comment so much that I went to Babel Fish, translated both French and Spanish to English (and tried to piece together the best way to read it IN English) and then I went to a secret binary code website and created this comment for you, just to up the GQ (geek quotient) in this comment thread.


Yes. You read that right!

BTW (total tangent here), don't forget to watch "Sons and Daughters" tomorrow night!! My friends need your support!

Bonnie said...

BTW, you have to figure out a way to expand my post to get the whole binary thingy. It's clearly expanding off the screen on this comments page.

Dear me, shouldn't I be going to bed by now?

Erik said...

We're both awake, Bonnie. I wonder if you'll read this before you go to sleep or if you won't see it until tomorrow. I want to reply to all of your comments THIS INSTANT but I've been doing google image searches for pictures of Derrick from MTV for my most recent post. I am totally putting images into every entry from now on because it makes the blog more visually interesting and fun with an exclamation point. But I'm still figuring out how to lay things out. That sounds dirty but it's pathetically so not dirty.

Erik said...



Erik said...

Wow, Bonnie, I totally didn't understand what you were talking about when you said that something needed to be expanded to read the binary, but then I cut and pasted your binary phrase to quote it in my comment and when I "pasted" there were so many more ohs and eyes than before and THEN I realized what you meant. But I don't know how to expand the page for true readers of binary code to be able to read the sentence. However, if they cut and paste it, they should get the whole thing, just like I did.

Erik said...

By the way, Bonnie, I just set my Tivo to record 'Sons and Daughters.'

Bonnie said...

Thank you for setting your TiVo to record "Sons and Daughters." My cousin-in-law, an actor I cast in the most BRILLIANT EFFIN' FILM I EVER CAST*, an actor** I voted for in "15 Minutes of FEM," and another actor I adore and whose acting class I'm subbing in a couple of weeks are all series regulars. And a few of my other favorite people are already slated to guest-star. I'm just really excited about this show and I hope it's a big hit.

I am a big ol' geek with the binary. Isn't that so very silly? Eh... gotta love secret code languages, just like you loved slam books in high school.


We should SO have a sleepover. We are on the same schedule.

Have I mentioned that I have a freakin' meeting tomorrow with producers on a film I'm casting AND I HAVEN'T READ THE SCRIPT YET?!? Ack! And what am I doing? Yup. Playin' with you!!

Love my priorities! You've become my new favorite diversion. ;)

*but that got cancelled due to stupid money/politics BS between the producers--and that I'm now considering optioning because this script seriously must be produced.

**and who won, b/c she was freakin' brilliant.

Bonnie said...

Ugh, I didn't complete a sentence in there. My cousin-in-law is not a series regular. He and one of the series regular are show creators/exec producers up there with Sir Lorne Michaels.

Dur. It's obviously late.

But I know your PAM is proud of me for not deleting "wrong" comments and starting over. ;)

Bonnie said...

And the letter I left out of that LAST comment? That'd be the letter "S."

Ugh. I so hate me!

(Not really. I adore me. I'm my biggest fan. Truly.)

Erik said...

Okay, I think you win in the "I have so much to do before going to bed" contest, what with having to read a script to prep for a meeting, but I was supposed to be writing a scene for my writing group tomorrow night (not Tuesdays@Nine, a different one) and I've only written some notes, I haven't written the scene at all, and I'm meeting with my writing partner at 10am to work on something else, so I have no time to write the scene tomorrow, so I'm either going to write a dozen more comments right now or go to bed and try to wake up early enough in the morning to hammer out the scene then.

What will I do????

Well, I'm gonna go poop right now, that's for sure. Actually, I can start writing the scene while I am pooping and then we can cover two birds with one, well, you know, stone.

Erik said...

I actually really like the phrase "he and one of the series regular are."

Bonnie said...


Go to bed!