Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm totally writing this post as bait to elicit another comment from Boom Boom Becca

Okay so, I did a really exciting New Thing last night that I will blog about later. I have to run so this will be a quick post.

In the spirit of my new favorite blogger, Boom Boom Becca, whose posts often include very funny anecdotes about her kids, (or her MONSTERS, depending on your point of view), I have to share an anecdote I just heard about my 5-year-old uncle (you read that right) Bobby.

(Who, let me just say, is the best 5-year-old uncle in the world.)

So Uncle Bobby just got a dog. Who he named Credi. (Yes, you read that right, too.)

Which is short for IncrediDog.

(INCREDIDOG. How funny and awesome is that name for a dog? I want to name my first born child INCREDIBOY.)

Anyway, Uncle Bobby took Credi to the vet for a check-up the other day, and at the vet he saw a snake. He turned to his parents and asked them: "Can I get a snake?"

His parents told him: "You can't get a snake, you just got a dog."

So Uncle Bobby stopped and reconsidered his question for a moment: "If my dog dies, can I have a snake?"

That's the anecdote. I just think it's funny that he just got his dog and he's already got a contingency plan in the case that the dog dies.


Boom Boom Becca said...

Must. Not. Call. Me. BECKY.

The horrors of high school just flashed before my eyes.

Erik said...

OH MY GOD! I am so sorry. That was a typo of the highest order. I just fixed the typo and send you hundreds of apologies and I'm so sorry!

I will never call you that other name again.

There is this trilogy of plays that I have been working on for several years and I'm in the middle of writing the third one right now (that's a scoop!) and one of the characters in named the name I accidentally called you and so that name has been on my brain and I think that's why I accidentally called you that name.


Bonnie said...


You got Def Jam Becca MC to post again. Heeeeeee!

You so rock.

Erik said...

But Bonnie, I offended her and now she'll never be back!

Bonnie said...

Not true. Becca is very forgiving. And hot.

Bonnie said...

Is it wrong that I'm sad about something that will happen after our date?

My blog will no longer be listed under Anderson (HAWT) Cooper's blog.

Maybe I'll be okay with that, if Boom Boom Becca takes over that spot. It'll be like I'm SORT OF still under Anderson Cooper.

Lordy, I am such a geek!

Erik said...

I hope she forgives me. Oh, and yes, I was going to add her to my blog list, I just hadn't gotten to it.

And YES, after we meet, you WILL move away from Anderson Cooper (whose middle name, incidentally, actually IS "Hawt"). That WILL be a sad day, but it just means that I will have to figure out a way to meet Anderson Cooper so that I can move him up to the other list too, and then your blogs will be next to each other again!

That sounds like a plan, right?

Bonnie said...

Let's invite him to dinner!

Boom Boom Becca said...

of course i forgive you. how could i not? i have an enormous crush on you. and i'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact that you've mentioned me on your blog and i'm a total egomaniac.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Uncle Bobby made your blog. He's officially arrived!


Erik said...

Dear IncrediGranny (aka Granny J),

Uncle Bobby has, indeed, arrived. I can't wait to meet IncrediDog!!!


El Anor said...

If your first born child is a girl, will you still name her "INCREDIBOY?"

Bonnie said...

How about "incredibaby"? That way, it's win-win!