Friday, September 22, 2006

Ellen Dancewatch Update

Okay, so a couple of days ago I mentioned that Ellen wasn't really dancing on her talk show anymore (or, she was only dancing a little bit and she didn't seem to be enjoying it) and she addressed the whole "Ellen's not dancing anymore" thing on her show today. Apparently, she's been getting thousands of emails from people saying things like "what the frig's up? why aren't you dancing?!?" and she said that she was afraid people were tired of the whole dancing thing, but now that she knows we aren't, she's going to start dancing again as much as she used to, and I'm not ashamed to admit that my day went from Third-Graders-Exhaust-Me (remember, I subbed for a third grade class today) to Totally-Happy in, like, five seconds.

Because a world without a dancing Ellen Degeneres is not a world I want to live in.


Poop said...

i agree.

and, for me, so is a world without a dancing poop.

Anonymous said...

I actually watched Ellen dance during her Katrina memorial show recently and I thought it was really cool. I never watch her show, but I'm glad I saw this one because now I can say, without equivocation, that the world is a better place with Ellen's dancing in it--or any dancing for that matter. Wishing you the urge to get up and dance.


Frankly, criminal zoology turns insipid.

Bonnie said...

You are too cute.


Anonymous said...

I love Ellen's dancing too! It brings me joy...and makes me get up and dance too...which I love...and don't do enough of lately...think I'll be sure to watch Ellen today!

(your favorite cousin...I'm not saying who...y'all...there, that's your clue in case, god forbid, I'm not your favorite)