Thursday, September 21, 2006

Really quick, just some random thoughts before I go to bed

1. Yul is my new favorite to win on Survivor. (And I'm REALLY mad at Ozzy because throwing a challenge on Survivor is like THE stupidest strategic move you can make and I was literally yelling at the television screen when he was throwing the challenge. I mean, it's a dumb dumb move.) (I seriously was yelling at the tv.)

2. I loved the flashbacks on tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy. (I am so happy that Grey's is back.) (Grey's is, like, my crack.)

3. I had this ginormous zit on my forehead that I've been absentmindedly picking at and now it kinda looks like someone punched me. (i.e. it's really ugly and bruisy) (bruised?)

4. I have to wake up in six hours to drive my step-dad to the airport. And I'm so tired. And I have a really full day tomorrow. So why the hell am I sitting at my computer blogging instead of going to bed?

5. I haven't been feeling inspired to blog lately (and when I say "lately," I mean "for the last couple of months") (or maybe I just mean "for the last month" and it feels like the last "couple" of months"), but I suppose blog inspiration comes in waves.

6. I'm on the hunt for a dog. It's for my step-dad, really, but the dog'll be mine too. We're looking at rescue places because we like the idea of saving a dog, of finding a dog who really needs a home and giving it to him (or her). We looked at some cocker spaniels last weekend and this weekend I'm going to meet some terriers. I had to fill out an application the other day for one of these dog rescue places and there were all of these questions about pet history and I had to write about my dog Coco, who passed away several years ago, at 15-years-old, and it made me really miss her, but I think I'm ready to love another dog.

7. Sorry I haven't been very good about replying to comments lately. I think it's connected to #5. But this weekend I'm going to go through my past several posts and reply to all of the comments I've neglected.

8. I haven't been on a date in a really long time. I want to go on a good date.

9. It doesn't even have to be a "good" date, really, I'd just be happy to have dinner with a cute guy.

10. He doesn't even have to be that cute.

11. Well, he's gotta be a little cute.

12. Oh my god, go to bed.

13. But wait, before I go to bed, I just saw on the news that McDonald's is considering serving their breakfast menu items all day. I'm so fucking conflicted about that because

(a) I love the McGriddle breakfast sandwich, and

(b) I've always been annoyed that they don't serve their breakfast items past 10:30 a.m., but

(c) I don't really want them to extend their McGriddle selling hours because

(d) that means I might eat more McGriddles and

(e) I'm trying to eat healthy (or healthier) which means that

(f) I definitely shouldn't fucking be eating any more McfuckingGriddles.

14. So please don't do it, McDonald's. I'm begging you. Don't extend your breakfast selling hours.

15. Okay, go to sleep, Erik, or tomorrow is going to be hell. (I'm subbing for a third grade class and subbing for a third grade class on six hours sleep is a total recipe for disaster. The kids are going to take over. I can feel it now. They are SO going to walk all over me. I don't stand a chance.)


christy said...


christy said...

That felt good.

I've hardly blogged lately, either. But I feel like I'm getting back into it.

And OHMYGOD Grey's was SOOO great tonight! I thought their use of flashbacks was pretty brilliant, too, like a classy way to invite new viewers into the storyline.

And it was just like super-duper-double special (like Babysitters' Club Super Specials, which were like the crack cocaine of Babysitters club books, because they were always going on cruises or to France and falling in love with sixteen year olds) that Matt was on it! And he totally rocked as the HAZMAT guy!

He totally laid the smack no, listen, McDreamy. Just because you happen to be the hottest man alive and I'm in a big white spacesuit does not mean you can win this one.

Okay, now *I'm* going to bed. I swear.

aimie said...


i am having a contact high just from your mention of the superduperdoublespecial babysittersclub.

like fucking opium.

and, so is grey's.

aaaaaaand, so is the gash-thrashing office.

Bonnie said...

Re: 7. You may find more anxiety about getting back to blogging if you feel that you owe a bunch of hours of back-blogging (or back-commenting). It'll keep you from getting back to enjoying blogging if you feel that you HAVE TO do that stuff before you can really get back to it. (I say this b/c I eventually had to get over the fact that I didn't visit most blogs for the entire month of July. It was starting to weigh me down that I had so much catching up to do... and then I had to get over it and just get back to it.)

Re: 13. I have to say I'm very glad I'm gluten free SPECIFICALLY because of the McGriddle. That thing rolled out right before I learned I had to cut out gluten and MY GAWD I ate that shit ALL THE TIME. It was sooooo yummy. The perfect balance of sweet and savory, fluffy and salty, greasy and tasty. Ah... I'm having a "Homer Drool" moment as I type this.

So *ahem* anyway... I'm glad I can't help you with your addiction. Because I'd help by eating it all up so there was none left for you.

liver x-rays are overly joyous

Anonymous said...

Beagles. Get a beagle. Or a pug. The most lovingest ever animals. Well, terriers are good also. Actually, I think mostly I just want to say that I don't like cocker spaniels. They always get that eye-goop and then it stains their fur and then they look mad. Really, I think cocker spaniels are mostly grumpy. Beagles. LOVE beagles. Oh my goodness - is this the longest comment I've left? And it's about dogs?

frank's wild lunch said...

Bruisy is just fine, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie is very wise about not feeling you have to catch up on the blog to get back to it.

Might help to reinvigorate the New Things motif by, well, doing some new things.

The older you get, the harder it is to do new things--and the more important it is to keep doing them.

Just a thought.


Cavorting with monkeys enables healing and learning.

Bonnie said...

Your PAM so rocks.

And Def Jam Becca MC, do you recall my blog post about the Puggle? (Half pug, half beagle? I mean HELLO... precious!)