Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Jenny was just like, "why the hell aren't you live-blogging Rockstar: Supernova?" And she's right. I'm kinda late to the game, since there's only 3 more episodes, but whatever.

I'm just going to comment on each performance.

First we have DILANA. Oh, Dilana, I used to think she was going to win this thing. She's still my favorite performer. I think she has the most amazing voice. But she totally tripped herself up (literally, it looks like, today: she sprained her calf and she had to hobble through her performance) by focusing on the debacle she got herself into a couple of weeks ago and not just moving on and focusing on the whole kick-ass rock thing. Her banter in between songs tonight was basically her way of sailing the white flag (did i just use that cliche correctly) (i meant to say i think that she's given up, she knows she's not going to win this thing anymore) because all she talked about was that if she doesn't win this, then she's going to keep rocking. Um, that's not exactly the kind of banter I want to hear in between songs when I go to see Supernova perform. I want to know that you can maintain rock momentum. That's what Supernova wants to see too. Oy. I think you lost the competition tonight, BUT I STILL LOVE YOU AND THINK YOU'RE THE BEST PERFORMER. Seriously. Don't hate on the fans. The fans love you for a reason. Because you're kickass. (And I suppose it's very Sid Vicious of you to be all "this song is a big fuck you to my fans" and I respect that you're rock and you're roll and your tough and shit" but I want to SEE that toughness that I think you truly are by you just forgetting about all the flack you got from the scandal of a few weeks ago and fucking ROCK.) (I'm starting to get repetitive, so I'm going to un-pause my Tivo and see what Dave Nacarro has to say.)

Dave is still your #1 fan. Oh, man, Dilana, I would SO pay $100 bucks to see you perform live, and that's the truth, baby. Buck up! We'll fuck off, you just keep rocking.


Dude! The House Band is opening for Supernova on their tour? How fucking cool is that? I want to know who sings for them when they're performing without reality show contestants? I think the pianoman is their main dude (I wish I knew all of their names, but I can't remember their names right now) so maybe he sings. They might actually be a better band than Supernova, depending on who Supernova picks to be their front person.


Okay, now MAGNI is up: He's singing Back in the USSR first. This is a great song. I don't even know if it's a John song or a Paul song, but, uh, whenever Magni sings all I can see is, like, some frat dude who just had a couple of pints singing in the basement of his frat pad, you know? He's no Beatle is what I'm saying. I just don't feel him. (Sorry, Jenny.) (Sorry, Iceland.)

Wow, though, the House Band's guitar player with the faux hawk is fucking hot. Magni just sang up real close to him and they shared the mic and sang a couple of lines and the guitar dude is smokin. So much more smoking than Magni.

Magni's original song is better than Back in the USSR. That came out wrong. The song isn't better by a mile, but he actually seems to be kind of feeling the song, whereas I don't think he's ever been to the USSR, let alone been back there.

Microphones are really phallic. Especially the way Magni holds them. Not that I'm into Magni at all. My mind is just wandering. I hate when singers do that hand motion to an audience. You know the one. The hand motion that's like, "yeah, come on, react." Uh, they'll react if they're feeling it, your hand isn't going to make them like you more.

Oooooo, Tommy just dissed Magni, and Magni's comeback was the worst comeback EVER. Tommy was like, "both of the songs you sang sounded the same," and Magni was like "because I sang both of them." So if Magni fronts Supernova, that's what we have to look forward to? The same sound over and over again? (Sorry, I don't mean to be a hater--I actually LOVE iceland--I mean, hello? Homeland of Bjork? Yeah, I LOVE ICELAND--but Magni isn't the lead singer of Supernova.)


STORM LARGE is up next, and she looks fucking hot. She's wearing a mansuit. Love it. And she's about to sing Suffregette City with Dave Navarro. This is gonna be good. I can feel it.

Yeah, Storm is bringing it tonight. She's kinda a freak, and I think we saw that earlier in the competition, and then she lost her freakitude for awhile--the middle weaks were kinda forgettable for Stormy--but this is like breakfast, lunch and dinner rolled into one performance, you know? (Oh, and remember when Jill humped Gilbey's leg and Gilbey was like "that's not sexy?" yeah, well: This. Is. Freaking. Sexy.) Storm just got on the grown (on her back) and kicked Dave's guitar with her boot and kinda writhed with the mic, but it fit the song, it wasn't humpy at all. It was awesome. She's very Alex de Large tonight. (I didn't even realize that Storm shares a last name with the protagonist of A Clockwork Orange until AFTER I typed his name, I swear.) Oh, and she just did the hand motion that I was complaining about a minute ago, BUT SHE MADE IT WORK, i swear.

Nice. She just took off her jacket for her second song. Which she says is called "What the what is lady like" but I think it's really called "What the fuck is lady like?" Wow, she's really fucking tearing this up tonight. I love her all of a sudden. And just like that, Storm moved up in line. I think she might actually win this thing? (Well, we haven't seen Toby yet, but this is a good original song.) Fuck, yeah. This is her best performance so far.

So, roundup so far: I would pay to see Dilana perform and I would pay to see Storm perform.

The Supernova boys just said that her original song was "voom" and "pphhhhuh" meaning "hot" and "wow" and I would just like to add that it was "yowza," "yum," and "it took its penis out of its pants and headbanged to some awesome rock music."



Wow, Lukas REALLY rearranged this song. I hate it. And not just because of Lukas' mumbly mouth thing, but, uh, LIVIN' ON A PRAYOR is a great fucking song (I'm serious) and you ain't doing it justice.

Lukas' in between song banter was better than everyone else's so far, I'll give him that. I like knowing that his song is about his mom, but now he's singing the song and I don't understand any of the lyrics. Did he just say "you make my breakfast"??? I think he did. Or he said "you make my bed." I'm not sure. But moms do those things, sometimes.

Every time they cut to Dilana she looks so uninterested. I miss my old Dilana who was vibrant and into this whole experience.

Okay, I think Lukas was actually singing "you make my head spin," not "you make my breakfast." Hmmm. Dave loves Lukas. But he's always the same? He's always running around spastic-like and mumbly. I SO DO NOT GET WHY PEOPLE DIG HIS THING SO MUCH.


And now it's time for fucking TOBY! Awesome.

(Wow, though, first the news just promo'd the 11 o'clock news with a story about "teens! digging up the dead! at cemetaries! doing the unthinkable! tonight!" yikes.)

He's singing Mr. Brightside first. This is one of my favorite pop songs from the last ten years or so. I love Toby's energy. He has something. That whole "it" thing. He so has it. I can't type anymore, I just have to listen. And drool. Hold on, I'll be back in a minute.

Nice job with that one, mate.

Time for his original song. He just took off his jacket, which was a good idea. I love his "oh oh oh oh" refrain, that's nice. Interesting, Storm and Magni are singing along with him. I wonder how much they've all heard each other's songs. It says something that Storm and Magni like the song enough to sing along. Tommy just took his glasses off as if to be like, "dude, I need to see this guy better, yeah." Toby's smart. e is ALWAYS going over to Supernova and singing in front of them, giving them the subtle I'm Your Singer thing. Okay, Tommy is singing along to the song too, that says something. The song is definitely catchy. And when Tommy pinched Toby's ass, Toby kept rocking.

Fucking A.




Boom Boom Becca said...

I don't watch Supernova or anything, but I thought it might annoy Bonnie, and humor you, that not only did I comment, but I'm FIRST.

Erik said...

congrats on first boom boom. i always enjoy it when people revel in stealing first from other people!

speaking of bonbon, i saw a movie last night that i think she would love, and since i know you (boom boom b) have the same taste in movies as bonbon, you'll probably love it too.

Step Up.

Seriously. It's kinda great.

Also, if you're in a funk--even if you're in a BIG FUNK--like i was last night, it will definitely get you out of it. You will dance out of the theater.

Boom Boom Becca said...

I totally want to see that one! Yep, you've got my movie tastes pretty much pegged. Last night I watched Nanny McPhee. Totally loved it. I'm such the pre-teen.

Erik said...

Oh I really wanted to see Nanny McPhee. I love Emma Thompson.

And i'm such a preteen too. Have I told you about the time I went to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants ALONE at 11am on the Saturday of its opening weekend? I was the only non-father in the movietheater and it was fairly packed and NO ONE SAT IN MY ROW with me, because they would see this single man and be like, "uh, i'll pick a different row," but I didn't care because I Loved The Movie. It totally made me cry on at least four different occasions. And I hear they're making a sequal, so booyah.

jenny said...

I pretty much agree across the board.

1. Dilana - could possibly go home tonight. Didn't like her original, she's totally disengaged from the whole competition, and frankly - there's no way Supernova wants to spend weeks in a tour bus with her emotional ass.

2. Storm - after this performance, I am now totally crushed out on her. She ROCKED! I still don't totally dig her hip hop hand gestures, but that song was awesome, and it was great to hear her finally sing something in her range and her style.

3. Lukas - this is what he sang: "You make my head spin." This is what I heard: "Shoo mek ma heh shpin." This is what he sang: "Living on a prayer!" This is what I heard: "Woah-ivin un a freyah!" HE SUCKS, or should I say FEE SHUCKS!

4. Magni - he was totally boring tonight. I think he has major talent, but not very good stage presence. He's too grounded for the band, and actually might go home tonight.

5. Toby - KICKS @SS! Love him. I totally would've grabbed his butt if I were T. Lee, too. He just seems like so much fun - and that's who I want to spend the year in a tour bus with.

It's anyone's game tonight - the only guaranteed safe person is Toby. And he's going to win it all, anyway, so they should just call it a wrap.