Friday, September 29, 2006

Introducing Gia, part 2, or: New Thing #144

It's been a really long time since I've done a New Thing. (Or at least since I've blogged about doing anything new.) Well, yesterday I got a New Dog. Her name's Gia (it was her given name and even though she's named after a heroin addicted model, I've totally warmed up to the name and love it now), she's a schnauzer mutt, and I'm totally in love. When we first met her, she was kinda shy, but as soon as we brought her home, she was like, "damn, you've got a big yard, I'm really gonna like it here, rub my fuckin' belly, bitch," and she hasn't stopped wagging her tail since she got here (I'm not exaggerating) and I've been her bitch ever since (yeah, I know, "ever since" doesn't really mean much when "ever since" is referring to yesterday, but still) and it's so much fun to have another dog in the family. (I think Coco would approve.)

Here are some photos. The first two are of Gia at the dog rescue person's house, when we first met her:

This next photo is Gia sitting on my step-dad's lap, on the way to our house. Look at how happy she is (and she hasn't even seen the yard yet).

Okay, here's Gia shaking herself off after her first bath:

And here she is trying to rub all of the water off of her back:

I promise not to become "that guy" who only blogs about his new dog. But come on, look at how cute she is.


joe chandler said...


joe chandler said...

ok, i'm done.

willam said...

puppy play date much?

Erik said...

Joe Chan, you're totally Mr. Creed, aren't you?


what fucking underwear scare can alter damn joe?

Erik said...

willam, you have a puppy too>?!

joe chandler said...

Mr. Creed?

aimie said...


she's beautiful!!! she looks like she's always smiling. maybe she just knows she is about to be loved immensely.

hey, which days might you be in l.a. this week? i need you for a tattoo date...

hey! sound waves -gay-fm

Erik said...

Wait, so Joe, you're saying you aren't Mr. Creed? (If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you aren't him.)

Erik said...

aims, you're getting a tattoo!?! what's it going to be and where?!

i vote for the phrase "boobs are sexy" on your butt, in spanish.

aimie said...

what if i tattooed "poops are sexy"?

upsidedown palindrome thingy.

for your satisfied orifices, turtles!

Erik said...

i approve of upside down palindromes. do it!

Bonnie said...


Erik said...

Total whore belly.

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