Thursday, September 28, 2006

If you're trying to get in touch with me tonight and I, like, don't answer the phone or don't return your email or whatever

ANONYMOUS COMMENTER: wait, I forget...are you going to the Scissor Sisters tonight?

ERIK: Uh, yeah.

ANONYMOUS COMMENTER: Wait, so are you there right now?

ERIK: Yep.


ERIK: No, it's true. I'm at the show right now (if you're reading this between 8pm and, like, whenever it ends pm.)

ANONYMOUS COMMENTER: Wait, where are you going tonight?

ERIK: The Scissor Sisters Concert! Geeez.


(This post is sooooooo not funny at all. I was trying to be snarky and funny and instead I was just limpid and boring.) (This is a total failure of a post.) (I think the anonymous commenter who's been giving me a hard time about mentioning the concert a bunch of times, I think that anonymous commenter is Jesse, and I just wanted to give him a hard time back, or whatever, but maybe it's not Jesse. Anyway, my attempts at being like, burn, are really pathetic.)

(If it helps, I'm sitting on the toilet with my laptop on my knees and poop is literally coming out of my butt as I type this.)

(Wow, I just went there.)


(But it was true.)


joe chandler said...


Anonymous said...

wait, I poop really coming out of your butt right now?

joe chandler said...

erik - do i have the right e-mail address for you?

aimie said...

oh dear poop! that's poop-a-rific! what was the poop song you were about to sing on my voicemail when uma and i called you back? was it scissor sisters sings the poop ballads?

Angel said...


Did you see Trent there?

Doug said...

Okay, and I was worried about sharing too much by blogging about my tubes. Worry no more, I guess. LOL Glad you liked the Sisters.

Erik said...

joe chandler: enough with the mwahaha, seriously.

Erik said...

anonymous, yes, it was. (not NOW now, but when i wrote the post, yes.)

Erik said...

joe chandler, re: email address. i don't know. my email address is dimsumday at gmail dot com.

Erik said...


the song i was about to sing on your voice mail was a really difficult Regina Spektor song.

Erik said...

Angel, when I read your comment, at first I was totally like, "Trent who?" And the first Trent I could think of was my cousin Trent, and then I was like, "does Angel know my cousin Trent? How does she know my cousin Trent? But, wait, he's not even in the country right now," and then I was like, "wait, Trent Reznor?" and then I was just stumped, like, I was a total idiot, and then, then, then I went to Pink is the New Blog for my daily Pink and saw that Trent had been at the concert and I was like, "!!OJR+! Oh my god! Of course! Idiot! TRENT!"

Anyway, long story short, no I didn't see Trent there.

Erik said...

Doug, there is no such thing as "sharing too much" at My Year of New Things.