Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm mad at Iceland...

...and I'm mad at eyeliner.

Because obviously the icelandics and the make-up wearers of the world vote for Rockstar too much.

One'a them (Magni or Lukas) shoulda gone home last night.

Not freakin' Storm Large.

That's all I've got to say about that.


drc said...

Lukas should have gone...I am not a Storm fan, but she was WAY better than Lukas.

My favorites are Dilana and Toby (but I have to admit...I like looking at Magni...there is just something about bald men!)

jenny said...

Okay, am I just hormonal, or were you a little torn up by her rendition of Wish You Were Here? When they flashed to Jason and he wiped a tear away?!? And when she cried at the end and dedicated it to her mom? I was dying!

And I am sooo pissed that she got the boot. But - I googled her and found her myspace page, and it plays the more produced version of her "Ladylike" song, which rocks!

Lukas should've gone home. I think in the behind the scenes stuff that he seems like a cool guy, but I really don't like his singing.

AND - did you know that Dave Navarro has a blog? google it - it's 6767 something. He writes all about the show - who knew?

dustin said...

hpEyeliner is for sissy's!

TheDarkerUma said...
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