Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The young lady (yes, she's still young) (i guess she'll always be young to me, seeing as she's two years my junior) (and I like calling her a "young lady") (I can totally picture the two of us sitting on a swing when we're in our 80s [if either of us live to see our 80s] and me being like "you know, young lady...") in the tiny little picture posted below turned 27-years-old today.

I'm really fucking glad you were born 27 years ago, Urp. And after pit stops in Canada, Australia, and Taiwan, I'm really fucking glad you landed on this here our shores.

Toodles, until the next time. (I think we're due for some Long Island Ice Teas, soon. Like, so many Long Island Ice Teas that we barf. Or that I barf.) (You know what I'm talking about?) (Yeah, we're due for one of those nights.)

Oh, and since it's your birthday and I'm feeling devilish and you're out of town and probably won't look at the blog for at least a couple of days, I'm going to post this really weird picture of you (that you DID pose for, mind you), so that whenever you finally read this you'll call me and be like "Oh. My. God."



aimie said...

oh urp!

i loves ya.

i do, i do.

call or email me when you are back in town and we'll beat erik to the long islands! hehehe...

Jesse said...

In honor of the day of your birth, I am putting aside our long standing fake feud. So no more pretend bags of dog shit on fire on your porch or faux flase rumors spread about you on the INTRAnets.

Happy Late-ish B-Day Uma!

but come tomorrow, don't be surprised if I pretend soap your windshield and don't put Nair in your Herbal Essecne!


thedarkeruma said...

i feel truly humbled.

i am siting here in boston with erica (we do have internet here, erik - i didn't go to a remote village in africa). i have just showed her this post.

her reactions:

1) wow, you look so pretty.

(scroll down)

2) argh!!!!!!!!!! (and then she dived her head under her pillow)

p.s. i personally vomited a little in my mouth.

aimie- drinks are on! erik is a pussy and will be drunk after one sip.

jesse- you punk ass bitch...i'm going to kick your scrawny ass all around town. pffft. herbal "essecne". i use suave, bitch!!!

Erik said...

i have been REALLY bad about replying to comments lately, but since the birthday girl replied to this blog post so quickly, i just wanted to reply and say "DID YOU REMEMBER TO BRING THE CDS?!?!? AND DID YOU GIVE THEM TO ERICA!?!!?"

(because you knew i was going to ask again)


queers xerox really jewish xenophobes

thedarkeruma said...

we just finished listening to the second one.

i wish i had a camera phone for this unbelievable moment.

jaci and i were coaxing ms. erica to eat her breakfast. it was not working.

then we put on the "wiggle your ass" CD and we thought the bed had become possessed. erica rocked out like i have never seen her rock out before.

I will never hear "don't stop believing" by journey, in the same way again.

well done mr. patterson.

Aimie said...

ums, please send erica my love. i didn't realize that's where you went! what a wonderful week you are about to have. and, from here on out, every time i hear "don't stop believing" i will think of beautiful erica.

bar hopping when you return...! and, maybe a little halloween haunt? aaaaaaaand, can you believe that i am training you next week at laura's? how do i get myself into these things!? at least i get to see you!

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