Saturday, September 16, 2006

Update on the rocking genitals expression contest

Several people (okay, maybe one or two) (okay, maybe one) (Aimie) have been asking when the results of the Rocking Genitalia Related Phrases Contest would be announced. I finally have some answers.

Here's an email exchange I had with Adam (with spoilers censored of course, for dramatic effect, since we don't have a final final answer).


It's official, your blog is BANNED in Vietnam. I have tried several times in different cities, because I know that the T-shirt contest is long over. But I can't get on it. Diplomatic measures may have to be taken between the US and Vietnam to sort this out. But then again, diplomacy has never worked well in this country, so I might have to wait until I'm in Thailand.

But this might be a new thing: being banned in a foreign country.



That's sad news about Vietnam banning me, but it's also kinda fun to be so controversial, maybe one of these days I'll be banned in America too.

I wonder if I'm banned in Vietnam because I swear too much or something like that. I wonder if is banned in Vietnam too (like it's banned in American high schools). I wonder if my blog is banned in American high schools?

Can I post your email on my blog? Inquiring minds (okay, maybe just Aimie) want to know when the final contest results are going to come through!


Ya ya, post whuteva. I think the winner is ****** *** **** **** **** ***. I bought several T-shirts, one of which will fit *****. But, I'm adding ANOTHER rule: all (meaning yours, the winners, and Lindsay's) T-shirts will be sent to your address (which you should give me at some point) and they can only be picked up in person from you. That means that ***** and Lindsay have to go to see you to get their shirts [you can post this too].

Myspace is not banned in Vietnam, but they've managed to keep toilet paper and traffic lights almost completely abolished.


So there ya go, people. That's yer update. The contest has not been forgotten. We'll have an official winner soon.


aimie/poop said...

ferssst! (een oohbnahksious fuhrench accantt)

okay, that was a good teaser. my appetite is satiated for the present moment. mostly, because you used my name so much.

it's true, erik, that people like to see and hear their names used. that's why i always though Laverne was so cool. erik, she had a personalized wardrobe! what if i personalized my wardrobe but used my nickname, Poop, Poop? then people wouldn't know it was my an identifying statement. they'd think it was just plain gross, poop. erik/poop, the thought tickles me pink.

queen queerie just yodled yesterday's shrimp's queasy toast

Anonymous said...

motherfucker! i like to visit l.a. and all, but it usually happens once a year. and i was there in april. i'm never going to get my t-shirt!
it is fun to see your own name on the blog, though - i agree, aimie.

in other news, i am playing a show with skb in chicago next weekend. i haven't seen those boys more than 6 years. dude!


Bonnie said...

So, if Lindsay can't be around for me to pick up my T-Shirt, can Aimie/Poop be there in her place? Would that count?

I'm seriously so freakin' excited.


(I have no clever acronym theory at present.)

Bonnie said...

Okay, wait. Do I have to like schlep to Orange County?



cnduqjle (holy fuck, they are getting longer)