Sunday, September 03, 2006

Congratulations Gina and Matt! (and New Things #136-138)

I just got home from my second (and last) ex-girlfriend Gina's awesome wedding. (New Thing #136: that was the first Greek Orthodox wedding I've ever been to.) (I thought it was interesting that they have the same "share from the same cup" tradition that us Jews have, except they don't break the glass like us Jews do.) (Oh, and I've been to a lot of weddings lately [New Thing #137, which I meant to write about a month ago, but never did, and I'm afraid it's going to stay in the "blog entry to write" file forever and I won't get credit for the new things I did, so I might as well just say that I went to another very lovely wedding last month, of my friends Sara and David, and the wedding was in Napa, so--New Thing #137: I went to Napa Valley for the first time and New Thing #138: I went to my first wine tasting {where I learned that if you swish the wine around in your mouth a lot, not only does it open up your taste buds so that you can really taste the wine, but it actually opens up your taste buds to an almost painful degree and if you're not used to waking up your taste buds in quite that manner, then you're in for a painful treat}] and at all of the weddings I've been to, I've been taking mental notes of things I might want to do if I ever get married {again} and one of the things I loved about the actual wedding ceremony were the very traditional customs that they performed, in particular the "ceremonial walk," which, if you haven't been to a Greek wedding {big, fat, or otherwise} is this moment when the priest walks the couple around a table three times, which is supposed to represent the unending journey of a marriage. I like the symbolism, first of all, but I also like the activity. I think every wedding ceremony should have at least one or two bursts of activity.)

Like I said, the wedding was lovely and the party afterwards was a great time. I was at a table with many old friends from high school (including Jesse; Lanie and her husband Mitch; and Laurie, who I haven't seen in at least ten years, and her husband David).

Gina's entire British, Greek family was there, and everyone in her family is either hot, hot, or hot, so there was a lot of (sadly straight) eye candy. But the highlight of the evening was watching Gina and her new husband Matt--they are deeply in love and you can tell and I wish them a wonderful life together. They deserve nothing but the best. Love you Gina. (You are the best ex-girlfriend evah.)

Okay, now that I've given them my best wishes, I just dug up some embarrassing photos from high school that I thought would be fun to share with Gina on her big day. you begin this new chapter of your life, let's take a tiny stroll down ye olde memorie laine:

This first picture was taken in Gina's parents kitchen. I'm pretty sure I took the picture, and I think I was like "give me some attitude" and Jesse (back row, right), Gina (front row, right), and Lanie (front row, middle) took my direction very well (very fierce, y'all), but Jen (front row, left) and Justin (back row, left) aren't giving the camera any fucking attitude at all. (And they would so be kicked off Erik's Next Top Model for not taking my direction) (speaking of Next Top Model, are you going to watch this season? I'm conflicted. I crave the show, but I feel like I should support the writers of the show who are striking. So I don't think I'm going to watch. But the thought of not watching pains me.) Oh, and I believe this picture was taken in 1993, or thereabouts:

This next picture is just Gina ("Just Gina!") (I can't believe I just made a Will and Grace reference, I hate Will and Grace) (but I like Jack and Karen, so it's okay) standing in "the drama hallway," i.e. the hallway outside the drama room, which is basically where we spent our entire four years of high school. Those lockers on the right side of the picture? Yeah, my locker was on the top row, fourth from the right. We would literally spend hours just sitting on that cold linoleum floor taking about nothing in particular (but it felt like everything, you know? because we were in high school) and now it kinda grosses me out that we spent so much time sitting in that hallway because look at the bottom right corner of this picture. The ground is gross.

Okay, this next picture is a terrible photo (Gina, your eyes are closed, I'm sorry to be posting this picture), but I'm posting it for several reasons. First, let's look at the photo:

You looked at it, right? Okay, I have so much to say.

1. This picture was taken at the big "raging" party I threw for New Years' one year when my parents went out of town for the holidays and they left me alone in the house for a week and of fucking course I was going to throw a party, no ifs ands or buts about it. Of fucking course.

2. I didn't tell my folks I threw the party until several years later, and they said they knew I'd thrown a party because the house was cleaner when they returned home from the trip than it had been when they left. And since there's no reason I would ever clean the house unless I was hiding something, they'd figured: party.

3. What the fuck am I wearing?

4. Seriously, what the fuck am I wearing?

5. The red hair, the satin shirt, the bow...if I didn't know that the party was NOT a costume party, I'd think that maybe I was dressed as Ronald McDonald.

6. I mean, seriously.

7. And what are we looking at on Jen's elbow?

8. And yes, those red cups ARE filled with booze, and yes, I AM sixteen-years-old in the photo. (I was SUCH a rebel.)

9. Gina, are you blinking or are you totally blitzed?

This next photo is from the same night. I'm posting this next photo because I love how young Gina and Jesse look and I think that maybe Jesse was dressed as Ronald McDonald too, and I also love that my old beloved dog Coco is sitting on the couch in the bottom right corner. (I miss Coco.)

This last photo is from Winter Formal, sophomore year. Gina and I were dating at the time, but she'd already graduated (yes, I was a total stud, dating a college girl), so I went to the dance with this other girl Arynne McCrary (I'm not sure if that's how she spelled her name--it was pronounced like "erin" but she spelled it with many, many n's and y's) (Gina, I have no idea where this photo was taken--do you recognize the house we're in?)

Okay, thanks for letting me have this little trip down memory lane. You looked beautiful tonight, Gina, and I'm so happy for both of you. Take your penis out of your pants and headbang to some awesome rock music!


Bonnie said...


What is UP with that? It's like it's a holiday weekend or something. ;)

Great photos. What was UP with your outfit?


Jesse said...

your hair was red, mine was gold, ummm we were (are) such dorks. Why did the the guys at the party (were there only 2 guys haha...prolly 2) have spray on hair color?

That cup I'm holding is what spilled on your couch, that I pointed to last night.

I do like my rocking brown cords though.

Jesse said...

and I forgot...check out that fucking cool chain wallet, cuz you know living in The OC, we so needed chain wallets!

I think the tuxedo shot was at Gwen Twist's house??? or some random house on Lido....Jen Juicy Donut might know.

Erik said...

BonBon, my stats are WAY low, it totally must be the holiday weekend. Or maybe I'm in a slump. (Highly possible.)

Seriously, though: what is up with my outfit is right.

(i love "kiqsssin")


my velvet hunk kissed you

Erik said...

Jesse, we must have done our hair together. How gay were we?

Actually, I think that there WERE other guys at the party--or, at least one other guy. I think that's Sam in the background of the picture of Lolita, me, and Gina looking at Nifer's elbow.

See him? With the, like, sunflower shirt on? (J-Do? Can we have confirmation? Is that Sam?)

Dude, I love that that's the cup you spilled on my couch. I meant to mention that in the blog post, but I forgot.

Oh, and I had a chain wallet too. I think it was a gift from Lanie (Lanie? confirmation?) and I SOOOOO loved my chain wallet. We absolutely needed those chain wallets. I mean, hello? Costa Mesa??? Chain wallets are hella necessary.

TheDarkerUma said...

this is completely off-off topic....

but since i consider myself 1/6th australian i wanted to share this sad news...

clink here

i'm not sure if you know who he is, erik, but he was an awesome guy....

Erik said...

urp, i'm impressed with your clinkage skills.

that's very sad news. (and yes i know who he is.)

Jesse said...

yes, remember when Sam had a pony tail!!!!!!! hahahaha, we weren't that gay, we didnt have pony tails in the 90's! Sorry J-do, but pony tails were hella gay.

Aimie said...

congrats, gina! i've never met you but i feel like i know you. i'm so very happy for you.

and, i'm so very devastated about steve irwin. he was a great, big, shining hero in my life (named my cat after him) and he did more for conservation and education than anyone has since, i'd say jane goodall. he made this planet a much better place and it is sadly a tremendous loss to us all.

do yourselves a favor and rent or tivo any of his shows or his movie ("collison course"). like our long list of feel-good movies, he will always make you smile. and, sometimes make you cry. he always reminded me very much of our own erik ross patterson: loving, silly, vibrant, vivacious, passionate, funny, adventurous, simply a beautiful human being. one of the best on the planet, i'd say.

i miss him terribly already. but, i'm determined to spread his legacy every way i can.

Anonymous said...

Sikh Punjabi people (like myself) also have the drinking from the same glass tradition! I'm not sure if it's religious (Sikh), or cultural (Punjabi slash Indian), but I'm leaning towards cultural.

Anyway I didn't know Greeks and Jews did that too! That's pretty exciting, since as far as I know our cultures aren't related (oh but we don't break the glass either).

Anyway that was my random fact for the day, congrats on the new stuff!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the great pics of Gina!
It was really nice seeing you Saturday while catching my breath and chasing Eva. Also loved, loved, loved screaming 'Shout' with you on the dance floor!!
Look at Gi's heart, she unites and reunites friends everywhere. I consider you a friend and am thankful for you!
I loved what you said about Gi and Matt. You are right, they ARE so in love, and you CAN tell.
Love, Fi (pronounced 'Fee' or 'Fye' - whichever you prefer).

Erik said...

komal, i guess that same glass tradition crosses a lot of cultures. i love that. it's a great tradition.

Erik said...

I had SO MUCH fun dancing to "Shout" with you on the dance floor! That was a definite highlight of the evening.
(And I'm slightly embarrassed that you remember that I mispronounced your name as "Fye" when I read it on that paper at game night! But I'm going to embrace that gaffe, since you said I could. Maybe my nickname for you will be Fee or Fye?