Thursday, September 14, 2006

holy moly

I've started substitute teaching again. Thank god, because I started writing this play about a teacher last June when I was substitute teaching and then the whole substitute teaching thing ran dry because of summer, and I stopped being inspired to write the play about the teacher, but now that I'm subbing again I'll be inspired to finish the damn thing.

Anyway, in seven and a half hours, I'll be subbing for a pre-school class. DID YOU JUST READ THAT LAST SENTENCE? Yeah, pre-school. That's, like, four-year-olds. And I just looked up the school and found out that the way it's broken up is you have a morning group for three hours and an afternoon group for three hours and there are a total of sixty kids.

Please dear lord let there be a teacher's aide or another teacher or a kind mother or someone, anyone, just don't tell me that it's going to be just me and sixty four-year-olds tomorrow.

I need to go to bed. Ah!

UPDATE: Funnest. Day. Ever.


Anonymous said...

First, baby!

joe chandler said...

First, baby!

Aimie said...

wowowow!!! shaping young minds! can't wait to hear about the pre-school kids. did you make sure they all washed their hands? :)

the iguana farted up orange juice

aimie said...

and, am i the only one who still wants to know who won the rhyming rock genitals contest?

let your dick be a drum stick.

Erik said...

First: I survived. It was actually a lot of fun.

Second: aims, i totally want to know who one the contest too, but we're waiting on Adam to crown an official winner and since he's in, like, Cambodia, or actually I don't think he's in Cambodia but I forget where he was going after Cambodia, but he's somewhere else a million miles away, and I don't think he's been on my blog since his last comment.

But I'm sure we'll find out the winner as soon as he's near internet access and/or checks my blog again.


ktunwboy (it actually has the word "boy" in my "word" verification!)

TheDarkerUma said...

"who one the contest too"

who whoooo...haaaa ha.....

and i'm the one that's the foreigner.

p.s. and i loved when mcdreamy basically called meredith a whore. not because he's right but because the fight felt real.


be not vicious cause people die

Erik said...

wow, "one."

i am a first class genius.


Erik said...

oh, and two other things:

1. i want "be not vicious cause people die" to be inscribed on my tombstone,


2. that WAS a great scene. i also love the scene where Addison is like "i guess you don't pay attention to me because i'm not in love with the veterinarian!" and then she looks and sees that everyone in the hospital is standing there listening to her melt down.

christy said...

ohmygod did i miss the season opener of grey's anatomy?! that is sad, sad news. i need to get back in the habit.

and i'm sure you had a blast with the four-year-olds!!!

scat mcbonbon and i had a fantastic day as well!! it was pre-reads, all day. fun fun fun. esp. the 45 year old beach bum with a thick french accent.

and if we get our dream cast, it will be well, mcdreamy.

callbacks are in one week, aka FOREVER.


Rebecca said...


aimie said...

don't fear. grey's anatomy starts this thursday! i can't remember. did meredith find her underwear? poor addison. and, yes, ums, and poop, that fight/meltdown was awe-ha-some.

ums, the office starts this thursday, too, i think. they don't conflict do they? dear lord, i hope not.