Monday, June 12, 2006

12 of 12 for June

Okay, so I wasn't going to do Chad's 12 of 12 project this month because my day was pretty eventless (I'm housesitting for Jessica for the next few days and I've only done three things today: I drove over here, then I wrote for most of the day, then I watched several episodes of Deadwood) (not really a day for photos), but I still took some pictures anyway and so here I am. BonBon graciously offered me some of her bandwidth (or whatever it is that hosts photos) because blogger has been incredifucking unpredictable, but then I tried to post some of the photos and it finally let me! Unfortch, it was only working long enough for me to load 10 photos and then it went kaput again, so this month my 12 of 12 is really 10 of 12.

The "bonus picture" was supposed to be taken at 7am, but I slept through 7am, so instead my first photo was taken at about 9am, right after I woke up, and I'm fairly certain that it looks exactly like my 7am photo woulda looked 'cuz I was doing the same thing at 7am that I was doin' at 9am. Lying in my freakin' bed, mostly asleep.

Photo #1: in bed

Photo #2: waiting glasses

Photo #3: june gloom

Photo #4: accelerating

Photo #5: driving to Jessica's

Photo #6: Orson, waking up

Photo #7: writing

Photo #8: Deadwood 1

Photo #9: Deadwood 2

Photo #10: Deadwood 3

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Bonnie said...


Bonnie said...

I'm so glad you did it! Yay!

See, if we only document the days that are super exciting (like the first time we teach pre-K or something), we make others feel inferior for having boring 12s sometimes.

(And by "others" I mean "me," since I had such a lame 12 last month.)

What a pretty dog Jessica has!

And I've never seen "Deadwood" before (well, except for clips on actors' demo reels, I guess). Is it good?

You rock.

My prediction/fun fact kind of came true, no?

Erik said...

Your pics weren't boring last month! MY pictures are boring this month.

Yes, Jessica's dog Orson is a lovely little fella. He's prettier in real life than in the photo from this post. He was just waking up and he looks a little wakey wonky.

Everyone has been telling me that it takes a while to get into Deadwood--several episodes, at least--but that once you're IN, you're IN. I watched four episodes tonight and for most of them I was like, "ok, this is interesting, and there are some great moments, but it's slooooow." And then in the last ten minutes of the fourth episode, it's started getting appointment television good. So now i'm excited to see the next episode and I think it's gotten me.

Your prediction came true, 'tis true! (Except now photos are back to not working, sadly.) (But they will be back again! There's hope!)

YOU rock.

Anonymous said...

Photo #1 is very sweet. Orson has a very long nose.

Thought you should know.


Erik said...

You realize that's ME in Photo #1, not Orson.

christy said...

Okay, I *did* the 12 of 12 - meaning 11, plus "deadwooding it" (multiple pics of same program)

But a) my wireless hasn't been working at home,

b) my day was REALLY boring

c) i'm just in a generally pissy non-joiner mood (had the part of my play that i'm not happy with read last night, and i'm in that pissy, i don't wanna change it, waaaa phase) so i guess i don't wanna play either, waaaa.

d) although i did just an hour or so ago realize how i could possibly still use some of the parts i really love and make it more "dramatic" instead of "literary" (the overwhelming criticism, and it's true.)

Bonnie said...

Thank goodness, Babes is back! I was getting worried!

donna said...


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