Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fresh Meat live-blogging postponed

If you have come to my blog looking for my thoughts about tonight's episode of MTV's Fresh Meat (*cough* Steve *cough* Marie *cough* Bonnie *cough* Uma *cough* all the people who find my blog by googling "Derrick Fresh Meat" *cough*) or even if you're not interested in my live-blogging of Fresh Meat (*cough* Lindsay *cough* PAM *cough*), well, I'm just writing to apologize and say that my Tivo didn't Tivo Fresh Meat tonight and so I wasn't able to watch it and so I have no idea what's wrong with Derrick's partner and why she won't be able to do physical things soon and I have no idea whether or not people are going to continue to gang up on the Austen crew or if Derrick has gotten hotter this week or what slutty things Tanya is up to or what cray cray (CRAZAY) things Coral is gettin' into this week. But I do know that MTV will rerun the shit out of it, so I should be able to liveblog Episode #2 very soon.

Since there ain't no live-blogging goin' on, tonight at least, and since blogger is finally allowing me to post pictures again (thank you blogger), I thought I'd leave you with some gratuitous beefcake from last week's episode:

(note: these pictures were taken of my television screen with my camera-phone, so my apologies for the general crappiness of their quality)

Toodles. (I typed that word--"toodles"--and then I was like, "why the fuck did you just type the word toodles?" and then I was like, "maybe toodles should be brought back?" and then I was like, "maybe not.")


Bonnie said...

Oooooh! Hello, buttcheeks.

And why doesn't your TiVo love Fresh Meat?

And I so so so love that "cray cray" is catching on.

And it was a good episode.

Derrick's partner... yeah... it's kind of sad. I won't spoiler it for you. But I kinda want to. ;)

Erik said...

I cannot wait to see it and share my thoughts. I am literally (okay, not literally, but practically literally) tearing my hair out in anticipation.

NOTE: I would like to note that I first heard "cray cray" from Bonnie.