Saturday, June 24, 2006

time to get your CLINK on, a.k.a. Prangstgrup rocks

Please do yourself a huge favor and CLINK THIS. The clink will bring you to Prangstgrup's homepage. I don't know much about Prangstgrup. All I know is that they were a performance art group performing awesome guerilla theater in New York between 2001 and 2004. I'm not sure if they're still around or not. My guess is that they were a group of college students who graduated in 2004 and that they've since disbanded, but if you can prove that statement to be wrong and tell me what Prangstgrup's been up to lately, I'll give you a big kiss.

Okay, so I want you to go spend hours on their site watching all of their videos, but before you do, you have to clink the image below. (I'm so excited that I figured out how to make a video from youtube appear on my blog!) (not that it's even REMOTELY difficult) (but still, you know?) (it was exciting) (because technology can be a beast) (an angry beast) (a beast who hates me) (and, so, whenever technology is cool and, like, easy on me, I can't help but be exciting) (though I suppose that by going on and on like this, I'm just jinxing myself and setting myself up for a huge technological fall) (fucking technology) The video below is called "Lecture Musical" and it's my favorite piece by Prangstgrup (trans: "the prankster group"). (I also love "Library Musical" and "Start-Up Sound.")

Lecture Musical made me laugh until my stomach hurt and it made me cry until I couldn't see through the tears, which in my book = it's so fucking genius. (Thank you to the brilliant and funny Sheila O'Malley for bringing Prangstgrup, and this piece in particular, to my attention.) I've already watched "Lecture Musical" ten times today. I'm serious. I wish life was a musical every freaking day. and this clip is, like, my dream come true so hardcore. (Also, the guy who stars in the clip--his name is Mike Barry--he's my new hero.)

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you, Prangstgrup's LECTURE MUSICAL:

I'm tired of people googling that one young actress' name and finding my blog. I wish instead that people all over the world would google Mike Barry's name and come to my blog. Not that I know anything about "Mike Barry," but he's FUCKING AWESOME and the world would be so much cooler if more people googled "Mike Barry" and less people googled The Person Whose Name Will Never Be Mentioned On My Blog Ever Again, Not Even If We Were The Last Two People Alive And No One Knew That I Had Mentioned Her Name, Never, Ever, Never Will It Be Mentioned.

(Okay, I seriously don't plan on mentioning her name again, but I'm not as crazy as I sound from that last sentence. That sentence references an inside joke about this one time when Forrest Whitaker was really mean to me, and I'm too tired to tell that story right now, instead I'm just going to vaguely allude to it and [how the fuck do you spell "allude"??? That looks BEYOND WRONG] be that annoying guy who makes an allusion to something that no one knows what he's talking about.)



christy said...



Erik said...

But Christy, DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEO???? That's all I care about now. I am obsessed. I love it. I want to live it. I so do. I want to enroll in a college JUST so I can reenact Lecture Musical.

drc said...

First to watch the video, TEACH!! I love his reactions!!! REACH!!!

Dave said...

That was a very funny video.

And I'm dying to know the Forest Whittaker story (I misspelled Forrest's name on purpose because no one should ever be mean to Erik and anyone who does deserves to have their fame taken away or at the very least, name misspelled)

Erik said...

drc, I love all of the reactions. Some of the kids in the class seem to be in shock, some of them are loving it. And the teacher's attitude seems to be, like, "I'm just gonna let this happen" at first, but the longer it goes on, the funnier it gets to him

Erik said...

Dave, the Forrest W. story is actually in an essay I wrote and submitted to Fresh Yarn (this awesome essay website) so many months ago I cannot even remember how long ago it was, and I still haven't heard back from them (the woman who runs the site took time off to promote a book she wrote) and I still hold out the hope that maybe they'll publish the essay. Anyway, long story short, having an essay published on that site would be a New Thing and I keep hoping it's going to happen and I can then link to the essay and you can read the Forrest W. story.

Phew. That was a long-winded way of me telling you that I'm not going to tell you the Forrest W. story!

Anonymous said...

It is so cool how technology makes you exciting. The typo Nazis will get this.

I laughed, I cried when I watched this video. If only life could really be a musical.



TV Guy said...

So who is this Ashley Myrick person??


Great blog.

Here's a few things for you you may not have done yet...

1. Actually see if a slinky can "go down stairs"...alone, or in pairs!
2. Only eat the cream filling in an entire bag of Oreo cookies.
3. Make homemade pizza dough.
4. Watch the sunrise from a mountaintop. (is this possible where you live..I didn't look.)


Erik said...

TVGuy, those are all great suggestions. I am SERIOUSLY behind on New Things.

(And please, if you have to mention Ashl*y M*r*ck, spell her name wrong for god sake) (or is it "god's sake"?) (or godssake?) (no, that looks like the name of a new brand of Japanese wine) (whatever)

Bonnie said...

I got so frustrated over my confusion about "God's sake" or "gods sake" or "godsake" or whatevs that I finally started writing: "For cryin' out loud."


I have many ways to avoid my most common potential typing fuckups.

Erik said...

I say: Fer cryin' out loud.

red said...

I love when our lead dude in the green sweater bravely sings out in falsetto. It's not very good but man - he is SINGING OUT. It's hysterical.

I know this may be really sappy - but like I said over on my blog, erik, it really seems like one of the HAPPIEST things I've ever seen. Everyone exudes joy. Life seems like it's beautiful and funny and interesting. And for one brief moment, being a musical theatre geek seems like the coolest thing in the world.

I am so glad you love it so much - I watch the damn thing probably once a day and it never gets old.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have to enroll in college to reenact Lecture Musical. I think you just need to find a really crowded lecutre at a big school. I mean, notice how they all leave class at the end? What I am saying is: your desire is within reach - if you don't get arrested.

Erik said...

It's just gotta be a BIG lecture hall. Maybe a class at UCLA...