Monday, June 26, 2006

fortunes for the week

Again, here I am, trying to go to sleep, yet not falling asleep. So I turn to the blog.

I enjoy a good fortune cookie every now and then. And there’s this book game that I like to play, where you have someone flip through the pages of a book and then you tell them to stop and the sentence that they land on is your fortune. Well, I feel like engaging in some prophesy tonight, but I don’t have anyone here to flip through a book for me, so I’m going to the trusty ipod.

I’m giving myself seven fortunes, right now, via the “shuffle” function. One fortune for every day of the week, starting tomorrow. I’ll come back to this blog post at the end of every day this week and let you know if the song was accurate in its prophecizing. (Is that how you fucking spell “prophecizing?) (Speaking of the word “fucking,” I’m midway through the second season of Deadwood right now and David Milch is a freaking genius. The language on that show—the way the sentences are constructed—it’s some of the most poetic writing I’ve ever heard. It’s amazing. I just sit there dumbfounded.)

Okay, hitting “shuffle”:

6/26/06: Monday’s fortune is…Queer by Garbage (ha, that made me laugh) (i guess tomorrow is going to be a really gay day)

(update: there was SO nothing gay about Monday AT ALL.)

6/27/06: Tuesday’s fortune is…Never Tear Us Apart by INXS (sung as a duet by JD Fortune and Suzy McNeil)

(update: the only thing about Tuesday that I can think this might possibly relate to was that it was the last night of one of my writing groups for the summer--i haven't been to this writing group in several months--and the group is taking the summer off--and I want the group to come back soon?)

6/28/06: Wednesday’s fortune is…Let Me In by REM

(update: these fortunes haven't been all that accurate. maybe they're someone else's fortunes, or maybe my ipod is a fraud.)

6/29/06: Thursday’s fortune is…Love and Some Verses by Iron and Wine

(update: well, through a random confluence of events, i ended up having dinner with my step-dad's daughter Patt, my dad, my dad's wife, and my dad's wife's son, and if that's not a random group to convene for dinner, i don't know what is, but it was a really nice, happy accident, this dinner, and i think that "love and some verses" is an apt song to have predicted it)

6/30/06: Friday’s fortune is…Top of the World by The Carpenters (as covered by Shonen Knife)

(update: is my ipod being ironic? my car died today. i am NOT on top of the world) (except, well, i supposed shonen's cover version of the song is somewhat ironic itself, so maybe it WAS meant as irony, and that's why my ipod gave me the knife version rather than the carpenters version)

7/1/06: Saturday’s fortune is…Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band

(update: on saturday, i went to Superman at noon and then drove to Pismo Beach...i enjoyed the movie [for the most part][i actually could have done without any of the Lex Luther stuff][the Lex Luther stuff was totally pointless IMHO][but I thought Routh was great as Supes][and the airplane saving scene was awesome][oh, and I thought Kate Bosworth was terribly miscast][imagine if Lois Lane had been played by Parker Posey!][now THAT woulda been a Lois Lane I coulda rooted for][I know you're probably thinking "but she's too old," but, um, Margot Kidder was 32 when she made the second Superman movie and 5 years have supposedly past between the second movie and this one and Parker Posey is 38, so she's actually kinda the perfect age to play Lois Lane, whereas Kate Bosworth is 26 and I thought she was way too young, esp. because she looks like she's 14][I felt like I was watching a little girl play dress up][but back to te Parker Posey thing--I know you're probably thinking "but she's too snarky," but Lois Lane is SUPPOSED TO BE SNARKY! She's a snarky reporter! Until Supes inevitably melts her heart, and anyone who has seen Party Girl knows that Parker can do the transition from snark to heart melting][I'm just saying][anyway, despite Lex and Lois not doing it for me, Routh was pretty darn afternoon delightful to make up for everything else][for the most part])

7/2/06: Sunday’s fortune is…Say It Ain’t So by Weezer (as covered by Juliana Hatfield)

(that’s weird, why are there so many cover songs in my Seven Days of Fortune shuffle?) (that’s the worst name—the “Seven Days of Fortune”—it’s really uncatchy) (Say It Ain’t So is still playing on my headphones right now. Great song.)

(update: the Evidence Room closed its doors on Sunday, so I think this song was a pretty accurate song fortune)


christy said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Erik,

I was hanging our with our friend Jenny S (Jenny, are you here?) on Saturday evening, and we were reminiscing about our days at Oxy (which we totally didn't share because we didn't know each other then) and she told me about her 21st birthday...

She went to All Star Lanes to see a Bird Nursery show and saw you there and told you it was her 21st birthday and YOU ASKED HER TO BUY YOU A DRINK.

Now I am guessing that you were under 21 at this juncture. But - SHE BOUGHT YOU A DRINK, ON HER BIRTHDAY; NO ONE BOUGHT HER ONE. The thing is, Jenny is a an amazingly beautiful, brilliant woman, and it's sort of hard to believe that she could have such a crappy birthday.

And you were young, and in college, and wanting to get hammered - you didn't know any better. But maybe for one of your new things you could find a way to buy Jenny a drink.

How 'bout it, science?

Erik said...

Oh my god, Jenny! Are you reading this? Because if you're reading this, I owe you a drink so hardcore. I don't remember that specific incident, but I remember hanging out at All Star Lanes many times, and seeing Bird Nursery of course, and thinking you were cool shit. That sounds like an awful birthday. I feel bad. I need to buy you a drink.

Lindsay, I love thinking of you and Jenny hanging out and getting to know each other AFTER oxy.

Anonymous said...

"say it ain't so" is the best Weezer song ever. my favorite. We should totally sit and discuss the lyrics. I would enjoy that!


Ralph Colby said...
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Ralph Colby said...

taken from Dan Millman's "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior"
Random page...line.

"It's neither doing nor not doing. It's the wobbling compromise that makes no one happy."

So don't sit on a fence...just do it. Or not.


Erik said...

Joe Chandler...can i tempt you here...?

joe chandler said...

you're so predictable.

Erik said...

ha! i KNEW you would come here, joe chandler

joe chandler said...

this was fun, i'm going to chuen's now. so others can feel free to talk.

Erik said...

Lanie, I totally agree with you. One of the best songs ever.