Monday, June 26, 2006

New Thing #104: I made restitution for a really bad tip

There's this sushi place called Kura Sushi that I love so much. I eat there all the time. At least once a week. Besides the fact that the sushi is really tasty, they also have one of those conveyer belt thingies and so it kind of feels like Christmas every time I eat there because I get to see all of these colorful treats floating by me and I get to just reach out and take whichever ones I want. Hey, it's the small things in life that make life so groovy, right? Sushi makes me happy.

What doesn't particurlay make me happy is the financial hole that I'm digging myself out of. At least I'm digging myself out of it, but my favorite sushi bar--and my favorite sushi bar chefs and waitpeople--were the unwitting victims of my financial hole last week. Here's what happened: I got paid for a writing gig last week--which was perfect timing, because I was approaching zero in the old bank account--and to celebrate pay day, I went to get some grub at ye old house of sushi (aka Kura Sushi) (aka "why am I calling it "ye old house of sushi?") (aka "erik, get on with the story, what's your freaking point?") and then when I went to pay, I tried to use my ATM card, but I had deposited my check after 6pm and so it hadn't been credited to my account yet and so my ATM card was declined. Fortunately, I had a 20 on me. Unfortunately, the bill was in the amount of $19.77. So I was sort of forced to stiff my waiter, by these dumb circumstances. I felt awful about not leaving a tip.

New Thing #104: I went back to Kura Sushi tonight and I gave them a hundred percent tip on my meal, to make up for last week's slight, and I left the following note: "I was low on cash last week and left a bad tip. It was no reflection on the service. You guys all rock." And I feel a lot better about myself now.


drc said...

What a nice thing to do!!! You rock!!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome. Your attitude of generosity and abundance is going to make good things flow your way. This is a level beyond the power of saying shit aloud.

I will say this shit out loud: I am goign to bedwithout exercising and I am not going to feel guilty about it.
sweet dreams,

Erik said...

Thank you drc!

Erik said...

Lindsay, thank you. Congrats on the going to bed without exercising and not feeling guilty about it. That's good shit. I'm doing the same thing right now.


jenny said...

How very My Name Is Earl of you! You're going to have good karma.

Erik said...

it is SO my name is earl, isn't it? i thought that too. i even have the Earl facial show going on right now.

Erik said...

that comment was for Jenny, obviously.

joe chandler said...

and this one for good measure but this is as far back in time as i go.