Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Future New Thing: Show and Tell this Wednesday night

Here's where we all take a small break from our regularly scheduled blog and I promote something I'm doing this Wednesday night. If you're interested in what I've got to sell, then sit back in your chair and read on. On the other hand, if you've already bought enough of what I've been selling and you don't want any more of it, thankyouverymuch, and you usually fast forward through commercial breaks anyway, then you can take this moment to step away from my blog and go to the bathroom and pee. Or you can go into the kitchen and pop yourself some popcorn.

I'm gonna be reading a personal (funny? scary?) essay at Show and Tell called "My Armpit, or Why I Owe Parker Posey An Apology." Several other very cool people will be reading essays too. (I've heard these other essays and I can promise you it's gonna be a good evening.)

Show and Tell is produced by Matt Price and Eric Friedman. (Very cool essayists themselves.)

Rock on with your cock on.

Here are the deets (cut and pasted from the Show and Tell website):

"The next Show & Tell is...
Wednesday, February 1st, 8 PM
featuring brand new stories from...
John Ross Bowie
Jeremy Deutchman
Jessica Kaminsky
Erik Patterson
Matt Price
and Elizabeth Warner
with magic from Derek Hughes

Come see the show at our new location...
The UCB Theatre
5919 Franklin Ave
(between Tamarind & North Bronson Ave - on that strip with Birds, Bourgeois Pig, etc.)
Los Angeles, CA 90028

tickets are now only $5

You can actually reserve seats through www.ucbtheatre.com
and guarantee your seat this time. Classy!

And there is street parking as well as valet parking in not one, but two locations on the block! Show & Tell will now be performed at the UCB Theatre on the first Wednesday of every month."

Okay, that's the end of my cut-and-paste job. This is me again. Welcoming you back to your regularly scheduled blog...

P.S. If this blog entry had a blooper reel, the funniest moment would be when I kept spelling the word "popcorn" with an "m," so it read "popcorm." I guess it wouldn't be too funny, but lots of blooper reels aren't.


Gina said...

ooooh, I would love to go and hear about how PP is direectly involved with your arm pit, but Lanie and I have dance class that night. Uggh! Maybe you can do a repeat performance at game night? please? I'll even make popcorm!

Ralph Colby said...

Ah Mr. Armpit. I have heard so many great stories about "Armpits." And I would love to hear some more, but I will be working late and will miss it. Good Luck sir.

Erik said...

Gina and Dad, next time I see both of you, I will read the essay to you.

I just freaked out because I realized that a lot of people who are reading my blog probably don't know what the armpit essay is about and so right now you might be like "what are they talking about? why does he have so many great stories about armpits?" And if you're thinking that right now, then all I can say is, come to the show on Wednesday night and then you'll understand.

El Anor said...

I'm sorry I didn't see that. Do you remember when you were a snob about the armpit project and you wouldn't LET me smell your armpit? And everywhere I brought you you met fantastic people and they would burrow their noses in your armpit in various locations (I mean that this would happen in different locations, not that your armpit was in different locations), but NOT ME. Noooo... not one little whiff. I bet you asked Parker Posey to hit it the first time you met her. Hussy.