Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"I have never": The Los Angeles Edition

I was just thinking about how, when you visit a city, you do all of the touristy things and see everything you're supposed to see, but when you live in a city, you often take for granted a lot of what makes that city great. So I've made a list of places I've never been in Los Angeles, so I can check them off this year. Some of these places might be culturally significant, but more likely, they're just places I've been meaning to check out.

I have never eaten a hot dog at Pink's Hot Dogs.
I have never been to a Lakers game.
I have never hiked through Runyan Canyon. (Griffith Park, yes; Runyan Canyon, no.)
I have never been to the races at Hollywood Park and/or bet on a race horse.
I have never been to the Emmy's.
I have never had my photo taken with "Superman" on Hollywood Blvd.
I have never touched the Hollywood sign. (Is it still possible to get close enough to touch it?)
I have never worked out at Muscle Beach in Venice.
I have never been on a Greyhound bus.
I have never been to the Rose Parade. (I realize I just missed my opportunity.)
I have never been to the Easter Sunrise Service at the Hollywood Bowl.
I have never seen a performance at RedCAT. (I am embarrassed to admit this.) (I even had dinner at their little cafeteria-style restaurant once, but I've never seen a performance there.) (Tamar, if you're reading this, don't hate me.)

There's gotta be more things, but I'm drawing a blank, and I have to go do today's New Thing. I'll report back soon.


jenny said...

Okay, I don't think I saw this in your numerous lists: attend a dog show. A quick google search provided this possibility.

Erik said...

I almost went to a dog show about a month ago. I've never been, and this is a great idea. And this "Nuts For Mutts" dog show sounds awesome. Thank you for the heads up.

Have you ever been? (Not necessarily to the "Nuts for Mutts" show, but to any dog show?)

communicatrix said...

I haven't been to REDCAT or Disney Hall yet. Maybe it's time I did my own year of new things blog.

Have you ridden public transportation all the way to the terminus that takes you to Catalina?

Have you had a French dip sandwich at Philippe's?

Have you bought a tchotchke on Olvera Street?

jenny said...

When I first moved to Chicago about 3 years ago, I made a list of things I wanted to do (several of which are the things I suggested to you), and dog show was right at the top. I finally went to one, and it was well worth it for the blog fodder alone. A giant St. Bernard stopped dead in his tracks while on the obstacle course in order to poo. And poo. And poo. The trainer was mortified. It doesn't get any better than that.

The Nuts for Mutts sounds even better, though, because of the absurd categories they have. Look forward to a full report!

Erik said...

Colleen--all good suggestions, I haven't done any of those things, I will add them to the list.

And Jen, yes, Nuts for Mutts sounds so good: "These mixed breed dogs strut their stuff in front of a panel of celebrity judges in categories such as 'Best Kisser,' 'Fastest Mutt' and 'Mystery Mutt' in order to compete for the prestigious title of 'Best in Show.'"

There's a best kisser category??? I mean, come on. Awesome.

Angela said...

Hey! One of my New Year's goals for this year is "to be a tourist in my own city". I have some crossover with your list (and similar embarrassment about the RedCAT)...and here are some on mine:

Have you ever been to the museum of Jurassic Technology?

Have you ever spent the entire day getting around the city by public transportation?

Have you ever gotten dressed up to go shopping/star fucking on Rodeo Drive?

Any interest in taking an "adventure day" one of these weekends???

Erik said...

Okay, Angela:




And yes!