Monday, January 02, 2006

(She likes balls now.) (I like blogs now.)

This is so cool. I just got an email from a woman named Nichole, who I don't know, but she found my blog through Colleen's blog (thank you Colleen). Nichole has an oddly charming post on her blog today about testicles. That's not the cool thing (though it is cool). The cool thing is that, this stranger, in Massachusetts, Nichole, she read my blog (I love the blogosphere) and she sent me an email with a New Thing suggestion: cross-stitching, which I've never done. I'll definitely do it one of these days this year. (363 days, and things, to go!) I'm starting a list. So keep your suggestions coming. If I haven't done it yet, I'll put it on the list and I'll do it this year.


soleclaw said...

If only everyone found me to be "oddly charming." (insert sigh here.)

Erik said...

You ARE though. I LOVE that post. I'm having a lot of fun in this here blogosphere.