Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy happy

I'm still obsessed with this scanner. I thought the blog was threatening to take over my life before I had a scanner, but now, well, game over, you know?

Anyway, I just found this picture. It's me (big surprise--sorry--I promise the next blog entry I post will not have a picture of me in it) on Easter god-knows-how-many-years-ago. (I have a really hard time gaging the ages of children--even when the child is myself. I have no idea how old I am in this picture. Am I one? Probably not. But two? Three? Four? Ten? I have no freaking idea.)

Of course it's probably not even dawn yet and I've already eaten all of my chocolate. (I think "eaten" is a kind word for what I've apparently done to the chocolate, considering how much of it is smeared on my face.) (Speaking of my face, I like the forlorn/glazed over look I've got going. It's like I'm looking for more chocolate--dear god, please, more chocolate--but part of me knows that if I have any more chocolate, I might die.) (Yet I still want more.)

Oh, this was supposed to be a "happy Easter" post. So happy Easter. Or happy egg day. Or happy Passover. Or happy whatever-you-believe. Just happy. Lots of happy to you and yours.


Speaking of Easter, this really big bunny just brought me several old photo albums and I thought I'd share a few more photos with you. (Okay, fine, there was no bunny, I fucking made up the bunny. I just wanted to use the god-danged scanner a few more times tonight.)


(1) The Chansonettes Get Ready To Perform at Their 8th Grade Graduation, July 1969:

At first glance, there's nothing particularly exciting about this photo. Just a gaggle of girls getting ready to perform at their 8th grade graduation.

However, when we look at the photo again, and give it a new name this time, this photo takes on all sorts of levels of excitement. So let's look at the photo again, k?

(2) My Two Moms Get Ready To Perform at Their 8th Grade Graduation, July 1969:

Yes, six years after this photo is taken, my mom (pictured, center) will marry my dad. Two years after that, they will have me. Two years after that, they will get divorced. About five years after that, my step-mom (pictured, left) will marry my dad. They will later get divorced too. But both of these Chansonettes are still mothers to me and the fact that they've known each other since kindergarten only makes my two moms that much cooler than your two moms.

(3) My Dad's Mouth, circa 1978:

I don't know what to say about this photo other than: Dad, what are you doing?

Oh, and some might say that my dad looks like Jeff Goldbloom in this photo.

I, however, think he looks like me. Or I look like him. Or--whatever--you know what I mean. Let's look at the photo again, with something to compare it against.

(4) My Dad's Mouth, circa 1978, and (5) My Mouth, 2006:

It's kinda eerie, isn't it? I'm guessing my dad is around 28-years-old in this picture, the same age as I am now. Maybe it's just me, but I think we look almost exactly the same. Except he's looking into the camera lens and I'm looking at a computer screen. But they didn't have computers back when his photo was taken--if they did have them, I'm sure he would have been looking into a computer screen too.

(6) Hallaween [sic], 1988 (aged 11):

I just found this photo and I was like OH. MY. GOD.

I think it kinda speaks for itself.

In other words, no comment. None from me anyway. Feel free to comment yourself. (And here's where I was like "OH. MY. GOD." again. But not about the "hallaween" photo above, this time I was like "OH. MY. GOD." because of the shameless request for comments.)

(I am a comment whore and I admit it.)

(At least I'm not a whore.) (Though I think I was dressed as a whore for "hallaween" in 1988.)


Bonnie said...


You are a scanner whore, comment whore, and holiday whore.

Bonnie said...

And... yellow is soooooo your color.

And you look like your dad who DOES look like Jeff Goldblum.

And your two moms are way cool.

And I hope you "eat" some chocolate today... and photograph your face. Again. ;)

I think it's fun that you have lots of photos of you in your blog.

OMG, I think I just hit a wall and must go to bed. *yawn* I blame the exhilaration I felt over getting to be first... again... in your comment world.

I mean, seriously, I was going to post a big long comment and then I was too skeert that someone else would post a comment while I was composing my big long comment and then I wouldn't be first and I just could not take that... not today!

So, my first comment is brief (I almost posted it right after typing "First!" but decided I could probably spare a sentence, seeing as it's like 5am on Easter Sunday) and now this one is rambly, b/c it's cool with me if there are like another 67 comments being posted while I type it b/c that just makes me number 69 too, which is lovely.

Okay really... to bed.

Ralph Colby said...

Okay, first picture: I'm guessing your age, but since I was there I'm guessing two, maybe 2 years 8 months.

Second, I'm amazed you of all people didn't see the entire picture of me (Jeff Goldblum) and my mouth. You of enormous "pooping" fame. What is over my left shoulder? And how is it similar to my mouth? I'm not exactly sure what I am referring to in the comparison...but it is there.
And I'd like to believe that Jeff Goldblum looks like us.

Thirdly...your brother Josh, in his silly dinosaur costume doesn't look like Jeff Goldbloum...more like Orlando Bloom.

Lastly...Happy Easter.

Bloggingly, DAD

communicatrix said...

Okay. First, I love that you are wearing TINY MAN-PANTS in that first picture. Kudos to Mom. B/c you are rocking those TINY PANTS long and hard.

Second, your mom is just six years older than me. Which means (doing math quickly in head) I am, like, old enough to be your hillbilly mom. AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!

But if I were, I would totally dress you in TINY MAN-PANTS every day. That stupid dress. Feh.

christy said...

Awww your dad totally ruined it I was going to guess you were 2 1/2. No fun! And no fair! How do you expect me to be up at 4:56 AM to beat Bonnie to comment 1??

I am really good at telling what age kids are but really bad at telling what age grown-ups are. Like sometimes even placing them in the right decade is too hard.

Bonnie said...


Christy, the good news is: You could totally beat me to the first comment on a post made at, say, 9am.

At least lately.


And I love the idea of CoCo being KiKi's hillbilly mom. Erik, that makes you like Sean Preston, right?

Your dad pointed out something I rather enjoyed about the photo: the crapper. Heeeeeee!

Jesse said...

Erik in a dress with a flat top, pumpkin and child.

A Happy Jesus Walks Day indeed.

I really can't throw any snark at you on this one. It's all there, which is great and genius and is making LOL hard.

Erik said...

Bonnie: Okay, you're right, I'm a whole lotta whore(s).

Erik said...

Bonnie: (re: your second comment) You think yellow's my color? Well, thank you, I will have to remember that next time I go shopping for clothes.

--Isn't it crazy how much my dad and I look alike?

--Yes, I agree, my two moms are way cool. Always have been, always will be.

--I haven't had any chocolate today. I want a chocolate bunny! (Someone give me a chocolate bunny.) (I just said that out loud as I was typing it, to test my "saying shit out loud" theory from that previous post.)

--You don't think I'm overdoing it with the pictures of myself? And that people are going to start being like "this dude is way too self absorbed?" Because I am, but I don't want people to THINK i am.

--We're so neurotic. I love it.

--We still need something like 60 comments before you can try for the 69 slot.

Erik said...

Dad, happy Easter! Give me a chocolate bunny!

Do you remember that photo? Do you even know where it was taken? Do you recognize that bathroom? I have never seen the picture before. Or, if I have, I haven't seen it in decades. I found it in an old photo album. I think you're my age (or so) in it. Right?

And yes, I did notice the toilet behind you. It's a STRANGE photo!

Bloggingly yours,
your son

Erik said...

Colleen, I didn't even notice that, but those TINY MAN-PANTS are pretty rockin.

You would have been a fun hillbilly mom! I'm all for teenage pregnancy, because then you get to spend so many more quality years with your kids. In another life, you can have me in your early teens, and we'll have so much fun. Deal?

Erik said...

But Christy, even though my dad beat you to the punch, it sounds like you still guessed right!

Erik said...

Bon, if you want to have a second nickname for me, it can be Sean Preston.

Erik said...

Jesse, is that not the best "hallaween" costume ever?

I am still kinda mortified by it, but I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not anonymous. I'm Troy. You know, Rachel Kann's Troy. She doesn't OWN me or anything, I just figured, you know, it's a popular name and...uh...

Okay, well, now that I've wasted your time with THAT...

... wow. The photo with your two moms in it blew me away. What a wild coincidence.

Rebecca said...

So did you get a chocolate bunny? It's very important to get a chocoloate bunny on Easter.

Bonnie said...

Yes, burning questions must be answered! Chocolate bunny or NO chocolate bunny?

Bonnie said...

Oh, and did I miss it? WHY did your dad take this mouth photo?

Gina said...

ok, the photos of you and your dads mouths has me with MY mouth open too. But mine is open b/c of the unbelievable likeness of the two. Both dashingly handsome and the features are almost like looking in the mirror. That's so cool! You know what you're going to look like when you're your Dads age. Trippy. It's like a look into the future.

I love your halloween costume. I love that you're rocking the dress with the flat top. Even then you wanted to keep the balance. You are adorable. And you just look SO happy to be in a dress:)

I wanna see more old photos! Oh, and i'm glad you weren't camara happy in high school. because that could come back and bite me on the ass.

OH! You should post that rad photo of you that I took with the plaid shorts, beauty and the beast shirt and rocking mullet.

The flap top was cool, the mohawk was wicked, but the mullet..the mullet was business in the front, party in the back. An unbeatable combo!

Erik said...

Troy! You're the only Troy I know, so even though I met you through Rachel, you own yourself in my head, if that makes any sense. Anyway, welcome to my blog.

And, yes, that is a wild picture of my two moms. I have more. They have been friends since they were in kindergarten.

Erik said...

Rebecca and Bonnie, yes, i DID get a chocolate bunny, and I took some pictures, which hopefully I will post later, but I don't have time right now and I won't be at my computer much of the day, so it might now happen until later tonight. but YES! I got one!

(only one.)

Erik said...

Oh, and Bonnie, the "why" in regards to the picture of my dad with his mouth's still a mystery. I don't think my dad remembers. But if I find out, I will definitely let you know.

Erik said...

Gina, I am SURE i have some embarrassing photos of you from high school, i just haven't found that box yet. Give me time...

Anonymous said...

Just to confirm -- your 2 moms ARE cooler than any other 2 moms on the planet.

Why hasn't Uma posted a comment yet? Is it because she's afraid to admit that she's been wrong ALL THESE YEARS, AND YOU DO IN FACT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE YOUR FATHER. Or, if your father had an identical twin brother who was 20 years younger than him, you'd look exactly like your uncle.

If you ever see Jeff Goldblum again, I dare you to tell him that he'd look pretty in a yellow blouse and skirt.


TheDarkerUma said...

i saw bo last night and he raved about your (eleanor) boobies. i saw the pictures.

nah, nah can't catch me.

Angela said...

Okay, you know in Back to the Future II when Marty goes into the future and he impersonates his son?

When I look at those mouth pictures, I totally feel like your Dad could've gone back to the future to impersonate you. And I find that thought freaky, yet strangely thrilling...

Angela said...

Oh, yeah! and

1. I love the moms photo with the fire of a thousand suns.

2. Were you dressed up as a butch lesbian for Hallaween?

Erik said...

I just realized that I've been spelling his name Jeff GoldBLOOM, while many other people have been spelling it Jeff GoldBLUM. I wonder which one it really is? I could find this out very easily, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now. And I have to leave for my writing group in two minutes, so I can't even reply to the above comments right now. Except to say--
Eleanor: Next time I see Jeff GoldB., I promise to tell him what you told me to tell him (the pretty thing).

Umes: (I have never called you Umes before, have I? I don't think I have. That seemed really odd to type.) This comment is really for Eleanor. I just wanted to give Uma support and tell you that I heard Bo say the thing about your boobies that Uma said he said.

Angela: You know I am a sucker for any Back to the Future comparisons. Thank you for that. I actually also found a picture of myself standing on the lawn in front of the Clock Tower from BttF Part One, and I almost scanned that picture in for my blog, but didn't. Maybe I should.

AND I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT ERIC TOOK ALL DAY TO TELL YOU ABOUT SEEING KYLE MACLACHLAN!!! I don't think that comment was even in this thread, but I still cannot believe it took him all day and I had to shout about it.

Love to all. Gotta go.


Bonnie said...

I have no response to that.

Bonnie said...

Name the movie.

Bonnie said...

For reals.

Bonnie said...

It's greatness.

Erik said...

Okay, so:

I cheated.

I recognized the quote, but I'm bad with quotes.

So I googled.

(But you already knew I was an incorrigable googler.)

And you're right. It's from one of the best movies ever. People who haven't seen it don't understand how it can be one of the greatest movies ever--they don't get it--but it IS one of the greatest movies ever.

Anonymous said...

Okay. For everyone's information, I was just trying to make very innocent comments about Erik looking like his father and Jeff Goldbloo/um and pretty in a yellow skirt. Just like any other good girl.

So why is everyone talking about my boobs? Why are you in this too, Erik? I thought you were on my side.

Oh, I remember now! Uma was trying to distract all of Erik's blog readers from the fact that she is wrong. And now everyone knows it. Erik looks exactly like his dad! Na na na.


p.s. Erik -- that's because it's Ums, not Umes.

Angela said...

I am SO behind the times in replying...

but Erik, you MUST post the picture of you in front of the Clock Tower. I mean, it's YOU in front of the BTTF-I CLOCK TOWER. As GOB would say, "COME ON".

And re: Kyle, I KNOW, right???

PS. I wanna see the picture of Eleanor's boobies!

Anonymous said...

Angela, I am so disappointed that you are encouraging this behavior.


Erik said...

Eleanor's boobies!

Erik said...

Oh, and Angela, I will post the BttF clock tower pics soon.