Monday, April 03, 2006

New Thing #58: Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. (Oh, and New Thing #59, too)

So, if you read the comments on my blog, you know my NBFF Bonnie.

Bonnie and I met through our mutual friend Colleen, who sent Bonnie to my blog, and then I read Bonnie's blog, and then Bonnie and I started having comment conversations, and then Bonnie and I started having obsessively long crazy amazing comment conversations, and then Bonnie and my mom started having comment conversations, and then we all basically had a blog affair, and then we talked on the phone, in the middle of the night, frenetically, frantically, freakishly, and then, yesterday, we progressed to the next step:

We met IRL.

(that's "in real life," for those of you not in the know) (I don't know why I always feel compelled to explain that IRL means "in real life") (I mean, I use the phrase a lot--online at least--and every time I use the phrase, I'm always like, "that's 'in real life,' for those of you not in the know") (when, really, you're probably all already in the know by now) (and if you're not in the know, you're still pretty smart and you could probably figure it out) (you know?) (so why do I always feel compelled to explain what it means?)

Anyway. Dude. We met IRL.

Bonnie was the first person I've ever met IRL who I met through my blog, so that's New Thing #58. We went to dinner at Dan Tana's next to the Troubador on Santa Monica Blvd., where I've never eaten before (hello, New Thing #59). It was me, Bonnie, my PAM (Punk-Ass Mom), and Bonnie's husband Keith. Which is a pretty fantastic foursome.

We ate steak, we ate chicken, we ate lobster, we ate veal, we flirted with the bartender, we told stories about ex-girlfriends, and stories about weddings, and we heard Keith's story about why he's "the luckiest man in the world," and we met a man named Joe who practically lives at Dan Tana's and who has sat at the bar every night for the last 37 years getting so drunk that his fallback salutation is "Happy New Years" to everyone who gives him even a cursory glance, and we told stories about gigantic labias, and people watched, and then we ate some more steak, chicken, lobster, and veal. It was awesome.

I think we freaked out a little bit. Just the fact that we were finally meeting IRL for the first time after this whole online blissfully freakazoid freakout. I mean, we forgot to do, like, half of the things we had planned on doing (i.e. blog from the bar via Bonnie's handheld, etc.), and at times it felt like an awkward first date--as we ran through our histories and tried to get out as many big life stories as possible--but it was so fucking cool to finally meet my NBFF IRL (someone should snap up that personalized license plate like fucking now) and I cannot wait to see her IRL again, when we won't be so eager and rushed to say anything and everything, when we'll have a little more breathing room, when we can get drunker on alcohol than we are on each other, when we can just spend hours talking about Anderson Cooper and how dreamy he is.

So, BonBon, let's do it again really soon, okay?


P.S. I have pictures, but they aren't on this computer yet, so I'll post them later.


Jesse said...

Well that's a good first date with a married straight woman, her husband and your Mom if I've ever heard one.

I would wait 3 days before blogging to any of them, you wanna play it cool and all.

Bonnie said...


I am so so so so so so so glad it was as good for you as it was for me. ;) The whole way home, I was like, "We had dinner with KiKi and PAM! Yay!"

(And you totally neglected to mention that THANKS TO YOU I may be able to score Jesse Bradford for this film!! Can't wait to have updates to share on that!)

I love love love love that you wore the red fucking shirt (Which one was it, BTW?) and that you and PAM were totally cool with my fly-up-from-my-barstool-and-hug-you instincts, upon first sight.

Oh, and Jesse (Starfucker who?), I love your comment. Totally cool.


Thanks, CoCo, for bringing the wonderousness that is KiKi and PAM into my life! For REAL!

Anonymous said...

It was way cool for me, too. I am not normally at home on a barstool, but it grew on me, so to speak, and everyone should experience the scene at Dan Tana's. Very Hollywood and especially exciting for an OC girl.
Biggest thrill: My first meeting with an online acquaintance and it turns out the people are as wonderful IRL as in CL (cyberlife for those who aren't in the know).
Favorite moment: When Keith asked for my "doggie bag" and gave a stranger a bite of my chicken so she could decide if she wanted to order it, too.

The hugs worked for me. So glad we actually made it happen.

communicatrix said...

My work here is done...

Gina said...

Your PAM is so fricken cool.

Gina said...

and i hope you were nice to me when you spoke to your ex girlfriends...

BTW, you haven't responded to the's the one weird hang up I're coming, right?!!!!

Gina said...

ok, i meant, spoke ABOUT your ex girlfriends. Ugh...get it together Gina!

Erik said...

But Jesse, you know I'm SO not cool!

Erik said...

Bonnie, I can't believe I forgot to mention the Jesse Bradford action!!! It's SO happening. I can feel it.

And how could I forget to mention that I wore the red fucking shirt??? I will talk about that when I post the pictures. The pictures will go in a separate post, giving me an excuse to post about our first meeting twice.

Sweet, right?

(And thank you for not scooping me!)

Erik said...

PAM, I don't know why, but I think it's funny when you call yourself "an OC girl." There's just something about the phrase that, coming from you, makes me smile, or think: "that's funny." I mean, you ARE "an OC girl," so I don't know what's so funny about it, except that it's funny, that's all. To me at least. I'm sure not to anyone else. I'm just weird and shit. You know? Of course you do. I mean, you're "an OC girl." (WHY do I find this so funny? Am I just not awake yet???) (This is SO not funny.) (Whatever.) Hey, OC girl, what's up?

Erik said...

Colleen, you did well. Thank you.

Erik said...

Gina, I KNOW, right? PAM is super cool. (So is Stamata, by the way.) (how IS Stamata? I haven't seen her in, like, at least ten years.) (For those of you who aren't Gina and don't know what I'm talking about, "Stamata" is Gina's mom.) (Am I spelling that correctly, Gina?) (What's the origin of that name anyway?) (You know how there are some things that you just know and take for granted because they just ARE and then you never think to think, why is that? Like, I just accepted that we called your mom Stamata, but I've never asked you where the name came from. That's weird to me. Or maybe I used to know and I've forgotten because I have the worst fucking memory. Maybe that's it. I don't know. Well, anyway, Gina, you should blog about where the name Stamata came from. Or if you don't blog about it, then you need to at least tell me here in this comment thread.) (Okay?) (Deal?)

Oh, and Gina, i AM coming to the next game night, I've just been really bad with evite lately. I'm sorry. I understand it's a thing--you need the evite response. I GET IT.

Oh, and I know that Bonnie will vouch for the fact that I only had nice things to say about one of my ex-girlfriends (and that ex-girlfriend was you) and I had, um, interesting things to say about my other ex-girlfriend.

Jesse said...

Yes Erik, you are not cool, but cool is overrated.

Bonnie, did you get any starfucking in at Dan's? Maybe a Mischa Barton or a Catherine Keener?

Angela said...

I'm SO happy that you all had a conversation about giant labias! (Because really, what's an IRL meeting without a conversation about giant labias?)

Bonnie said...

Nah, Jesse, no real starfucking action going on, as we were totally caught up in each other (and therefore not doing much people-watching) and also we left pretty early.

I know. Boring boring.

Believe me, though, we had a TIME just the same! ;)

Erik said...

Angela, it's so freaking weird how my life is just FILLED with giant labias right now. Seriously. (My blog life, at least--"giant labia" is the most common google search to find my blog, which is crazy, because why are so many people in the world googling the phrase "giant labia"????)

TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD SEARCHING THE PHRASE "giant labia," if you read this comment thread, please, please, please, say hello, and let me know what you're fascination is. I'm serious here. I wanna know.

Erik said...

We did. We had a time.

Bonnie said...

Someday, years from now, kids will gather 'round their elders at the campfire and hear a tale of the guy who was the authority on giant labias.

You are witnessing the start of an urban legend, my dear.

In the movie version, the Noxema girl's grandson will play you.

Erik said...

Bonnie, you just made me feel so proud. I love the idea of being the future authority on giant labias. Like, I love love it. Like, I wanna marry the idea.

I mean, every urban legend has to start somewhere, and this one is REAL and DOCUMENTED.

Bonnie said...

And THAT is a NEW THING!!!!!!!!!

Bonnie said...

Thank GAWD you haven't let me leave your main page yet!