Friday, April 21, 2006

New Thing #66: Crunches

I've decided I want to get rid of my belly and grow some abs.

This is not a picture of me today. It's a picture of me in a couple of months. Well, without the trampoline. I honestly don't see a trampoline in my future. And I probably won't be so clean shaven in the future because I don't foresee myself shaving on a daily basis. But I do see abs in my future. Lots and lots and lots of abs.

I asked my brother Matt for some advice, since he works out, and I figured he might know how I could grow some abs, and he suggested I start walking (okay, sounds good, I'll start next week) and eating better (I just ate an apple!) and that I do one hundred crunches every night before going to bed and every morning just after waking up.

One hundred crunches is a lot of crunches. I just did fifty. I figure it's better to start with fifty and then have a goal to reach that to try to reach one hundred today and give up and never do it again. But I just did one hundred crunches, and I don't think I've ever even done ONE crunch before tonight, so this is definitely a New frigging Thing.

I can already feel my abs growing into a six-pack!


christy said...

First again!!!

christy said...

Babe, abs are hard to work out and you should definitely NOT be doing them every day!

3 times a week max. Know why? Because your muscles grow when they're resting. For reals. Abs need at least 48 hours between reps.

Guys who do like, 100 crunches every day aren't helping themselves because they're not giving their muscles time to grow...its a waste of crunches.

Just saying. Don't want your bro to beat me up or anything.

The most important thing is weight loss because you can grow abs of cryptonite but if there's a layer of fat over them they'll never see the light of day.

As far as dieting, the most effective for weight loss is: 5-6 small meals a day, each one including a lean protein, fibrous carbs (veggies) and carbs and try not to eat after sixish, esp. carbs. Cardio 4-6x a week. Walking is good in the beginning, 3 miles is a good distance...

Yay! Erik with ripped abs!!! So exciting!!!

Ralph Colby said...

Yes indeed, do ab exercises every other day. And crunches, when done correctly are a good exercise, there are many others that you might try.
The plank is a great one. Ask Matt about the Plank. Here is a link to a few.

The core muscles are probably the most important muscle group for optimum health and longevity. Without a strong core you will have back problems in later life.

Bloggingly, Standing tall, DAD

Angela said...


Bonnie said...

So. Weird.


In my quest to be the healthiest I've ever been by my next birthday, I gave up all fast food in 2006. And... when it got to like 135 days before my birthday, I started walking every day. And when it got to 100 days, I cut back on my drinking booze. *sniffle*

Now that it's like 85 days 'til my birthday, I've started adding crunches and upper body stuff at home before each day's walk.

So look at us doing crunches together! Yay!

So glad I read these comments--so I won't try to do them every day. Just every other day. Coooooooool.

Erik said...

Okay, this comment is to all of y'all: Christy, Dad, Angela, and Bonnie: I'm so glad that my blog is providing a customer service to people and teaching people the right way to get good abs. Let's all do crunches together!

Erik said...

Oh, and I can totally feel it in my belly--the burn--but I hear I'll feel it even more tomorrow.

joe chandler said...

nick erikson says you work out abs everyday. they recover faster than the other muscles.

Erik said...

Nick Erikson rocks. He got me in shape once before, I'm willing to listen to him this time.

christy said...

I swear, I trained for four months with competitive bodybuilders (I was RIPPED). And not a soul among them did abs every day! They were all like, "Do NOT do abs every day!"

I can't believe I'm up at 4 AM drinking Throat Comfort tea, coughing and trying to convince you not to do abs every day.

Erik said...

Christy, just so you know, as much as i WANT to do abs every day, THERE IS NO FREAKING WAY I WOULD EVER DO ABS EVERY DAY EVER. I'm not the type of person to "do abs" at all, let alone every day, so my goal is, like, three days a week.

Bonnie said...

Okay, I totally haven't "done abs" since you posted this entry.

I suck.

If my year of new things was to actually do the things I say I'm going to do, it would be a new thing every day because I so can't actually do what I say I'm going to do when it involves GETTING OFF MY ASS and crunching my abs.

Although I have gone for a big walk every day.


Not good enough, Gillespie.

Get on it!

Bonnie said...


I have no idea what that comment means.

Erik said...

I haven't done abs since I posted this entry either!!! How funny is that? All of this debate about whether or not you should do abs every day AND I WILL PROBABLY NEVER DO THEM EVER AGAIN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

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