Sunday, April 09, 2006

New Thing #61: Camp Snoopy


...I spent twelve hours...

...riding the kids rides at Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm.

Hence, New Thing #61: I spent twelve hours riding the kids rides at Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm.

A couple of notes:

--I took my friend Carol's two sons, so she could have a day without the kids.
--I look dreadful in these pictures. (Check out the wings in my hair.)
--Seriously, these are some of the worst photos ever.
--I mean, seriously.
--That thing they say about your hair looking its best (or whatever it is they say) the day after you've washed it? Yeah, um, not always true.
--Apparently, I love -ly words.
--a.k.a. adverbs.
--I didn't take these photos. The kids did.

A couple more notes:

--Twelve hours at Knott's Berry Farm is a long time.
--Twelve hours at Camp Snoopy is even longer.
--I don't recommend it. (But the kids had fun.) (So if you're a kid, I recommend it.)

Oh, and:

--I just looked at these photos again. Oh. My. God. I can't believe I'm posting them on my blog. If I ever want to get a date out of my blog, I really shouldn't be posting these pictures. (And I'd be kidding myself if I told you I didn't want to get a date out of my blog.) (Even though I've sworn off internet dating, I still think that getting a date out of my blog is its own valid thing.) (And I know I've technically already gotten a date out of my blog--the one I had with my NBFF Bonnie--which should really progress to a second date, and soon--but I would also like to get a man date out of my blog.) (One of these days.)


Bonnie said...


What fun!

Erik said...

It was fun, but it was a loooooong day.

Bonnie said...

You gotta plan recovery time into events like that. ;)

I think I'm gonna need to build in a lot of naps for Quinn's visit in June. Ack.

Erik said...

Yes, I actually went to bed at about midnight and slept for TEN HOURS last night.

Which I know is, like, a decade in Bonnie sleepyears, but it was still a lot for me.

Bonnie said...

I've slept that long before! Even 15 hours at one time. I CAN happen. ;)

communicatrix said...

Not get laid? Are you kidding? Performing selfless feats of derring do like all-day babysitting will get you more ass than a toilet seat!

johnny darling said...

Yes, it will get you laid. But with WOMEN.

dustin said...

No You Didnt.... ;-)

Erik said...

I'm such a bad comment responder! I will respond!

Bonnie said...

No. You will let it die. To wit: the epic blogger comment thread of the starfucker who variety.

Bonnie said...


Don't hate me because I am beautiful.

Bonnie said...

BTW--I LOVE that the model for that catchphrase could actually benchpress me (and I could her, so what).Gotta love the big girls!

Bonnie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bonnie said...

This is where I deleted a comment I'd already posted.



Bonnie said...

Hey! That's my YEAR OF NEW THINGS thing! I've never deleted a comment before!

Yay, me!

Erik said...

Bonnie, I HAVE NOT LET "starfucker who" DIE YET.


Erik said...

Okay, Bonnie, you jinxed this comment thread, I keep not replying to any of the comments in it.

I just want to say that I'm happy that people want me to get laid.

Bonnie said...

Hee. I was first in this comment thread too.

I need a life.