Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rickie don't mind

First of all, I just have to say that I was supposed to go on a date tonight and I had to cancel because of car troubles, which is one of the lamest reasons to have to cancel a date.

* This is by no means a "scoop." But it's still pretty crazy and amazing. (Cramazing?) My brother Josh pointed this out to me after reading it in Entertainment Weekly, which means that if you read Entertainment Weekly you're gonna be like, "oh, Erik, this news is so five minutes ago," but if you don't read Entertainment Weekly (because you read my blog, which is basically Entertainment Daily, and so you're like, "why would I waste my time on something that only puts out for me once a week?"), then this might be a bit of a revelation. However, it's only going to be a revelation if you used to watch My So-Called Life and you're also watching the current season of Survivor. (Angela Kang, you're not going to care about this post one iota because I know you've never seen a single episode of My So-Called Life and the reason I'm calling you out in this blog post is to shame you into watching it. Because you will love it.) (Watch it.) (Geeez.)



Remember that great scene towards the end of the My So-Called Life pilot, when Angela Chase and Rayanne Graff and Rickie Vasquez are waiting for Tino outside Let's Bolt so that he'll get them into the club, and then they meet those two guys who basically maul Rayanne and try to get the girls to come home with them, but just the girls, not Rickie, and then Angela's like "well, I'm not leaving Rickie here," and Rayanne's like, "Rickie don't mind," and then Rickie's like, "I don't mind," but he does, and then Rayanne throws a bottle at them and the whole thing is terrifying and exciting and your heart aches and you want to be in high school again even though it's hell but for just one night you want to be underage and not know if you'll be able to get into Let's Bolt and basically you just want to "have a time."

Do you remember that scene?

Here's a picture from that scene:

Now, this is a terrible photo and you can't see the guy's face at all, but that guy in the photo who's being a dick to Angela?

It's fuckin' SHANE from the current season of Survivor. How weird is that?

I feel like worlds are colliding right now. Crazy freakazoid Shane has bullied Angela Chase and Rayanne Graff. What a weird world.

(Shane, I know I just called you a "crazy freakazoid," but I still love you, I do--you're good TV.)


Rebecca said...

Okay since I haven't seen My So-Called Life (gulp) and can't fit Survivor into my schedule and don't have TiVo, I can't comment on your post directly. But had to comment to say thanx for the link!! You so rock!

Bonnie said...

Not weird at all! Many, many, many participants in reality shows have SAG cards, baby!

Erik said...

Rebecca, you're welcome for the link, and I understand not watching Survivor, that's fine, but one of these days you really MUST watch MSCL.

Erik said...

But Bonnie, it really was like two of my worlds colliding...because i have seen the MSCL pilot at least a dozen times, and i've been watching Survivor fanatically like I always do, and I never recognized Shane (after all, he's about 14 years older now) (Oh my god, MSCL was on FOURTEEN YEARS AGO), so when I found out, it was quite a shocker for me.

Erik said...

You know?

Bonnie said...

Yes, 14 years ago was when we were born, right?

There wasn't even a blogosphere back then.

Erik said...

Can you even remember what the world was like before we had a blogosphere?

Bonnie said...

I refuse to acknowledge such a time existed.

Erik said...

Okay, I will refuse to ackowledge that such a time existed with you and maybe we can slowly convince other people that such a time never existed and then, well, after that, we'll be well on our way to being King and Queen of not only Television, but the world, baby. The world.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of your celluloid obsessions, remember when we lived in the Commonwealth place in Los Feliz and I was really really really depressed, like never coming back from the black hole of something that I can't even remember right now... and you were like... there is ONE cure. To watch this Gilda Radner, Best of, or Really Funny, or whatever the tape was. You were like - this is my secret cure. It will work. It's the only thing that will ever work. I've had this tape my WHOLE life. And you put it in and it didn't work anymore. And I was like -- that's it, there's no hope in going on.

And then I bought the DVD on eBay, which was like a total accomplishment in and of itself, and then you got it, and we sat down to watch it... and it didn't work AND infected your laptop.

Wasn't that fun?


Erik said...

Eleanor, this made me laugh. Out loud. For reals. I definitely remember this. Of course. But I want to say that there's still hope. We will get a copy of "The Best of Gilda Radnor: SNL," which is the real name of the tape. We will watch it. We will get you out of your black hole.

Love you,

Angela said...

Um, so I tried to add MSCL to my NetFlix queue, and it went onto my "Saved" list with the other movies that haven't been released yet. Then I went to Amazon, and people are selling the box set used for like $300! Was this DVD only released in Japan for like a month? WHAT'S THE DEAL???

That's SHANE? WTF!

christy said...

Angela, I have been there with and MSCL. I wanted to get it for someone for a gift, I think, and I was like, "300 bucks !(#)*%!!" MSCL DVDs should be free. They should hand them out on the streets instead of those little orange New Testaments.

And Erik, I REALLY need to quit my job. Which I actually am doing at the end of the month. I just sit here all morning googling condoms, and myself, and posting blogs, and posting comments on your blog, and posting comments on my blog. And I get paid for it, which is just wrong.

Gina said...

MSCL should not be handed out for free because it's so much better than that. Everyone should sit down at watch every episode of this show because it's kick ass. I always fancied myself as a Rayanne...except for the slutty part.

Gina said...

Erik-do you have "the best of Gildna Radner" on DVD?

Erik said...


1. I have the entire series on DVD. (I think I actually have it on DVD twice, which is ridiculous, considering it's apparently such a rare item, as we've discovered from your attempts to obtain a copy of the show on DVD, and the fact that Christy also had the same problem--I mean, that's just crazy. Though, I'm pretty sure that if you DID shell out $300 buckaroonies for the series on DVD, you'd consider it money well spent after watching your purchase. It's that good. Seriously.) But don't spend $300 bucks on it. You can borrow mine.

2. I know, WTF, right?

Erik said...

Christy, I am trying to find a way to get paid for writing all of these comments on my blog--can I have your job?

Erik said...

Gina, testify. Yes. Agreed. And you were definitely a Rayanne in high school. (And I don't really consider Rayanne a slut...) (I LOVE RAYANNE.) I think I've always been a Brian Krakow. With maybe a sliver of Angela Chase.

Erik said...

Oh, and Gina, i don't own the Best of Gilda on DVD. Is it even on DVD?????? Like Eleanor said above, I used to own it on VHS, and I watched it so many times I broke it. (I think you and I might have even watched it together in high school.) (Did we?) (When we were dating?)

Gina said...

Erik, I think you definitly have some Angela Chase in you, exvept you weren't in constant turmoil and have a huge plate of angst for breakfast every day. THANK YOU for saying I was Rayanne in high school. That means so much to me! Hey, we should have a MSCL party and everyone has to dress up as their favorite character. Oh, and didn't you just love Tino? Who would play him if they ever did a movie?