Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 12 of 12, plus New Thing #127

Yesterday was a really long (awesome) day. I'm still recovering. It was also the 12th day of the month and (after being a tool and forgetting to participate last month) I took photos for Chad Darnell's 12 of 12 project. I finally got my act together and am posting the pictures, kinda late. (Sorry Chad.)

So here goes.

(wait, but first, I just wanted to point out that so many of these photos are hair related and I think my obsession with hair is strange) (i mean, what is up with my hair obsession?) (seriously) (it's weird) (maybe obsession is the wrong word, but i definitely like to change my hair "look" frequently) (and it's not like i'm obsessed with making my hair look "good") (actually, now that i think about it, i think i know what it is--i've always been a collector--when i was a kid it was comic books and key chains--and at some point i think i started collecting hair styles)

(on a completely unrelated side note, i'm eating frosted mini-wheats right now and they're so fucking satisfying) (and degrassi: the next generation is on the telly and i think degrassi might be the best show ever) (i know i just turned 29, but sometimes--okay, more than sometimes--i still feel like a teenager, and i watch degrassi and i'm like, yeah, that's how it is)

Oh, right, 12 of 12:

#1: brushing my teeth, approximately 1:15 a.m. (note the full beard)

#2: trimming with scissors, preparing for the shave, approximately 10:30 a.m. (note the patch of chin in the bottom right corner of the picture--i actually shaved off my chin hair a couple of days ago so i could try the mutton chop look)

#3: hair in the sink, approximately 10:45 a.m. (this was after i'd already wiped up most of the hair with a paper towel and thrown copious amounts of discarded facial hair into the trash) (someone should figure out a way to use facial hair for the greater good of humanity) (a way to recycle it) (instead of throwing it all away) (because facial hair is a resource that we will NEVER be short on, you know? we don't even need water for it to grow) (i'm just sayin' this is something all the scientific folk out there should be thinkin' about)

#4: after I shaved my face i decided that i should cut the hair on my head as well, but the office scissors i used didn't exactly give me the Kim-from-America's-Next-Top-Model look I was going for, approximately 11-ish. (do you like how i didn't even bother to wipe away the excess shaving cream before taking this picture?) (My Year of New Things is classy)

#5: all of this hair was on my head and now it's in the trash can, check it out!, approximately 11:15-ish.

#6: The Haircutters, approximately 12:30 p.m. (this woman was so funny) (she kept saying, "what did you do? what did you do?" over and over again as she inspected my terrible self-inflicted haircut)

#7: my mom's side of the family is having a family reunion this weekend. there are about 50 of us from all over the country, and we all got together in my mom's backyard yesterday for lunch. this photo was taken sometime in the afternoon between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. (the thing i like about this photo is that if you look around, so many people in the photo are laughing) (which represents my family accurately)

#8, one of the neighbor kids came over with a deluxe snow cone machine, with all the fixin's. this was late afternoon, around 4 p.m. (while i was waiting in line to get my snow cone, i was standing behind my five-year-old uncle Bobby, and i was like "hey Uncle Bobby," and Bobby was like, "hey Erik," but he didn't look at me because he was really focused on the snow cone machine, and then i started to ask him a question and he was like, "excuse me Erik, but could you please not distract me?") (which means it looks like Uncle Bobby has inherited the all consuming family sweet toothe) (i used an "e" at the end of "sweet tooth" just now because our family sweet tooth goes back to the days when random words had extra "e"'s at the ends of them)

#9: After a full day with the family, I went out for drinks with a group of friends, at the Edendale Grill in Silverlake. I'm going through another Amaretto Sour phase. This is a photo of my first (of approximately 7) Amaretto Sours of the evening, taken at 8:30 p.m.

#10: New Thing #127: I threw a drink in someone's face, time unknown, late in the evening. This is my dear friend Eleanor and her new fiance Bill. Okay, so, Bill knows about my fixation on wanting to throw a drink in someone's face and he told me that since it was my birthday week, I could go ahead and throw a drink in his face. I wasn't going to do it because Joe Chandler told me I could throw a drink in his face many, many months ago, in order to check this off of my list of New Things to do in My Year of New Things, and I haven't made it happen yet, and I owe it to Joe, but then I got kind of drunk and Bill was like, "you're not going to throw a drink in my face, are you?" and it was like he was throwing down, you know? It was a challenge. So I grabbed a drink, the first drink I saw, which, luckily for Bill, happened to be a glass of water, and I threw it in Bill's face. Actually, I mostly missed his face and got his chest, but I've never had much of a throwing arm. I don't think Bill truly believed I would throw the drink in his face and he was surprised when I did it. And I have to say it was a really enjoyable experience. We should all throw drinks in peoples faces so much more often than we do. (My apologies to Joe Chandler, BUT I PROMISE YOU, JOE, THAT I WILL SAVE THE DUMPING-A-PLATE-OF-SPAGHETTI-IN-SOMEONE'S-LAP-AND-THEN-STORMING-OUT-OF-A-RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE FOR YOU.)

#11 and #12, photo booth with Aimie, around midnight-ish. (That's a total outright lie, the next two photos were actually taken a little after one a.m., but I want to pretend they were still taken on the 12th day of the month so that they can apply to the 12 of 12 project, and so we're all going to agree to believe that they were taken around midnight-ish.) (The next two photos were taken by John Zalewski, and they are my favorite two photos in today's 12 of 12.) (in the first photo, while Aimie was feeding the machine, we were plotting what we were going to do in each of the four photos we were about to take)

(and then in this next photo, we were both like, "um, what were we supposed to do in this photo?)

Bonus photo: the theme was Homage, and this is an homage to my camera-phone. My camera-phone is haunted, or something. It's got major glitch. (I still love it, though.) What happens is, sometimes it works perfectly, and sometimes it looks like it's working perfectly but then five minutes later I'll go to show someone a photo I just took and the photo will have morphed into abstract nothingness. So this is an homage to all of the camera-phone photos I have lost:


Bonnie said...

FIRST, muthah fuckahs! FIRST!!!

Erik said...


Bonnie said...

Okay, now I've read your entry. Awesome 12 of 12.

SEVEN amaretto sours? Who do you think you are? Daisy Scat?

I LOVE that you tossed a drink at someone. That is SO "America's Next Top Model" at Barney's Beanery two seasons ago.

You rule with your new 'do and I ADORE that you tried the DIY approach before surrendering to a stylist.

Thank you for brining 12 of 12 into my life.

Erik said...

YES, SEVEN. I know, I know, I totally think I'm Daisy Scat. Or I think I'm Lindsay Lohan.

OMG, calling me "SO "America's Next Top Model" at Barney's Beanery two seasons ago" is the best compliment ever!

I'm glad you like the new 'do, BonBon. I really did try to style it and make it fierce, but it just wasn't happening.

How rockstar is 12 of 12? I'm so happy to have brought it into your life, and I love how you've embraced it. And you haven't missed a month since you started! (unlike me, who missed last month, cuz I was a dolt.)

Erik said...

Oh, and I should note that Uma thinks my handlebar mustache makes me look like a serial killer, but I think it makes me look kinda Victorian. Or maybe Southern.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Looke like a fun day.

Aimie said...

um, what a great fucking entry. it was as satisfying as your frosted mini-wheats between the 12 out of 12 and your bday party and your family laughing (one of the most beautiful pictures ever). and, the cherry on top is john's pictures of our photo booths. if i ever did a dare where i lived somewhere wierd for a month, it would be a photo booth. i'm obsessed with photo booths and have taken 7 strips from 2 different booths this week. i'm contemplating becoming a photo booth entrepeneur. and, then i'll be rich and buy you 8 amaretto sours. or, maybe even a bottle of each amaretto and sour as that is only a small fraction of my adoration for you. happy bday week, beautiful brown sugar.

Bonnie said...

1. You are SO Daisy Scat Lindsay Lohan (the latter of whom was totally at Dan Tana's with the former on Tuesday night. She's so stalking me).

2. Isn't that the BEST compliment ever? And it's so EXACTLY where my mind went, when I pictured you throwing a drink.

(PS--What are we going to do, what with the WGA on strike against ANTM? Eek!)


4. Totally do like the 'do. But the best part is definitely your goal to make it Kim-like on your own. And the thought of your hairstylist semi-scolding you while you took her photo with your ghostphonecam.

5. 12 of 12 is super rockstar and I've tried to get others to jump on the bandwagon. It's almost as cool as Sum of All Years, which I do hope you'll be attempting at some point. It's like POWER blogging.

6. I brought Babes McPhee a postcard to give to you, but she said she wouldn't see you before I would (and I told her I had only ever seen you once, but whatevs). It's about a play called "Unleash the KiKi." So hot!

Oh, goody! A Google search yields KiKi on MySpace. Hee! Go see!


obliquity said...

I think your obsession with your hair is justified. You have a great head (of hair).

I don't get the serial killer vibe--only the HOT vibe.

Finally--and most embarrassingly--at 41 I'm still obsessed with Degrassi.

(I am SO gay.)

Teena said...

Great pix! Thanks for sharing!

Mine are up too :)

Anonymous said...

The pics and the hair are so fun. In number 4 you look like a total leather daddy - and that, my friend, is pretty rad.

SOAP on Friday!!!

Erik said...

beth, THANK YOU! i liked your 12 of 12 too.

Erik said...

poop, (aims), i will post our actual photo strip from the photo booth towards the end of the week--i'm still housesitting, so i won't have access to my scanner until then. it was so great to see you!

Erik said...


1. but LL isn't supposed to be out partying--haven't you read that scathing/amazing (scathmazing?) letter sent to her by the producers of her current film? if you haven't, i will send you a link. it's seriously scathmazing. wait, why don't i just post a link anyway, for others who want the dirt.

2. i know, what are we going to do??? part of me wants to boycott antm because i believe that those writers should be unionized and i want to support the strike, but what's even going on with production? i'm assuming they've moved forward and the EPs are doing everything?


4. kiki on myspace rocks!

Erik said...

obliquity, awwwwww. thanks.

and there is no need to be even remotely ashamed about still loving degrassi at 41! i plan on being obsessed with degrassi forever!

Erik said...

thank you teena, i enjoyed your pics too!

Erik said...

Lindsay Lindsay, I look like a leather daddy, eh? HOT.

And ohmyfreakinggod, I've been so busy for the last few days that I didn't realize how amazingly soon SOAP weekend is!?!?!!!!! it's right around the corner!!?!!!!

fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...

i didn't notice that your ear was covered in shaving cream. at first glance it looked like one of those big silver plugs, which contributed to the whole leather daddy image. you should totally get your ears stretched.
Lindsay from San Fran-fucking-Cisco.

Erik said...

I'd get a tattoo on my face before I would stretch my ears. What does that say about me? I don't mean any disrespect to ear stretchers, but I would never do it.

Helen said...

Suggestion for something you should do and probably haven't before:

walk home in the rain, listening to "Sweet Cherry Pie" by Warrant, and singing along, in the rain. Has to be done. 80s cheese rock (or sounds like).

So get the song, load it on your mp3 player, and wait for a rainy day.

joe chandler said...

needless to say, i'm hurt.

but i suppose i didn't make the party so part of the blame lies on me.

Erik said...

Joe, Don't Be Hurt! I was conflicted! But I will save the spaghetti for you, I promise!!!!

(And you totally owe me a drink in the face, as retaliation for this, and you can hold me to that.)

joe chandler said...

have you ever had a drink thrown in your face? that could be a new thing.

Erik said...

I haven't.

Erik said...

Oh, and my word verification for the last comment was:


joe chandler said...

I don't believe you.

Erik said...

I swear on everything that is holy.

Wait, do you not believe I'll save the spaghetti throwing for you,

or do you not believe my word verification word was "udiarrhea"?

(speaking of which, my word verification for THIS comment is "usmell"!)

joe chandler said...

I don't believe udiarrhea.

by the way


joe chandler said...

Saying what your word is, is totally the new "first"

Erik said...

urethra makes me laugh out loud.

i love the idea of saying your "word verification" as the new "first," i just wish that the word verification actually gave real words every time rather than, like, once every 100 times.

my word verification this time (in all honesty) is mduwsv.

Anonymous said...

The word urethra makes me want to vomit. For a really long time.

I think you forgot some things:
A. I also gave you a throw-a-drink-in-my-face certificate. But you didn't cash in (yet). Therefore, you like me the best.

B. Bill DID throw down, and he actually went so far as to tell you that "your last play sucked." But he didn't mean it, I swear. He just wanted you to have a nice birthday.

C. You are so Kim. Except you don't break down and cry when girls confront you in a limo.

D. Your family is the best family in the whole wide world (that's not really something you forgot).

Yours truly,

Erik said...

hey uwyhuway,

Don't think for one second that I forgot that you gave me a drink-in-your-face ticket and also don't forget for one second that it lacks an expiration date because i sure as hell won't forget it and i'm going to let a lot of time pass before i cash in on it so i can cash in on it when you least fucking expect it.

hahahah! H!H!!H!!!HAHA!!HAHA!