Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunset Junction (and New Things #129-132)

I don't really have time to write a big blog entry right now (which is always "famous last words" and means I'll probably write, like, the longest entry ever), but I just wanted to post some pictures from yesterday's Sunset Junction, and a quick round-up of new New Things:

New Thing #129: I went to the Sunset Junction for the first time. (You could argue that this is a lie because, in truth, I HAVE been to the Sunset Junction before--twice--but both previous Sunset Junction outings were about 30 minutes long and I didn't really "do" the junction, whereas yesterday I was there for, like, six hours, and dem junctions was done up. For the first real time.)

New Thing #130: I met fellow LA playwright and blogger, Kyle, of Frank's Wild Lunch (we hadn't started taking pictures yet, so I didn't get a picture of him) (but I read his blog every day--love it--and was so excited to meet him), and I was a total dork (the "dork" part isn't new, just the part about meeting Kyle) because I saw him and totally recognized him immediately and in my head I was like, "oh my god it's kyle from frank's wild lunch!" and then he saw me and recognized me (this all happened very quickly and very simultaneously) and then I walked up to him and we hugged a hello and then I started having this (minor) anxiety attack because people kept making faces at me about the t-shirt I was wearing and saying things about my shirt (which I will explain in a few paragraphs) and while Kyle and I were in the middle of our hello hug, my brain started to race and I was like, "wait, what if this ISN'T kyle, what if this man was just trying to say something about my shirt and then I suddenly mauled him with this suddenly very inappropriate hug" and then the hug broke apart and I looked at Kyle and I was like, "what's your name?" And Kyle's friends looked at me, like, "why did this random guy just come over here and hug Kyle and then ask Kyle what his name was?" And then Kyle said "Kyle" and I sighed, happy that I was right, that, yes, this WAS kyle, but then embarrassed that I'd doubted myself and had this funny/awkward moment.

New Thing #131: I danced with a really drugged-up, strange, lovely woman (like no one was watching). (Pictured) (I'm not taking the time to put these by the correct pictures, because I have to grab some dinner before my writing group, but, you know, it's one of these pictures.) (She was on so many drugs.) (Oh, wait, it's the picture above this paragraph, I guess I am paying attention, sort of.)

New Thing #132: I spent an entire day wearing a shirt with a picture of my own face on it. Several people kept saying to me, "there's a picture of your face on your shirt," and finally I was like (and I forget who I said this to), "is that really weird?" And they were like, "it's weird," and then they paused and said: "but it's good weird." The shirt (again, it's pictured in one of these pictures, not sure which one, cuz I ain't looking for it right now) was a belated birthday gift from my brother Josh (who I still have not given a birthday gift to, and his birthday was a week before mine, and Josh: I have not forgotten! You will get a gift when you least expect it, i.e. the next time I show up at your house at one in the morning, randomly), he made the shirt, it has a freeze-frame image from the youtube video we made together (which, if you haven't seen it, you can see it here: ERIK MAKES A BANANA, aka I MAKE BANANAS) and underneath the picture it says "I make bananas" and it's the coolest shirt in the whole wide world, I love it so much, and I don't think it's weird to wear a shirt that has a picture of your own face on it as long as the words "I make bananas" are written underneath the picture.

Okay, that's it for new New Things.

Oh, but wait, I just want to point out that in one of these pictures, I'm smiling and it looks like I have a really dirty front tooth, but I DON'T HAVE A REALLY DIRTY FRONT TOOTH. That's actually a bunch my incredibly long mustache hairs bunching up in front of my not-dirty front tooth.

I have nothing to say about the photo of all of the police officers (below) except for: police officers are kinda hot. Especially a whole gaggle of them.

This is a really odd assortment of photos, but that's the thing about the Sunset Junction: it's fucking odd, but it's also kinda fucking beautiful. (You know, all of the wonderful east side freaks of Los Angeles coming out for hot dogs, popcorn, music, beer, bears, and carny games.)



Jesse said...

Erik The Banana Tree.

Erik said...

Bananas don't grow on trees, Jesse. I MAKE THEM.

Anonymous said...

you CANNOT have mustache hair hanging in front of your lips. then when you kiss someone and you want to feel them, you just feel your own hair. and you can feel yourself any ol' time. this is from someone who LOVES facial hair. I am PRO facial hair. I think it can be HOTT. but give it a good name. hell - give it the ol' college try. and you are so handsome you can make it look good. but not when it looks like a rotting tooth. but maybe if you comb all the hair in front of your lips so that it looks like you have no teeth, or like you have craggly jack-o-lantern mouth - well, maybe then I could get on board.

speaking of beautiful is ms. aimie?! just so freakin' beautiful and shiny shiny smart great. i am glad you guys have such good fun.


Bonnie said...

Seriously. Trim the facial hair. You looked like you had Slingblade teeth. Nobody needs that, no matter how cute your T-shirt is.

Glad you had a time!


Erik said...

Lindsay, that's really good advice on the kissing thing. I haven't made out with anyone in awhile. I'm not blaming the mustache. I love the mustache. I love that you love the mustache. BUT I don't want the mustache to get in the way next time I find myself making out with someone.

The one GREAT thing about the mustache, though, is that it's so long right now that I can do fun things with it, i.e. comb it up and make it look like wings, or twirl it and give it little curly cues. it's not quite long enough to comb all the way in front of my lips and cover ALL of my teeth. it's actually a little bit uneven (because i trimmed some of it) (wow, the more i talk about this, the sketchier my mustache sounds).

and, yes: aimie's beautiful and lots of fun. we had a time.



Erik said...

BonBon, when you say "Slingblade teeth" do you mean they look slingblady, or do you mean they look like Billy Bob IN the movie Slingblade?

(regardless, i will trim.)


(i was trying to think of an awesome acronym that cssfqm could stand for, that had to do with signing off, but the best i could come up with was "chat seriously soon for queer men" and that doesn't make ANY sense)

drc said...

Police officers are definitely HOT!

frank's wild lunch said...

Just to set the record, um, straight, I initiated the hug; the mauling was most welcome. And once I explained to my confused friends what a blog was, they weren't alarmed at all.

frank's wild lunch said...

I'm kidding about having to explain what a blog is. In fact, my friend Brandy had a blog before I did called "Dookie and Perfume." It was short-lived, sadly.

frank's wild lunch said...

Brandy said you have good energy. And all those who saw your t-shirt thought it was cute/funny.

frank's wild lunch said...

I was going to be the voice of caution about overtrimming the facial hair, but the hairtooth does give one pause. Still, don't go nuts; I'm sure there's at least one police officer who would find the hairtooth endearing.

frank's wild lunch said...

I think we should start a band called Hairtooth.

Erik said...

drc, SO hot, right?

Erik said...

fwl, i'm glad they weren't alarmed. i can't remember if i mauled them with hugs too? or maybe i just shook their hands?

Erik said...

Why was Dookie and Perfume short lived? What's wrong with Brandy? Why don't you harrass her until she starts blogging again? Huh? Huh?

Erik said...

I thought Brandy had good energy too. And I'm really happy that people liked the shirt because it's my new favorite shirt and I might wear it every day for the rest of my life or until the shirt is ragged, whichever comes first.

Kidding...or am I?

Erik said...

FWL, I promise I won't go crazy with my trimming, but I'm definitely going to do SOME trimming because the hairtooth thing doesn't really work. Actually, I have some meetings next week and I don't know if I want to be Mustache Guy in the meetings, so I probably WILL shave it all off, but now that I'm almost thirty, my facial hair grows really quickly, so it'll come back soon.

Oh, and hairtooth or no, we should definitely start up a band called Hairtooth.

Erik said...

Joe Chandler,

Tell Steve ilvprzi.

christy said...

hee hee

you make bananas.

it reminds me of one of those direct/indirect object grammar exercises in school.

1) Erik makes __bananas__, or

2) Erik makes __everyone__ bananas

Aimie said...

erik and lindsay, you made my day. year, for that matter! but, the credit for shiny goodness must go to erik because that's how he makes me feel. and, hey, linds! i miss you!

erik and frank, if you start hairtooth, can i be the tambourine player and sometimes moody singer? i'll even wear a long moustache strategically placed over my tooth. or, a merkin over my crotch! i've always wanted to wear a merkin.

Bonnie said...

I'm watching "The Real World: The Shit They Should've Shown" right now and I am about to puke over Tyler. He grew his nails (finger and toe) long, bit them off, and put them in his pockets so that he could pull them out and chew them like gum. All of the time.

Anyway, this just reminded me of your very long facial hair trying to run into your mouth.


But otherwise, it's cute. ;)

gdtyuidm (Holly cow, that's a long one!)

Anonymous said...

hey aimie -
great fact, i'm wearing a merkin right now.

Erik said...

christy, i don't make no one bananas! i just make 'em! (this comment doesn't even make sense to me.)

Erik said...

aims, OF COURSE you can be in our band!

you can be one of our Backup Merkins.

Erik said...

bonbon, my facial hair is so NOT even near as gross as that fingernail story you told.

Big UG.

Erik said...

linds, can men wear merkins too? or are merkins strictly a women-only thing? (i suppose this question is for aimie too.)

aimie said...

the only definition of a merkin is a hairpiece designed to simulate pubic hair for the stage or screen. so, yes, a man can wear a merkin. or, maybe you can grow your facial hair long enough to be a merkin/beard. or, a mearkid. or, a bearkin. or, a merde!

linds, i want a picture of you in your merkin! does the carpet match the curtains?

Erik said...

i should totally grow my beard long again and then sell the hair to make merkins. Get Rich Quick Scheme #4321.

frank's wild lunch said...

I think dookie and perfume died out of lack of interest; she did it with a couple of friends and they all moved on to other distractions. They just don't have our bloggy sticktoitiveness.

I love moody female singers who play tambourines. Hairtooth is gonna rock!

I have to admit, though, I'm kinda confused by the whole merkin concept.

Anonymous said...

okay. I am posting a link to an adult website with pictures of women and their parts. it is, however, a "tasteful" site, whatever that means. the bejeweled merkin they sell turned me around on the whole concept. proceed with caution!

in the interest of education,

Eleanor said...

Stupid ladder games.
They are torture on a stick.
Like torture corn dogs.

Aimie said...

linds, ohmygawd! that's the merkin i want!!! i guess that's for when we play fetish clubs or after hours...

erik, i'd buy one of those from you. but, i'd probably put it on my cat. that would be funny.

frank, i would use any excuse to joke about merkins. but, the name hairtooth really seemed an appropriate opportunity. n'est pas?

carnival mai tais
and engorged rouged stuffed mice make
ladders bearable

Erik said...

I'm commenting out of order here, but Lindsay! That butterfly merkin is awesome. Every woman should have one.

Erik said...

fwl, did you follow Lindsay's link? Because it opened my eyes to the whole concept of what a merkin can actually be. Like, the potential of it all.

Erik said...

i'm really glad you're back to signing your own name on your comments. the ladder carny game was hella difficult. i spent WAY too much money on it. (but jeff, pictured, spent twice as much money on it as i did, so he's really the one who should be ashamed for not succeeding at the game, not me).

Erik said...

aims, you mean you'd get your pussy a merkin? rar! sexy.

Eleanor said...

bearable for her,
expensive for Jeff,
but Aimee knows best.

Erik, I don't know
what you are talking about.
You should not accuse.

Erik said...

huh, eleanor, what?
i accused you of nothing!
but lying, liar.