Friday, August 11, 2006


I haven't been feeling very bloggy since I got back into town. Sorry about that. Just kinda stressed about various things. Anyway:


Oh, and, even though I'm still not in a very bloggy mood, I have some amazing pictures from Lake Tahoe that I want to share with y'all. (At least I think they're amazing.) (Don't you hate it when you want to italicize the word "I" but nothing else? Because the italicized "I" doesn't ever really look like it sounds, you know what I mean? Like, in my head, that sentence "at least I think they're amazing" sounds like "at least III think they're amazing," but that looks way roman numerical and kinda too self-important, so I stuck with the lone italicized "I" even though it annoys me as much as sentences that use the word "that" twice in row.) (You know what I mean, right?) (Oh man, the whole "that that" thing bothers me so much, but sometimes you have to say "that that.") (It's just a fact of life.) (You take the good, you take the "that that.")

Okay, before I show you these pictures, I need to preface with a little info about Tahoe. I go to Tahoe with my brothers and my step-mom's side of the family for a week every summer. We've been going for the last twenty years (since I was 9, since my brother Josh was 1, since my brother Matt was a wee little baby, and since before my brother Mike was even born) and every year, throughout the week, we have "theme" nights. The themes change every year (for the most part--the one stalwart night is Cowboy Night, which we now do in honor of Grandma Gibbs, who passed away several years ago. Her line-dances live on!) and the theme is basically just an excuse for everyone to dress crazy. It's kinda awesome.

One of the theme nights this year was Superhero Night. I already posted one picture from Superhero night, but here's a series of photos we took:

1. This first photo is of our youngest cousin Rob (you can't really see his costume and I forget who he was supposed to be--he was a superhero from the cartoon "Doug," which was after my cartoon-watching days, so even when he told me who he was supposed to be, I had no idea who he was) being attacked by The Incredible Hulk (secret identity: my brother Matt).

2. Fortunately for Rob, Captiain Planet (secret identity: my brother Josh) came to the rescue! In this second photo, Captain Planet is about to open a can of whoop-ass on The Incredible Hulk.

3. See, check it out: whoop-ass.

4. And in this fourth photo, order is restored. The Incredible Hulk has been defeated. (Which, I suppose, is kind of illogical, since The Hulk is supposed to be a "hero" and it doesn't make sense that he would be picking on Rob, but whatever, we were into the drama of the moment.)

5. In this next photo, we find out that Spiderman (secret identity: my brother Mike) is apparently friends with The Incredible Hulk and Spidey has decided to seek retribution for the abovementioned whoop-assing of his green friend.

6. Okay, last but not least, I'm going to share a picture of MY costume, mostly because Lanie wanted to see a picture of my beard and I didn't really have time to prepare a kick-ass costume like my brothers' costumes, so my costume was all about my beard:

I was wearing a postal delivery shirt and I told people I was The Postman (a made up superhero) (NOT "the Postman" from that lame Kevin Costner movie) (which I've never seen, so I probably shouldn't call it lame) (I'm just guessing) (anyway) (I wasn't him) (but it WAS a real postal shirt that was given to me by a former employee of the US Postal Service), but I was actually pretending to be Wolverine disguised as a postman. (See--my costume had lots of intellectual layers to it.) Okay, actually it was just a postal shirt and a lot of hair gel to make my beard really curly.

But say good-bye to the beard because I'm about to shave it off in, like, five minutes (as soon as I hit post).



dustin said...

Wow! Great moustache! You giving free rides on that thing?

drc said...

Wow! Nothing like an entire family of good-looking guys!!!

Jesse said...

MOOOOOOE Lester! OMG. The beard coupled with your window-less van you drive and that bag of lollipops you always carry...wowsa.

Erik said...

Dustin, ass, gas, or grass: nobody rides for free.

Erik said...

drc, awwww.

Erik said...

Jesse, the look i'm going for with the beard is supposed to be more Deadwood/wild-wild-west.

Doug said...

Wolverine meets Salvador Dali. Interesting.

Dave said...

Yeah I thought the Salvador Dali thing too, and very cool by the way.

And talking about cool. Man oh man what is it with the gene pool over there? You guys have got the corner on cute and studly! I mean, you're all really very handsome!! Obviously very cool to hang out together and in costume no less, and get along so well.

Man oh man you all are so darned nice to look at. Thanks for sharing!

Bonnie said...

Promise me that beard is gone, KiKi.

Love the photos.

And you were totally Deadwood. (I'm using the past tense because I believe you when you say things like that beard is gone as soon as you hit post.)

Welcome home!

eclectic mania said...

Great pics!!

Is the beard gone? LOL

Show us a pic! :)

Anonymous said...

Was that picture posted for me Lanie? or do you have another friend named Lanie? LOL. Love the costume!


Erik said...

Doug, Wolverine meets S. Dali is so on the money. I just looked at the picture and I can totally imagine a paintbrush in my hands.

Erik said...

Hey Dave, thank you for the compliments. We definitely all have fun when we hang out. The Brothers rock.

Erik said...

BonBon, i WAS totally deadwood, wasn't i? maybe that's why i've been (even more) obsessed with facial hair (than usual) lately--because i've been watching so much deadwood?

i wish that the word verification on these comments was actual "words" and not gibberish letters.

Erik said...

eclectic m., YES, the beard is gone! i've posted pictures in the 12 of 12 post!

Erik said...

Lanie, OF COURSE that photo was posted for YOU lanie. There are no other Lanies. You are the only one for me. xoxo

Anonymous said...

So Sweet! Thanks! Love ya!

Erik said...

Love ya too!