Friday, August 25, 2006

New Thing #128: the US geography test.

Earlier today, my dad (Dope Ass Dad?) (that's still d-a-d) (but it's cooler than just d-a-d, so I'll give him "Dope Ass Dad") (whattya think, DAD?) sent me a link to a simple US geography test. (Um, third grade level.) And I have to admit, I failed the first time I took it and then I felt really stupid, but then I did a little bit of studying (I've always been bad at geography) (if we were standing in Hollywood and you asked me to point in the direction of Santa Monica and then in the direction of Pasadena, I could probably do it, but I'm not making any promises, you know?) and I took the test again and I did markedly better, and then the third time I aced it.

So, if you want to either feel really stupid or just a little bit smart (and I say "just a little," because if you ace it all you've really proven is that you have a third grader's knowledge of US geography) (so it's not like passing this test is passing the MENSA test), then take this test. Be ready before you clink! As soon as you hit "play," the timer starts counting down and you only have about 60 seconds to complete the test!

Let me know how you do. (Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, the first time I took the test, I got a really bad score--something like 20 out of 48--but I blame some of that on the fact that I didn't realize how quick the timer was counting down and so I wasn't exactly rushing and I simply ran out of time.) (Whereas the second time I took the test I got 35, and then the third time I took the test I got a solid 48 out of 48, and then I just took it again several hours later to make sure I'd retained the information and I got 48 out of 48 again, so, you know, thank god.)


Shit, this is the first new thing I've done in forfuckingever.

New Thing #128: I learned the geography of the United States of America.


christy said...

okay i got all 48 in well under the time limit on the first try and it still said i failed, i scored a 48/48 but the short bus was still coming to pick me up!

oh, and first!

Crash said...

I aced it. I had a hard time getting my cursor over the tiny states, though. Damn the Northeast and their tiny, tiny states.

Erik said...

christy and crash, yer makin me feel dum.

ok, fine, congratulations on fucking acing the test the first time.


(am i the only person in the world who doesn't have a third grade grasp of the united states of america's geographuckingy?) (scratch that, i have the knowledge now, i just took the test again and i got 48 outta 48 again)

speaking of the world, my DAD just emailed me a world version HERE.

Anonymous said...

46 out of 48. And this while I was also doing work on my computer. Jumping from screen to screen.
Not bad for an old Dumb-Ass-Dad.

Note on the world test. Forget it. I know the North Pole is North of me. The South Pole is ...ahhhhh South of me. I know about 50% of Europe and Canada.

Anonymous said...

I didn't take that test until the 5th grade.

Erik said...

Dad, you're just showing off now with the whole "i went from screen to screen" thing.

Erik said...

Lindsay, I think the reason I did so badly on the test is, uh, maybe we didn't take it in 3rd grade, maybe we didn't take it in 5th grade...maybe we NEVER took it at my elementary school...?

frank's wild lunch said...

48/48, but I'm trying the Africa one and it's HARD.

Erik said...

oh fwl, i ACED the Africa quiz, no problem. (not true at all, i just want to feel smart again after reading that everyone else is acing the states test.) (and i DO feel smart again, dammit.)

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I got 47, (where was Alaska and Hawaii?) The only reason I didn't get 48 was because Delaware didn't want to light up when I put the cursor over it. I truly enjoyed the test! Thanks!


Jesse said...

49/48...did you not find the secret state?

Erik said...

hey dad, thanks for the links!

Erik said...

Lanie, i'm glad you enjoyed it. i want to confess that i basically had to teach myself the geography of the U.S. and I don't feel stupid anymore: now i can totally label every single state in half of the alloted time and now i feel smart again.

Erik said...

jesse, there is no secret state. i won't let you trick me. hawaii and alaska have been left off of the map. seriously, i'm not going to get hoodwinked by you.

Anonymous said...

I think the short bus should pick the smug creator of this test up for leaving off Hawai'i and Alaska, and not even giving a reasonable explanation.

Like, oh sure, they're states in the United States of America but they're kinda far away and didn't fit on the stupid map when I made it??

As you can guess, I did fail the test the first time. But I did get a 34 out of 48, which is better than Erik so I'm happy. Oh, and it only took me two tries to get Missouri, which is where I am right now.

Tests are stupid.


Erik said...

34 out of 48 is really pathetic, Eleanor.

Erik said...

But if we're getting mad at the mapmaker, I kept on being like:

what the fuck little state is that supposed to be above Wisconsin???

Michael said...

I got a 43 out of 48 the first time, but considering I don't have a mouse I think I may have gotten them all.

Thank God I have a helmet for the shortbus.

Anonymous said...

Um, I'm not pathetic.
I'm also not Eleanor.
I mean, who's Eleanor?

joe chandler said...

that was embarrassing.


Erik said...

Michael, 43 out of 48 is VERY respectable. (See my first score, and also see "Eleanor's" pathetic 34 out of 48 score.)

Erik said...

Eleanor, or, sorry, "not Eleanor," your comment was ALMOST a haiku. I really wanted it to be a haiku.

Erik said...

joe chandler,

tell me about it. BUT just take the test a couple more times and then you'll totally know where all of the states are and you'll never forget it again ever.

Erik said...

oh, and:


Anonymous said...

I'm not pathetic.
What to know what else I'm not?
I'm not Eleanor.

How's that?
Not Eleanor

Erik said...

I beg to differ.
Not on your patheticness.
You ARE eleanor.

(that was a terrible haiku)

Anonymous said...

Are you insulting
my haiku or your haiku,
you big piece of poo?

Bonnie said...

Here's what I like about the continent/oceans quiz:

Results: Quiz over... Perfect Score!

Yeah, baby!

Oh, and the first time I did the 3rd grade quiz (I saw it a month or so ago on a kid actor website where I answer questions of stage moms), I got 46/48 (b/c of time blitz and damn New England, I swear) and Keith got 48/48 (Jesuit-educated superstar using NO MOUSE!!).

I prefer grammar and punctuation quizzes, as they make me feel way superior, whereas geography quizzes just make me feel poorly-traveled.



Erik said...

ynroy is like Irony for Hooked on Phonics kids.


Erik said...

bonbon, yeah, i think i'd do a lot betteron a grammar and punctuation quiz, tho not necessrrily on a spelling quiz (i didn't even MEAN to misspell that word for the sake of comeduy) (not did i mean to misspell comedy) (nor did i mean to say "not did i mean" instead of "nor did i mean") (oh, and i just noticed that there's no space between "better" and "on" at the beginning of this comment, which makes that word look like the name of a Transformer) (I played with Transformers when I was a kid, but I don't really have any desire to see a movie about them)


Erik said...

Wasn't insulting you,
NOR your damn haiku, Rigby!
I have to poop now.