Thursday, August 24, 2006

This spider almost killed me tonight

(that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but still: the fucking spider was, like, practically the size of a pineapple)

(oh, and doesn't it kinda look like it's an alien descending on the planet earth in these photos?)


christy said...

Holy shit! That looks like some cheesy special effect from a 70's horror movie!

Oh, and first!


Erik said...

christy, it was SOOOOO SCARY! it's bubble butt was GINORMOUS!

joe chandler said...

Erik - when photographing smaller objects it's best to put something next to it so we can have perspective...a quarter or a pencil. Something like that...

Erik said...

Joe! I did! That last picture!??! That's a quarter! It's not the moon, which is what it looks like to me and what I pretend it is when I look at the picture using my imagination.

The spider was actually about the same size as the quarter. The reason the quarter looks bigger in the picture is that it's closer to my camera-phone, so there's a perspective thing. I couldn't hold the quarter as close to the spider as I wanted to because I was afraid the spider would attack me if I got any closer.

And I think the word verification words are kinda funny even when they aren't funny: you just gotta like, imbue them with "the funny."

Like, for instance: dhahuzar can be hylarious if we're like "Dhahuzar! Ha!" Though, I'll admit, I can't think of a single situation where "pqqbb" is funny.

soleclaw said...

OH my GOD! That thing is huge. And I freaked out because I found one flea in my bathroom sink! YIKES.

Bonnie said...

Okay, I'm glad to know that was a quarter. I was wondering. And I too thought it looked like the Earth.

And perhaps the spider thought the quarter was a peace offering?

Maybe that's WHY it didn't kill you?


Erik said...

i am so excited that the "share your word verification letters" thing is catching on.

and the spider didn't trust me with my quarter. he was eyeing me hardcore. i just got the chills remembering our little staredown.

ay carumba! (sp?)


Bonnie said...

Once I figured out what the hell you boys were doing, I had to play along!

And you just gave me shivers thinking about you going eyeball-to-eyeballs with the pineapple-sized-butted spider who laughs at peace offerings.


(Holly cow, that's a great one!!)

Erik said...

"angstzzr" is maybe the best one. it's SO my so-called life.

this one, however: tlhdt

is boring.