Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Thing #126: I turned 29

I can count that as a New Thing, right? (I actually don't turn 29 until 3:30 p.m. today, Tuesday the 8th.) (that's when I came out of PAM's vagina) (seven weeks early) (I'm really looking forward to 29 because it means I'm that much closer to 30 and I think people start getting really good in their 30s, you know what I mean?) (so I'm actually not looking forward to 29 as much as I'm looking forward to 30) (I think I might shave my beard for my birthday)


Jesse said...

Happy Birthday!

Here's to always liking rap on the radio and never shushing 12 year olds at the movies.

Now fucking shave UniGayer!

drc said...

Just remember, as you get older instead of having birthdays, you start having anniversaries...Today is the 8th anniversary of your 21st birthday...So....Happy Anniversary!!!

Bonnie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

communicatrix said...

You so have the right idea about getting older.

Happy, happy birthday. I look forward to seeing your sweet, baby face.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Erik! Love ya!


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

It's nice to hear of someone over 21 looking forward to a birthday... I tend to dread and ignore mine these days. ;-)

Doug said...

Happy Birthday, Erik!!

Anonymous said...


oh and p.s. your blog rocks my world. (not sure if you were aware of that).

signed, a friend you havnet seen in a very long time, but loves you very much and feels like she talks to you every day just by reading your blog. (which i guess is kind of the point right?)



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Erik Erik!

And I agree, 30 is looking pretty good.

Lindsay Lindsay

Anonymous said...

Happiest Birthday.

You were a teenager with green hair when I met you. That picture of "Captain Planet" reminded me of that. It must run in the family.


j-dō said...

happy day of your birth! i like how you let us know that you came out of your mom's vagina (no c-section).

i am toasting you in North Carolina. i would call is my phone worked here, but it does not.

i miss you!

frank's wild lunch said...

Thirty sucks, man. Your life will be over.

Hah, just kidding.

Or am I?

Happy happy.

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday!!

eclectic mania said...

Happy Birthday Erik!!

Not that I am trying to throw ANOTHER ten years at you....thirty is good, but forty is better ;)

christy said...

oh my god, Happy (belated) Birthday, Erik!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no i'm late!
Happy birthday!


frank's wild lunch said...

SCISSOR SISTERS AT THE SHRINE Sept. 28. Tickets on sale Saturday!

Bonnie said...


I stopped blogging.

--signed, KiKi