Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Go vote for Rockstar: Supernova

Okay, so if you're one of my faithful blogreaders, and it's Tuesday night, the 29th, CLINK ON THIS and vote for either Dilana, Toby, or Ryan (or all three). You can even vote more than once if you want. You can even spend the next hour or so voting (like I plan to do).

I'm kinda obsessed with this show and I just finished watching tonight's episode and Dilana, Toby, and Ryan blew me away (whereas Lukas, Magni, and Storm didn't) and I don't want my three favorites to be in the bottom three so I'm fixated right now and I'm just voting, voting, voting, and I thought, "hey, maybe I can enlist more people to vote with me."

Not that you really even care about Rockstar if you don't watch it, but go do a little voting for me! It doesn't take long to do and Dilana, Toby, and Ryan need your votes! (I AM SUCH A GEEK.)

UPDATE: if you need a reason to vote for them, or want to know a little about them...

--Dilana has an amazing stage presence and an unbelievable voice and she can fucking rock with her cock out one minute and then the next minute she can give it to you really tender and sweet (what's that Tina Turner quote? "we're gonna start out slow and easy and then we're gonna get nice and hard..." Is that the quote? whatever--that's what Dilana's like.)

--Toby is also really commanding onstage and he's sexy as hell (amazing Australian accent) and he puts on a killer show.

--Ryan used to be really boring, but something happened (he claims he got laid, but I think one day he woke up and realized he was alive) and now I think he's captivating onstage.

--Lukas mumbles all of his words onstage and even though I'll admit he has presence and some sort of undeniable "je ne sais quoi," I don't buy him when he's onstage. I feel like he's faking it half the time and that's the last vibe you wanna get from the lead singer of a band.

--Magni has a huge fanbase, but I just don't get it. He doesn't do it for me.

--Storm is a rock star. I love Storm. But she didn't quite do it for me this week, and ultimately I don't think she's the right fit for Supernova. (However, I think she could have a great solo career, and I would totally pay to see her in concert.)

(SEE, I SAID I WAS A DORK AND THEN I PROVED IT BY COMING BACK TO THIS POST TO UPDATE IT AND TELL YOU WHY YOU NEED TO VOTE EVEN THOUGH YOU DON'T WATCH THE SHOW AND YOU DON'T CARE.) (Okay, now I need to stop writing this blog post so I can go vote over and over and over again for the next hour or so.) (Voting stops at around 2am.)


Aimie said...

first!!! i don't watch rockstar but i know someone who knows the drummer.

Erik said...

the drummer of Supernova, as in TOMMY LEE???? or the drummer of the houseband???? (it's kinda cooler if they know the drummer of the houseband.)

jenny said...

Okay, I have so much to say, and you're just not going to like it, Erik.

1. Dilana - Dude. She went bonkers! She sliced Magni's head open in an emotional rage! I still kind of like her, but now think there's no way they'll pick an emotional trainwreck like her.
2. Ryan - I think he's the ultimate poseur. He's doing whatever ridiculous stunts he can to stand out. You can't make up for a mediocre screamy voice by sliding across a piano. And tossing his guitar last week? Lame.
3. Toby - LOVE HIM! I would totally be happy if he won. Great to look at, nice voice, good stage presence. I'm with you 100% on this one.
4. Magni - LOVE HIM! He seems like the only stable one on the show, which is maybe why he won't win. I think he has a really good voice, good range, great on stage. Nice guy, all around.
5. Storm - I actually liked her performance last night, but I'm sure she'll get the boot tonight.
6. Lukas - I realized last night that he looks like Cory Haim. A lot! Don't like his performances, but I think he was pretty cool about not bashing Dilana after she bagged on him to the reporters.

My fantasy final two: Toby and Magni

Aimie said...

houseband, i guess. what's his name? my friend maziar plays with him sometimes. ooh lala!

Erik said...

Jenny, so many things:

1. Dude, I know Dilana went bonkers, but like Tommy said: we've all made mistakes, and I think Dilana learned from it and she's not going to speak shit about people anymore. And I thought they made the glass to Magni's head moment more dramatic than it probably really was. Yes, she's an emotional trainwreck, but she's hands down the best singer and aren't most great singers emotional trainwrecks? It's what they bring out on stage that matters most. (Hello, Kurt Cobain.)

2. Ryan: yeah, I see your point on the poseur thing, but I've been enjoying his performances. Maybe he should go get a job playing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway or something.

3. Toby: ditto to everything you said.

4. Magni: I stand by my original opinion, he bores me so much.

5. Storm: yeah, she's getting the boot, it's inevitable at this point, especially after Toby kinda stole some of her thunder on that song (though, I agree with you--she sung it well, and I would say WAY better than Jill sang it)

6. Ha! I love the comparison of Lukas to Corey Haim! That's awesome.

Erik said...

aims, i don't know the name of the drummer in the houseband off the top of my head, but the whole houseband fucking rocks. they're awesome musicians.

jenny said...

OMG - Ryan would be perfect for Broadway! Actually, I think Storm would be awesome on Broadway as well - she's very dramatic.

And I know - the Magni thing really wasn't that big a deal, but I like saying that she sliced his head open. He was all, "It was just a flesh wound." Which is why I like him - he didn't try to make her feel worse than she already did.

Are they kicking two people off tonight? I think so, because there are only 2 weeks left. If that's the case - I think it should be Storm and Ryan. But in reality, it might be Storm and Magni, since he's been in the bottom three a few times.

Erik said...

However, Jenny, if my completely unscientific poll HERE is in any way indicative of the way America has been voting, then I think that Magni might not be in the bottom three tonight (or maybe the reason he's so high on my poll is that only 38 people have voted on my poll and the entire population of iceland is included in that 38).

And I hear you on the whole "it's fun to say Dilana went bonkers" thing--did you watch the online webisode??? They showed most of the bonkers footage on the show, but online it's a little eensy bit longer. And she really did have a major meltdown. I mean, I'll admit that she's crazy. Which, actually, when we first saw her perform Lithium in the first show, my very first thought was "WHO IS THAT INSANELY INSANE WOMAN!?!?"

But I can't help but root for her because her voice just kills me every time (except for the Every Breath You Take week, which I thought was her weakest performance).

Wow, if they kick two people off tonight, it's going to be crazy.

Adam said...

"Rock with your cock out" in your blog reminds me of Lindsay's invention "Jam with your clam out." I'll bring a T-shirt back from Cambodia for anyone who can come up with a better one than that.

Erik said...

oooo Adam's back! Are you in Cambodia right now???

I like "jam with your clam out," (nice one, Lindsay), and I like the idea of coming up with new phrases like that, and I LOVE the idea of getting a free shirt from Cambodia.

I'll think on it.

adam said...

Ya, I'm in Cambodia, doin my thang with my wang out.

I totally dig it here in Phnom Penh and may try to get fulltime work here in a couple of years.

I've fallen way behind on your blog and must catch up. Can you give me a one sentence summary of the top ten things of the summer for you?

ps--lindsay, sorry, i didn't do justice to your genius, it was "jam OUT with your clam out."

Erik said...

oh, yes, JAM OUT WITH YOUR CLAM OUT works much better.

Erik said...

This comment is about OK GO and it's totally in the wrong comment thread, but whatever:


Ok Go is performing on David Letterman right now! And you're totally right, the guy who lipsynchs on the videos isn't the singer. They are SO GO right now on Letterman. And the lead singer is sexy. He plays his guitar standing there with his feet about three feet apart from each other and it should be really awkward, but it's kinda sexy, and you have to see it to know what I'm talking about.

Erik said...

oh, man, Adam, you want a one-sentence description of the TOP TEN moments of my summer?!?!?

Hmmmm. I don't know if I can do that. You're just going to have to scroll through archives and read. But do that when you get back from Cambodia. You're in Cambodia right now! Get off the damn computer and go do your Cambodian thing.

(Did I say I really like the "thang with your wang out" one?)

adam said...

i would LOVE to be gettin silly at ya with my billy zabka out, but i have a JOB in an OFFICE in phnom penh. some vacation, huh?

ok, scratch the top ten things of the summer: write a sonnet (shakespearean, petrarchan, or otherwise) entitled Ode to Billy Zabka and i'll bring you a t-shirt back from cambodia. it could be one of your new things: write a sonnet on commission.

Erik said...

a job? A JOB??? in an office? I hope that there are at least some fun bars in the neighborhood where you can get *a little* silly with your billy zabka at.

nice job, bringing billy zabka into the conversation.

i will get started on the sonnet!

Erik said...

are you at work RIGHT NOW, adam? What's the time difference between california and cambodia?

(that sounds like the title of a The Smiths song: "What's the Time Difference Between California and Cambodia?")

jenny said...

Let me know when we can start talking about last night's elimination episode. Don't want to spoil it for anyone...

And the reason your unscientific poll has Magni winning is because I voted for him on 5 different computers. (not really) (maybe)

Erik said...

Jenny, see my latest post for more on rockstar.