Thursday, August 24, 2006

A follow-up on my Dogwalker post

A couple of days ago, I wrote about my friend Pamela's movie The Dogwalker, and I just read this rave review in the LA Weekly and wanted to post it here, as a sort of follow-up. (Pamela would have LOVED this review, for obvious reasons.)

The LA Weekly's "GO" review of THE DOGWALKER:

"The sort of movie that you’d see on Lifetime if that channel actually respected its viewers’ taste and intelligence, Jacques Thelemaque’s feature directorial debut has been kicking around the festival circuit for five years, and now finally comes to theaters in a leaner cut that jettisons an extraneous subplot to get to the core of its human story. Battered wife Ellie (Diane Gaidry) escapes her life via a flight to Los Angeles, where she rapidly loses everything, but then meets cranky ex-con Betsy (the late Pamela Gordon, who’d be Oscar-worthy if the Academy ever considered truly independent movies), who needs help maintaining her dog-walking business and sees a kind of kindred spirit in the beaten-down transplant. Their ever-changing relationship is the heart of the movie, yet it’s also a larger allegory for the way Los Angeles can beat people down and the means they find to survive and even triumph regardless. You don’t have to love dogs to get it. (Music Hall) (Luke Y. Thompson)"

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

um, hello? First.

Erik said...

totally second.