Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How Erik Got His Groove Back

I went through a minor bout of depression last week, which made me feel kinda self-destructive, so I started drinking (soda) again and I ate a lot of ice cream (okay, honestly, that's the extent of self destruction) (I toyed with the idea of getting addicted to xanax, but since I didn't have any xanax at hand, my days of xanax-induced haze never happened) (i'm not even sure if xanax would have been the right drug to have gotten me through my depression) (should i have thought about getting addicted to zoloft instead?) (what's zoloft?) (the hardest drug i even have in my medicine cabinet is Tylenol PM, but I never even considered becoming addicted to that because that would have been a pretty lame addiction) (i mean, hello? Tylenol PM?) (who gets addicted to Tylenol PM?) (but then, it might be kinda funny to get addicted to Tylenol PM) (not that addiction is that funny) (but, you know, in the scheme of things, an addiction to Tylenol PM is a hell of a lot funnier than, say, an addiction to crack cocaine), but then I finally realized that the things that have been getting me down are largely out of my control. When my subconscious latched onto the idea of just letting it be, I started walking around humming that beautiful song by the Beatles (it was almost as if I spent a few days with the song draped over my shoulders) (like it was my favorite childhood blanket or something) and after sitting in the song for a couple of days, I'd like to report that I am now officially out of my funk.

Thank you John, Paul, Ringo, and last, but never least, George. Here they are singing Let It Be: (oh, and check out John's beard! it almost makes me miss mine!) (i said almost)

Three other things that helped get me the fuck outta my funk (if i ever write a self-help book, i want it to be called Get The Fuck Outta Your Funk):

1. This AMAZING rockstar dance video by OK GO, which has definitely made the rounds (BonBon first brought it to my attention, and then Sheila raved about it), but I have to post it myself as well because if, by any chance, you HAVEN'T seen it, well, YOU FUCKING HAVE TO WATCH THE HELL OUT OF THIS. Seriously. I dare you to watch this without breaking out into a big goofy grin. It's impossible. The time, the commitment, the brilliance, the energy, the love: it's all there. Watch it. Watch it again. And then watch it again. (I did.) Enjoy:

2. The fact the Derrick and Diem are doing so well on MTV's Fresh Meat. (How sad is it that reality television has the power to affect my mood so much?)

(The clip below is not from Fresh Meat. It's from one of the previous Real World/Road Rules challenges, but I just found it on youtube and I'd never seen it before and it kinda made me love Derrick even more.) (Because as awesome and rockstar as he is, I think he's really a dork at heart, which makes him even more rockstar.) (Or maybe he's just a drunk.) (But I still love him.)

3. and TJ Wilk, the hottest manny on the planet (just looking at these photos of him helps keep me out of my funk):


frank's wild lunch said...


frank's wild lunch said...

And I'm glad you're out of your funk. And I finally watched that OK GO! video, which is cute. I like the long-legged guy's pink pants best.

drc said...

I love that video on the treadmills! I have it saved to my favorites on YouTube.

Erik said...


Erik said...

FWL: yeah, it's good to be out of the funk.

my favorite moment is when the singer leans against the treadmill. (that's SO unspecific.)

Erik said...

drc, it's saved on my favorites too! and i think i only have two favorites saved, which means it's 50 percent of my favorites and that's a lot of my favorites.

Erik said...

Joe Chandler,


joe chandler said...

couple things...
1. why didn't you take my depression advice and watch city slickers?

2. the singer is not the guy who's mouthing all the words. he also does the same thing in this video which precedes that amazing video


3. I suggest watching all videos on Google video, the window is bigger.

4. I had something else but i can't remember.


joe chandler said...

my favorite moves are the ice skating and the spinning.

jenny said...

I think discussing Rockstar: Supernova would also make you feel better, so I'll start.

1. Dilana - I'm kind of over her now. She's getting too big for her britches (sp?).
2. Toby - total hunk, but I'm a little tired of the Aussie-isms all the time.
3. Ryan - colossal poseur (did you see him gently toss his guitar 'cause Tommy said he wanted to see someone smash a guitar? LAME-O!), but his REM cover a few weeks ago was AWESOME!
4. Storm - she's okay. Don't have much more to say.
5. Patrice - soccer mom must go.
6. Lukas - Still sounds like Carol Channing. I want him gone. ASAP.
7. Magni - should win the whole thing. He has the best range, great stage presence, maybe a bit arrogant, but it doesn't bother me.

My prediction? Toby and Magni in the final two. I'd be happy with either of them. We should start a Rockstar pool...

Bonnie said...

My favorite is when the guy nearly bites it during one of the moves and then recovers and does an extra slinky turn on the following move to make it look like he meant to do a deep-near-topple-over on the first one.

That video cheers me up when I'm blue too, KiKi.

I'm sorry you were down. I am glad you are back up. LYMI

Bonnie said...

Oh, and those boy's abs are HAWT.

Here's something else to make you grin: Seven Deadly Sins. Seriously.

TheDarkerUma said...

thank god for the beatles. i'm SO glad/happy (which is better?) you feel better, erp.

but, being the asshole that I am, i must point out you have been drinking soda for a lot longer than you claim.

but you do recycle. so amen.

Erik said...

urp, you're right i've been back on the soda for longer than a week, BUT it was mostly sporadic and often diet, whereas during the last week i was drinking A LOT of soda, like, i was a WILD SODA DRINKER.

you're not an asshole, you're just the bearer of truth.

oh, and thank you for the well wishes. I would pick the word "happy."


Erik said...

bonbon, i'm replying to comments backwards.

his abs ARE hawt.

and i love the gummy sins! i love gummy in general, but gummy sins fucking rock.

(fyi, when you're reading the above sentences, you should read them as like "goomy" because ever since seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch, that's how i pronounce the word "gummy.")


Erik said...

bonbon, i love when the guy almost bites it too! i totally missed that moment the first time i watched the video, and then when i watched it the second time i was like "how did i miss that," but there's so much to watch.

speaking of things to watch, i still haven't seen SoaP and it's embarrassing. pathetic. sad.

Erik said...

jenny, i have so much to say about rockstar after tonight's episode. i will be back to talk about it in depth.

i am REELING from tonight's ep.

holy crap.

Erik said...

joe, fuck!

i SHOULD have taken your city slickers advice.


it would have gotten me out of my funk AND it would have been nice to honor bruno kirby by watching it.

i don't go to the video store anymore. that's the problem.

i am going to watch the ok go video you linked to now.

Erik said...

Joe Chandler:

1. That video is so fucking cool too.

2. Where the fuck did these guys come from? Who are they? Why haven't they been on the cover of Rolling Stone yet? Seriously.

3. I wanna know who their choreographer is. S/he is a rockstar. I want to hire her/him to choreograph my life. (Um, by the way, that's kind of a good idea--don't you think it would be fun if you had random choreographed dances that you could just pull outta your ass and be like, "oh, i'm at the supermarket, it's time to do my supermarket dance"???

4. Wait, the guy who mouths the words in the videos isn't the singer??? For reals?

5. Because that's so weird.

6. Which one is the singer?

7. irchja

Jesse said...

can a 30 year old get a manny?

Erik said...

JESSE: YES, you can. try craigslist.

Boom Boom Becca said...

Once you have children, an addiction to Tylemol PM is pretty easy. Pathetic, yes. But easy-peasy.

joe chandler said...

I don't know which one is the singer, but if you watch this video, which was directed by Michel Gondry's brother, you might be able to figure it out:


they've been around for a while. The dancing video came out a couple years ago...they idea fro the videos came about because they did those dances on stage.


Also, the "tag" game isn't as fun when funny words don't come up that often.

joe chandler said...

Also, my guess is that they might hit the cover of Rolling Stone soon...that video has over 3million views on youtube.

Google video forver.


Erik said...

Boom Boom B, okay, that sounds like a plan: i will wait to get addicted to Tylenol PM until I have children. Sounds like a plan. (And it's better than being addicted to Ambien!)

(oh, and Joe Chandler: "jkblops" is kinda funny.)

Erik said...

Michel Gondry's brother saw Red Light, Green Light, so I love that he directed that video, and I am such a huge fan of OK GO now. I'm annoyed that they've been around for a couple of years and I'm only now discovering them. They're awesome.


soleclaw said...

Ok Go's video makes me smile every time I watch it. I first saw it here: http://www.shanntastic.com/archives/random_musings/

I like the guy in the red pants for some reason...though he seems to not be as thrilled as the other guys to be doing the treadmill thing. His darn red pants just catch my eye...like a moth to a flame.

Bonnie said...

Here, KiKi: I clinked to this on my blog, but I know you can't possibly read everything I write and follow every link I put up, but it's the history of OK GO and a bunch of links, etc.

They've been around for YEARS.

I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE NOT SEEN SNAKES ON A PLANE YET! You are missing out on having your quality of life dramatically improved!


Erik said...

BonBon: thank you for the OK GO link!

And I am as shocked and annoyed with myself as you are about the SoaP thing. What is wrong with me?W??@!?? Why have I not seen it yet?!?!

Bonnie said...

(You are secretly afraid of Samuel L. Jackson?)

your friend Rebecca said...

OH my god. I was just in a discussion about the popularity of Tylenol PM as a suicide delivery method. Two bottles, straight. Won't make you puke, either.
I wish I'd known that BEFORE I sat thru the play I sat thru tonight.
I've googled suicide on the Inter-net,

Erik said...

Institute of Official Cheer, eh? I'll check it out...


joe chandler said...

I like this one:


Erik said...

joe chandler, that one's way better than this one:


at least, i thought it was at first, but then i looked at


a little bit longer and i thought, maybe my computer is dissing usc really hardcore, like maybe


is sorta like a personalized license plate that means

venereal bag from usc

or something like that, you know?


i mean, that's what it would mean if my computer had any sense of humor, but my computer is a Toshiba, so the whole "maybe it has a sense of humor" thing goes out the window and


probably just means


which is kinda boring.

Erik said...

not that i have anything against USC, nor should my computer.

Bonnie said...

You'll like this story:

When we were driving to La Costa Spa and Lego Land back in June, we saw this woman driving her convertable Audi in the OC with a license plate that read:


Holly cow! That's a license plate that would get someone's tires slashed outside of the orange curtain. Eesh!

Oh, and you don't really have to see "Snakes on a Plane" if you don't want to do so yet. It'll still be there when you're ready for it. And even if it's not in theaters, it'll be one I buy on DVD, so you can come over for a double feature w/ that and "Stick It."

BTW--did I tell you that my NBF "Stick It"'s mom mentioned that Keith and I should come to the DVD release party next month? Heeeeeee!

I am such a starfucker.

Oh, shit! That reminds me of our old, long lost comment thread. I wonder if I should go visit it and see how it's doing. It has been awhile.