Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some of the locations I go to in my dreams...

If I had a camera in my head and I could take pictures of my dreams, the roll of photos I got back from the One-Hour Photo at Right Aid might look something like this (but with more sex, food, and Amaretto Sours):

I didn't take any of the above photos. (Like I said, I only wish I had a camera in my head that could take pictures of my dreams, I don't actually have one.) So I should give some photo credit where photo credit is due:

1. "ferris wheel" by Stuart Yeates (flickr creative commons license)
2. Great Northern photo, found online, photographer unknown
3. It's A Wonderful Life photo, found online, photographer unknown
4. "Hollywood sign with Palm Tree by Solsonic (flickr creative commons license)
5. "Gondolas Venice Italy" by Maleny Steve (flickr creative commons license)
6. "signs" by estherase (flickr creative commons license)
7. People walking toward bus c. 1960s, found online, photographer unknown
8. "Knowledge" by drp (flickr creative commons license)
9. "Cobblestone Street to the Brooklyn Bridge" by Bob Jagendorf (flickr creative commons license)
10. "Rollerskating (33) by stateroadyouth (flickr creative commons license)
11. "reflection on water" by ilferro_ud (flickr creative commons license)
12. Family Ties photo, found online, photographer unknown
13. "hol" by 7-how-7 (flickr creative commons license)
14. "Lamb and Flag Passage" by kk+ (flickr creative commons license)
15. "bjork-4" by mediaeater (flickr creative commons license)
16. "petulant punk" by adrian2006 (flickr creative commons license)
17. "Palais de Papes, Avignon" by Piero Sierra (flickr creative commons license)
18. "It's cold outside" by annafdd (flickr creative commons license)
19. swimmer photo, found online, photographer unknown
20. "rowers" by captainmcdan (flickr creative commons license)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! I love it. Thanks for the daydream. I needed it at 3:15pm on a Wednesday!

Lanie :)

Erik said...

Thanks Lanie! Yeah, it's my hump day dream post, I'm glad it helped get you through the hump of the work day.

frank's wild lunch said...


frank's wild lunch said...

I was looking to be first but not type first and then Lanie came along and beat me to it because I got distracted by another window. Curses.

Erik said...

FWL, you gotta be quicker on your toes, my man...Lanie beat you by a sold 4 and a half minutes!

Erik said...

Oh, and by the way, "seventh" is the new "first."

Jesse said...

you go to the freshly shaved legs of a swimmer in your dreams? That's really gay.

ps look at my blog title photo...isn't the back of the Hollywood Sign so much cooler then the front. This is why we are friends.

Erik said...

I know, Jesse: SO GAY.

and you're right, the back of the hollywood sign is hella cooler. i love the photo of it on your blog.

That's why we've been friends for, what? 15 years???

jeremy said...

if you haven't already been to pic 2, i'll take you there when you visit seattle.
my bf just gave me laura palmer's secret diary today.

Erik said...

Jeremy, you are going to love Laura Palmer's Secret Diary. So so good, and dirty, and scary, and perfect.

I've never even been to Seattle, let alone the Great Northern. One of these days...Yes, we'll have to go!

Aimie said...

aww! the inside of your head is even better than i imagined! i thought it was filled with puppies, pixie sticks and stripper platforms... :)