Saturday, August 19, 2006

Google This

It's been awhile since I gave y'all a peek through the window of my soul, i.e. a look at my recent google searches, so I thought I'd share with you some of the banal, some of the curious, some of the mundane, some of the embarrassing, some of the sexy, and some of the what-the-fuck Google Searches Erik Has Made In The Last Seven Days.

(Also, in light of the google search scandal from a couple weeks back, when an anonymous list of google searches released by AOL and Google for research purposes was tracked back to an elderly woman in Georgia, who had to be like, "yep, those are my searches," and then there was a little hullabaloo of people being upset that their searches might also be released and tracked back to them, well, hell: no need to track my searches the fuck back to me, I'll tell you what I've been searching myself.)

(this is just a random sampling of searches)

(all of the links are clinkable, if you feel like following my searches yo'self)

24 hour rush
a hairy site
a strange sight
Amazing race chip screencaps
Anais Granofsky
an inconvenient truth website plant a tree
antm strike
America's cup Frozen yogurt
beachwood canyon for rent
beachwood canyon guest house
beachwood canyone one bedroom
ben lee best of
ben lee song about claire danes
bit torrent download
blog make donations
bring it on imdb
british american drama academy
cassie alex degrassi
chip arndt bulge
Chip arndt naked
chip arndt sexy
chip arndt underwear
chip arndt wet
country where you wipe with your hands bathroom
country where you wipe with your hands toilet
crazy Elisabeth Hasselbeck
daniel cartier naked
Eric Bruskotter starship
Erik Patterson gay
gay LA bloggers
girl struck by lightning
Gnarles barkley crazy lyrics
Gonzo song I'm going to go back there someday
hot dog the movie
jake bike
jason statham
joey and caitlin
John Tucker must die soundtrack
kaike and mateus carrieri
lightning arm tattoo
London cheap tickets
lycra shorts
make a picture into a silhouette
manny degrassi abortion
marshmallow cool whip chips recipe
muppet lyrics
new play grants
Paris Hilton vagina perez
popularity dialer
ronald reagan
ronald reagon
rupert everett starbucks
screech t-shirt
sheila variations dogfight lily
snakes on a plane reviews
surfer silhouette
tj wilk
toby naked rockstar
women midlife crisis


TheDarkerUma said...


Jesse said...

umm beachwood canyon, YEAH.

christy said...

does this mean you're moving back!?

joe chandler said...


Aimie said...

that gonzo song is so beautiful.

what prompted looking it up?

and, you haven't answered chrisy's question...? :)


Erik said...

uma: siexa. (Pretend that's spanish for six.) (I feel really stupid not knowing what the real spanish word for six is.)

Erik said...

jesse, what's your problem with beachwood?

Erik said...

christy, it means i've started looking at what things cost, started comparing rents, etc., so i can get the ball rolling...not moving back immediately...but soon, yes...

Erik said...

joe chandler,


Erik said...

aims, the gonzo song IS beautiful.

and my answer to christy's question is above!


Anonymous said...

This list is all too revealing. I love it. I have been out of touch with the blog, but back into it now and it makes my day.

Erik said...

I'm glad you're reading it again PAM. xo.

donna said...


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