Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Detention Watch update

So, earlier today I posted that I wasn't looking forward to fourth period because of the attitude I knew I was going to receive from the students I gave detention to on Friday. (I just reread that sentence and it seems really convoluted, but I'm not going to change it to make it less convoluted.) (I'm not lazy.) (It's just really fucking cold in this classroom.) (Anyway.) Just wanted to check back in to my blog peeps with a report. The girl I gave detention to TOTALLY gave me the cold shoulder when she walked into the classroom and saw that I was going to be her substitute today. She soooo hates me. Like, she walked into the room and she saw me and then she literally rolled her eyes. Scoffed. Annoyed. The guy I gave detention to, on the other hand, hasn't given me any 'tude at all. He looked at me, said "hey Jeff Goldblum," and then sat at his desk, happy. No care in the fucking world. I'm assuming that the girl hasn't spent very much time in detention and that the guy has, so detention felt like the end of the world to her and it was just business as usual for him. That's my interpretation, at least.

I identify more with the girl's attitude, which is why it frustrates me that she's giving me the cold shoulder, because I feel her pain. (A teacher can never get away with saying that they feel a students pain, though, because no student is ever going to believe that anyone who ever experienced detention would ever give it away.) I only ever had real detention once. It was in seventh grade. I remember the moment vividly because I felt like the detention had been issued to me unjustly and there's a part of me, somewhere, some recess of my brain, that is still thirteen and still incensed. We were supposed to be reading quietly and the girl who was sitting next to me asked me what I was reading and then I told her and then the teacher snapped at us, "no talking! That's detention!" And I was like, "what the fuck?" Only I didn't say "what the fuck" because I was a really good student, which was why getting detention for saying the name of my book to someone seemed like a great injustice to me at the time. Of course, I was thirteen, so a lot of things seemed like great injustices, but still.

I remember we had detention in the library and it didn't really feel like The Breakfast Club, but I really wanted it to, so I kinda willed my detention experience to be as Breakfast Clubby as possible. (Like, I sat there wishing that life was cooler than it really was.) Still, no one threatened me with any horns, no one escaped into the gymnasium, and no one hid in between a girl's legs and looked at their panties, so it wasn't quite what I was hoping detention would be.

Not that I wanted to hide between a girl's legs and look at her panties or anything, I'm just saying I wanted a Breakfast Club experience.


joe chandler said...

you have every right to carry that chip on your shoulder

Erik said...

Thank you, Hoe. (I meant to type, Joe, obviously.) (But you know I like to leave typos and then comment on them, instead of fixing them.)

Gina said...

This is totally off subject, but I'm curious what you wear when you sub. I imagine you dont wear flip flops, and that's got to be tough. Descriptions would suffice, but photos would be better.

p.s. I'm so sorry if forgot to do the video on Friday. You know the one. But I promise to complete the mission.