Sunday, December 31, 2006

A “my year of new things” Year In Review, part 2

Some Random Statistics:

New Things Completed: 184
(so I didn’t do 365 new things like I set out to, but 184 New Things is still pretty respectable!) (also, I’m sure I did at least a couple dozen new things that I never got around to writing about)

Number of Posts About Poop: 10
(I’m sure there were more than 10, but as I quickly skimmed through all 347 posts just now, the word “poop” only popped out at me 10 times)

Number of Posts About Pee: 4
(I’m not nearly as obsessed with talking about my pee habits as I am with talking about my poop habits, so I’m kinda surprised this figure is as high as it is)

Number of Posts About Hair, More Specifically My Hair: 15
(what’s up with that? why am I so obsessed with hair?)

Number of Posts About Billy Zabka, More Specifically My Penis: 2
(however, the number of “Billy Zabka” google searches that brought people to my blog was probably in the dozens) (sorry Real Billy Zabka)

Number of Posts About Scott Caan, Jennifer Aniston, and/or Hands: 6
(ah, halcyon days)

Number of Times I Participated in Chad Darnell’s 12 of 12 Posts: 5
(sorry, Chad, I wanted to keep participating, but the last few 12th days of the month kinda got away from me)

Number of Posts About Dates I’ve Been On: 4
Number of Those Dates Which Occurred In This Calendar Year: 1
Number of Times I Left My Phone Number For Hot Waiters This Year: 1
Number of Times Hot Waiters Called The Number I Left For Them: 0
Number of People Who Pretended to Be BusBoys Wanting to Date Me: 2
(geeez, these statistics just took a turn) (I need to date more in 2007) (wanna go on a date?) (anyone?) (Bueller?)

Number of Posts With Lists In Them: 58
(I love lists) (does this post qualify as a list?)

Number of Posts About Google: 5
(I feel like I must have counted wrong and missed some google posts, because I thought I was more obsessed with google than 5 posts would indicate)

Number of Posts About Shows On MTV: 22
(no wonder I get so many MTV related google hits)

Number of Posts In Which I Talk About My Love For Michael J. Fox: 9
(I heart MJF forever)

Number of Posts About How Excited I Am To Do Stomach Crunches: 1
Number of Times I’ve done Stomach Crunches Since Writing About How Excited I Was To Do Stomach Crunches: 0
(I need to get in the habit of doing cardio before I worry about stomach crunches again)

Number of times the Erik Makes a Banana video has been viewed on YouTube: 569
Number of snarky comments left by strangers, re: the “Erik Makes a Banana” video: 1
(and my reply to that snarky stranger is, "yeah, so what?)

Number of Blog Posts Written: 347
(almost a post a day!) (not bad!)

Total Number of Comments Posted: 5,986
Number of Posts That Have Over 100 Comments: 7
Number of Posts That Have Over 200 Comments: 2
Most Amount of Comments On One Post: 244
Number of Comments Written By Me: too many to count
Number of Posts That Have ZERO Comments On Them: 1
(if you can find the one post with no comments and leave the first comment, you win a prize) (I don’t know what the prize will be just yet, but I promise it’ll be good)


drc said...


You mentioned poop in 23 posts.

Good grief you poop a lot! Heehee!!!

Erik said...

I thought 10 seemed like a low number. 23 sounds MUCH more reasonable!

Bonnie said...

Number of Posts About Scott Caan, Jennifer Aniston, and/or Hands: 6

Not possible. I know I read about, saw re-cast photos of, or discussed theories on effin' Scott Caan's hand WAY more than six times.


When do I get my T-shirt?

Erik said...

I was surprised too, but I only counted six actual posts. Maybe I missed one or two. Or maybe we just talked about the whole thing in multiple other posts?

Your shirt just sits on my desk, staring at me, every day. It's sad that I haven't gotten it to you yet!

Bonnie said...

I can't wait to see you again. I hope it will be soon. And not just for the T-shirt!

Miss you.