Thursday, December 21, 2006

List of Movies I Saw in the Movie Theater in 2006

Two-hundred and fifty-two American movies were released in theaters this year. I got that figure from the Writers Guild. I just poured through this list of two-hundred and fifty-two films and I'm slightly dismayed because I've only seen twenty-seven of them. I love going to the movies; it's one of my favorite things to do. And twenty-seven out of two-hundred and fifty-two seems like an awful small number of movies. Pitiful, really. (Of course, this figure doesn't include movies I've watched on video or cable--only movies released in 2006.)

I'm planning on having a bit of a movie-going blitz over the course of the next few weeks so that I can get my numbers up at least into the modestly respectable forties. I haven't seen most of the Oscar-bait movies yet, so hopefully I'll be in for some good times at the cinema.

(Does anyone say "I'm going to the cinema" anymore? We should start saying "cinema" more often instead of just saying "movies.") ("Cinema" is just a much cooler word.)

Since I like lists, here's a quick list of the twenty-seven movies I saw at the movie theater in 2006. In no particular order:

  1. 3 Needles
  2. Annapolis
  3. Bobby
  4. Borat
  5. The Departed
  6. The Devil Wears Prada
  7. For Your Consideration
  8. Friends With Money
  9. Grandma's Boy
  10. Half Nelson
  11. John Tucker Must Die
  12. Last Holiday
  13. The Last Kiss
  14. Little Children
  15. Little Miss Sunshine
  16. Man of the Year
  17. The Omen
  18. The Pursuit of Happyness
  19. The Queen
  20. Slither
  21. Something New
  22. Step Up
  23. Stick It
  24. Superman Returns
  25. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
  26. Tristan & Isolde
  27. World Trade Center

Movies high on my Must See List: (some are still in theaters and some are long gone and I'm mad that I missed my chance to see them on the big screen)

Babel, Brick, Casino Royale, Children of Men, The Covenant, The History Boys, Marie Antoinette, Notes on a Scandal, Shortbus, Snakes On a Plane (it was a victim of my own hype I the time it came out, I guess I wasn't clamoring to see it like I'd been months earlier), Stranger Than Fiction, United 93, We Are Marshall

Jan 1, 2007 Addendum: I saw a few more movies over the holidays:

28. Casino Royale
29. Night At The Museum
30. Rocky Balboa
31. We Are Marshall


Anonymous said...

I've only seen 9 on your list. Terrible. And I work in the Industry. I guess working too time to see movies.

Erik said...

But dad, I'm sure you saw some movies this year that I didn't see. I mean, you saw more than nine movies this year. And some of the movies on my list are definitely NOT movies than anyone should have seen. I won't name names, but there were definitely a few major clunkers in there.

Jesse said...

it makes me sad that You and I only saw one film together last year and it was fucking Last Holiday.

Erik said...

Jesse, that IS sad. We have to do better in 2007. However, in defense of Last Holiday--what the fuck with the "fucking" Last Holiday???? It was a great movie!

Anonymous said...

Can I implore you to make one of your to-see movies a higher priority? Please?

Stranger than Fiction.

And if you're just looking to drool over a nicely waxed body, go see Bond. What's-his-name is all like, my face is kinda fucked up but it's the hottest thing you've ever seen. And lots of really loud fast stuff happens.


communicatrix said...

For a list in no particular order, this one is startlingly alphabetical.

TheDarkerUma said...

i saw The Queen last night.

for some reason i have always been drawn to the royals. perhaps, its because i was born there.

but, alas, i was sorely disappointed. SORELY.

a sign does remove my love

p.s. can you see a movie saturday??

p.p.s. hi eleanor....ok i won't.

Erik said...

Eleanor, Stranger Than Fiction IS high on my list. The list isn't ordered by order of importance, it's in no particular order...

Erik said...

...except, okay, maybe Communicatrix is right and maybe it's alphabeticalish. But if so, that's totally a coincidence.

Erik said...

Urp, I like your use of the word "sorely," but you're wrong. The Queen was great.

And Eleanor's boobies.